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Had the opportunity to meet graham on Wednesday at his wonderful home studio in Shrewsbury .

Location was simple to find, and is well equipped with all mods and togs needs.

The studio is lovely and modern and has been designed to a high spec , with great facilities .

The light within the room was fabulous.

Graham as the owner was incredibly polite and attentive and made sure he was available to help as and when required .

Very recommended 😊

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Had my second Glamour/Boudoir shoot with Graham it was a double shoot with me and a fellow model.

Graham always has a good plan of action and idea of the shoot he wants.

Highly recommended once again


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Had a truly amazing shoot yesterday with Graham.

From the start we planned n looked at what we were going to do and the costumes I was going to wear.

The studio was near and had beautiful props.

Graham has now also introduced me to Glamour shots that is another challenge for me, I can't wait to work with hom again, very good shoot and highly recommend thankyou.

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Joleen Turner

I had the chance of a rare tf shoot with Graham on Sunday, and really enjoyed it. The studio is brand new and offers a variety of sets, there are plenty of props to play with, and Graham had planned everything out beforehand so we covered A LOT of different styles in 2 hours. He was also more than happy to shoot something unplanned too when I spotted a costume I really wanted to try. I had the proofs within 24 hours as promised and they look great - it will take me a while to choose which ones I would like! I would highly recommend Graham, and am really hoping to work with him again in the future.

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