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Rob Ronaldson (Aestheticnude)

This is the third time I have worked with Grace, however on every occasion we have shot over multiple days. In 2018 we shot for three days in the Lake District, in 2019 we shot for three days on Fuerteventura and this year a mere two days in Devon. As before Grace was beautiful before her fastidious shoot preparation (let’s say straight off the bus) but after expertly putting on make-up and styling her hair, she elevated to the divine! Whilst I consider myself fortunate to be shooting with her (especially after our 2020 cancellation and a couple of location and date changes this year), we were unfortunate with the weather. There was only one available sunny window and although the wind was chilly for someone fresh from months of Italian summer temperatures, Grace bravely posed on a rocky beach with the tide coming in and then we grabbed some barleyfield images on the way home. Because of the weather we were limited to studio-style images and firebowls on the following day. I adore working with Grace; if her elegance, beauty and lovely personality weren’t enough, her proportions, physique and ability to take direction make her one of my favourite models. I hope we can shoot again soon….

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Grace showed up last week for a 2-hour shoot and I was immediately taken by her beauty and photogenic features. She was very professional and creative and together we produced some awesome shots. Working with Grace is such a pleasure and also knowing that only amazing shots can come out as she poses with such grace and confidence. I recommended her very highly!

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Had a fantastic shoot with Grace today. She is very kind and friendly apart from being super professional and open minded. We had a really good talk during the shoot and we created amazing images. Grace is a real classic beauty with expressive eyes and she poses really naturally.

I would highly recommend her and I can't wait to shoot with again. :)

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Well what can I add in words to Grace she is amazing, I am so pleased I met her, she has that beautiful Mediterranean magazine quality about here, she oozes class and beauty , plus she is a lovely person, my dream model who I hope to shoot many time what better recommendation is that!

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Eddie Rogers

Had a fabulous shoot with Grace Today. Communication was excellent throughout and she brought lots of outfits with her. Hair and Make up was prepared before she arrived and she looked amazing.

She looked stunning in every outfit she wore and her posing was first class. She is very friendly, polite, patient and professional.

It was a real pleasure working with Grace and I had a very enjoyable shoot.

Grace comes very highly recommended and I can't wait to work with her again.

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I had a wonderful fashion shoot with Grace.

We had an outline plan of what we wanted to achieve and got on with it.

Grace arrived on time at our designated location ready to shoot. Her hair, makeup and chosen outfit looked amazing. She even brought with her some accessories which complimented well and suited the style of the shoot.

Grace is very professional and showed commitment to the assignment. She poses well on her own and worked with my input too.

She is great to get along with, and has a friendly personality.

I hope that every photographer gets a chance to work with Grace.

Recommended 100%

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Bastien D.

We met with Grace for an afternoon indoor daylight shoot and I cannot recommend her more than saying what a chilled, fun, creative and adorable woman she is to work with.

Very professional and focussed, she gave her very best at every shot and she put me in a bad position to shortlist the best pics from a 1,000+ shots! :)

Can't wait to work again with her.

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I had the pleasure of working with Grace for the third time this year.

She is amazing to work with, full of great ideas and style.

The results we got from the shoot were fantastic and show what a gorgeous and creative woman Grace is to photograph.

I’d highly recommend shooting with Grace she’s professional, creative and fun to work with and I look forward to working with her again soon!

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My second 4 hour shoot with the Gorgeous Grace was just as brilliant as the first. Grace came well prepared and had a variety of outfits and was creative and open to suggestions at the same time. She has a wonderful personality which made working with her really enjoyable. We created some amazing images to add to the set from our first shoot and I will certainly be working with her again in the future. As before, she is highly recommend.

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I had my first 4 hour shoot with the gorgeous Grace last week and what a shoot it was. Grace is very much a professional who knows how to pose and showed great committment throughout the shoot. We got through a lot in the 4 hours and I highly recommend her. In fact I have already booked her for a second shoot.

