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Rachelle Summers

I worked with Graham for the 2nd time on my recent trip over to Ireland.

He scouted the most unbelievable location for us to use, that despite having plans to shoot out on location the second half of the day, we decided to stay there for the duration of the day as there was just that many places to get unreal images!

From what I have seen on the back of the camera the images are insaneeee and I'm so happy with what we achieved :D It was a great collaborative process from start to finish, with Graham showing me the images as we were going and chatting about any improvements that could be made to really nail the final shot :)

Graham is also a lovely guy to be around, great company and looks after you really well too.

Happily recommended by me and hope to see him next time I visit :D

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Artemis Fauna

Yipppe, I got to work with Graham again on my second Ireland tour!

What another epic day it was (this time teamed up with Joe Doyle)

Amazing location, amazing host, amazing memories and fun... and well, just amazing everything!

Graham is such a lovely guy- always positive, full of energy and we always chat non stop ;)

Can't wait to see the results from our day and work with him again next time! :)

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Roswell Ivory

I worked with Graham during my recent Ireland minitour- he (along with Joe Doyle and Michelle Grue) was fantastic to work with and the day was full of chat, laughs and great pictures while we all bounced ideas around.

We visited a beautiful location as well as a lovely home studio and even competing with harsh light, the images I have seen look fantastic. Highly recommended!!

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Rachelle Summers

Graham booked me well in advance on my recent tour of Ireland, after missing me on past visits.

Himself and the other photographers sourced an unbelievable location to shoot from that was breathtaking and had so many shooting possibilities!

It was an incredibly cold day but I was looked after so well, given a hot lunch and breaks in the car to warm up :)

From what I saw on everyones cameras the images were awesome!

Would without a doubt recommend him and hope to work with him again myself :D

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Ivory Flame

Lovely, joyful, so friendly and a complete professional. I recently had two shoots with Graham in Ireland, one in Dublin and one on a workshop in Belfast. He was a pleasure to spend time with, genuine, considerate, and a brilliant photographer, achieving stunning results.

I really loved working with him and I can whole-heartedly recommend him!

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July B

Graham found a slot to work together despite he was busy, and I'm so delighted that he did!

We spent a full day in an amazing location, where we had so much things to create.

Graham is really respectful, kind, and care about model. He always was worry about if I could hurt myself on the glass on the floor, or if I was cold, and details like that.

We talked a lot before the shoot, to know a bit our mutual ideas, and what we could bring to the shoot.

And I think it worked! For a first shoot, I was completely confortable, as we knew were we wanted to go, and as Graham is really easy going. He let me express my ideas, and also told me what he thought was the best, as he see in a few second what can be a great shot.

I can't wait to see the result, and I'm looking forward to work together an other time. Highly recommend him to models who want to create art, and spend an amazing shoot!

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Graham photographed me during my trip to Dublin, as part of a small group shoot. We worked together through the whole day from one stunning location to another. Graham is very polite, looking after the model, all the while creating beautiful photos that are all about respecting the subject and bringing out the beauty. We had a great day and I'd love to come back and have another shoot with Graham! The images Graham created also received international recognition which is always a bonus :) I wouldn't hesitate shooting once more if I were closer!

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Artemis Fauna

Where to start!? I worked with Graham for an entire day last week during my first ever Ireland visit.

After I got a cancellation Graham decided to book me for the entire day and I am so glad he did! We had an EPIC day out!!

I got to see a lot of Ireland and the images...ooooh the images!! Hundreds of amazing images! I can't wait to see them go up :)

Graham is a lovely guy- so full of enthusiasm and positive energy. We spent the entire day (almost 12 hours) bouncing ideas off each other and chatting constantly! ;) The day totally flew by and I really can't wait to do it again next time.

Highly recommended from me. Great comms, great images, great photographer, great guy!

Thank you very much, Graham :)

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I had the pleasure of working with Graham yesterday for the first time and it certainly won't be the last! He was totally professional throughout and was very easy to work with. I look forward to seeing the images, as his work is beautiful! Thank you Graham! Look forward to working together again soon :)

Thanks, Jocey :)

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Shot with Graham a couple of days ago. Could not recommend him enough! He is super lovely,so easy to work with and full of ideas. The whole shoot was lots of fun,he made sure I feel comfortable and I have everything I need. I could not ask for a better attitude from a photographer. Definitely one of the best photographers I have worked with. And do not let his lack of experience scare you- he is brilliant at what he does. Its nice to see somebody who is so down to earth and excited to to create good shots! Thank you Graham,hopefully we will work again soon!


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Julia Clements MUA

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Graham at a recent shoot st Catchlight Studios in Belfast with Fredau. He brought lots of ideas and style pieces with him, listened to advice given and took it on board in relation to styling , lighting and model poses and he created and captured some amazing images. He made the model feel relaxed and gave good direction.

I predict seeing a lot more of Grahams work as he progresses to develop this side of his work to the same high standard he has achieved in other genres of photography. Would love to work together again

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