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The second time we had the pleasure of Grace's company and working with her for multiple days. Did several fantastic shoots... Hungry for more... so we will arrange to meet again I am for certain.

So please do not book this model... she is too nice to have arround, to good as a very professional model that goes to every effort to making that great shot... so hands off !!! She's ours... ;-) :-p

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Another great shoot with Grace :-)

She is fun and enthusiastic to work with, has a slim athletic figure and knows how to pose to show off her curves to the max.

Pre-shoot comms were spot on and she even kept me up-to-date with her travel progress on the day on the shoot.

A really enjoyable shoot with good humoured banter throughout along with some excellent images.

Definitely a model I will be working with again in the future.

Many thanks Grace :-)

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I had a second shoot with Grace108x this last Sunday. We followed a 1970s theme to which Grace brought some of her Mother 1970s clothing which blended well with the background choice which was also in keeping with the period.

We managed four different set-ups in the three hour period and once again the time just flew by. Grace108x is a hard worker and fully got into the subject, to boot she is a really nice person and great fun to work with. Highly recommended.

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I worked with the amazing Grace for the second time. 100% perfection a really joy to work with and a very professional and creative model.

Once again I'd highly recommended for you to work with her. You won't be disappointed!

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Rob Ronaldson (Aestheticnude)

I worked with Grace for two and a half days in the stunning English Lake District.

She proved to be an extremely capable and a kinaesthetically astute model, who is highly intelligent was able to quickly learn my way of working and to understand my ethos; despite not being a native speaker and most of the locations we used having the roar of waterfalls to overcome.

Her level of preparation is high, with strong make up skills, a toned and flexible physique, beautiful hair and a classic elegance in her dress and movement. She also manages to look stunning in nothing but an old very large German Army parka!

She is lovely company, with a quick wit and wonderful smile. She expressed her admiration for the beauty of the landscape and clearly wanted to be photographed in it as much as possible. Grace took bravely to the unaccustomed environments of rock and water with an inextinguishable joie de vivre.

I hope we can make manifest our preliminary plans for 2019. It would be amazing to work with this lovely lady again!

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I had a duo shoot with Grace when she came to the Lake District.

We shot in a waterfall and even though the midges where out and the water was a little cold she put in 100%

Grace is a true beauty and a great model. She is friendly and easy to get on with and work with.

We all went for dinner and wine after the shoot too which was a lot of fun.

Very highly recommend 😊

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What a super nice lady Grace108x is. We discussed the mood board, she did some research before we shot to understand the period which meant after a short discussion we were able to get straight into the feel of the Ziegfeld Follies, unfortunately the make-up artist was ill so we had to shoot with minimal make-up.

Throughout Grace108x was collaborative, offered some good suggestions and worked hard to get the shots. In no time at all we had run through our allotted time and the shots were in the can.

I will definitely be working with her again. Very highly recommended.

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I had an amazing shoot with Grace recently, she is a real pleasure to work with and we had a great shoot. Pre-shoot communications were clear, she worked with me on a couple of adjustments that I needed and arrived on time. She is wonderful to work with, makes amazing images and is a great person to get to know. Highly recommend!

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I had a fantastic shoot with Grace. She is amazing to work with. Grace is very creative and moves effortlessly in front of camera.

The communication and build up to the shoot was fantastic. We really had what we wanted to shoot planned and organised.

Grace is relaxed, fun to shoot and I'd highly recommended working with her.

I look forward to shooting again with Grace soon ;-)

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BEWARE: Grace is a super talented, gorgeous and professional model with a complete natural look. Fully comfortable in front of the camera and an absolute pleasure to work with and have around.

After arriving Friday evening Grace stayed with us until the Monday morning, giving us ample opportunity to create some amazing works of art, indoors and outside (in January).

We are most certainly looking forward to work with her again, being here, the UK, Italy or anywhere else for that matter :-)

Thank you Grace,


Marja & Jeroen


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