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Paul is undoubtedly one of the best photographers I’ve worked with to date. - He came on time, was extremely professional and made me feel at ease. He was good at assisting with direction and making the most out of my small room.

Turn around for the images was fast, and to such a high quality and standard. I’m blown away by what he’s pulled out the bag, with very limited options for my room.

I’ve never been so happy with so many pictures from a singular shoot, and would happily work with him again.

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What a fantastic day, Paul was fantastic, very knowledgeable and professional.

We all had a great laugh and the day flew by. He had a great plan for the shoot, and was executed fantasticly.

We would highly recommend shooting with Paul and we hope to shoot again real soon.

Super quick turn around with the photos too.

Highly recommend.. :-)

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Mrs model couple

Had our first shoot with Paul, what lovely chap!

We had a lovely day. Both very relaxed throughout.

Paul was extremely professional at all times and kept making sure we both felt comfortable. His direction Was easy to understand and achieved some lovely pictures as result

Paul was also happy for us to ask or add poses we thought may take well.

Thank you Paul, look forward to working with you again on the future

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Lyn Roobersteel

I had my second shoot with Paul yesterday and as before, it was totally fantastic!

I'm a fluid poser and I love the direction that he gives which always accheives the most elegant of Images, looks and styles!

The Best part is that hes a wonderful Gentleman too! So, it's just like sharing time with a friend!

Simply wonderful! Thank you so much! Can't wait to see you again! Xx

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Had a really lovely shoot with Paul and the time just flew. Truly felt at ease with him and his photography is amazing how he captures you on camera. Thank you so much paul for your patience and for creating such beautiful images. I would highly recommend paul.

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Yet another awesome shoot with Paul. I can’t even remember how many times we’ve shot with each other over the years but it’s been a fair few. Each time this man never fails to amaze me with his skills.

We discussed a few ideas beforehand and I planned for us to visit an, almost empty flat. We blacked out a room and Paul set up the lighting and I was just like, WOW! We knew what we wanted to achieve and Paul absolutely smashed the lighting. Nice and moody. I worked the light, Paul got all the shots and all the angles. It was fab.

After that we worked the natural light and created some beautiful images that were light and delicate. Again absolutely stunning! I took along some sweets to nibble and we used them for some fun shots too which was ace.

Paul is sn absolutely joy to work with, we get on really well and have a creative flare that we can share to create time and time again. I love working with Paul.

Thank you Paul for yet another awesome shoot

Without a doubt, very highly recommend from me

Lou ☺️

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Miss Andrist

I had a great shoot with glossypinklipstick. This was our third or fourth shoot and he is always a great photographer to work with. Professional and friendly with lots of different tricks up his sleeve and different ideas for angles and lighting techniques. Fab guy and fab shots taken from what I saw in the back of the camera. Highly recommended.

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Another opportunity to shoot with Paul. It was a nice morning so we headed to the garden to shoot one set and some portraits near the house. Lingerie indoors next and the images appearing on the camera looked great with plenty of natural light for the indoor shots. Finally we managed a set of bodyscapes which we haven't done for some considerable time.

Always a pleasure shooting with this man, feel relaxed and able to enjoy and experiment to see what works and what doesn't without pressure.

Another recommendation from me.

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I've had the pleasure shooting with Paul on a number of occasions. It had been quite a gap from last shoot so I was pleased when he and I managed to get a date to do this shoot in my home. I had some ideas that I wanted to try out one was gold body paint. We did three sets creating beautiful images and Paul was fab getting them angles and was happy to let me pose freely and directed as and when it was required.

The gold paint was left to the end for obvious reasons haha it got a tad messy but pleased with the outcome.

Paul is a great guy, chilled and talkative which I love in a shoot and most of all he is a cracking photographer. Thanks Paul for a fab shoot.

Highly recommended x

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Finally catching up to leave a reference from AAAGES ago... great to shoot with my pal Paul again! A fun shooting session as ever, a morning out in the park for lovely wistful olde-worlde images. Ever-professional and always fun to chat to, with great images as a result of a relaxed and interesting trip through Dagenham's bits of parkland! Comms good as ever, great to be able to try any style of shoot without pressure. I 100% recommend my friend Paul!

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Irida S

Paul attended the Natural & Speed-light photo workshop I was modelling for on Saturday the 17th run by Modelography on here.

Paul is a fantastic person, a great photographer and so easy to work with!

I'm very happy to highly recommend working with Paul and hope to shoot together again soon :)


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I first met Paul an absolute age ago when we worked together on a shoot. Since then we have been in vague contact and I've followed his progression with interest as his skill level has kept going up and up. The number of references he already has tells its own story about what a great person he is and how professional his behaviour always is. It was great to see him in person again yesterday on my final natural light workshop and as I expected he was a valuable member of the team on the day and a pleasure to have along for the ride. It was one of the most fun workshops I've run and Paul played a big part in that, I would recommend him 100% to any model to work with. Hopefully we won't leave it so long to work together again.

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Many many shoots with Paul as we always find something to try.

He’s always on time and fully committed to each shoot time after time. He turns out great work and his pre-comms are spot and on the morning of the shoot, checking all still OK and with an ETA.

Definitely my go to photographer for new ideas as he will always give an honest opinion as to whether something will work and if not, invariably can come up with an alternative. If you’re a new model in particular, wanting to start your portfolio, you’ll be hard pushed to find better.

Always highly recommended by me.

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Wow!! I’m sat here buzzing as I write this!

I usually write a reference for Paul fairly soon after we shoot, but this time I wanted to wait a few days until I got the edits to be able to express how much I love his work so it’s written raw and fresh.

My cheeks hurt from smiling! I’ve just spent at least 30 minutes looking over what we created together. WOW!l Paul is a fantastic photographer and has captured some fantastic images, they are so so beautiful! I don’t know where to start with sharing them because I have so many favourites.

I have shot with Paul many times now, each shoot has been ace; this time I wanted to write more about the results than the actual shoot.

I should probably add that Paul is a really sound guy too which makes shooting with him great, I could shoot with him for literally hours and hours! I absolutely love creating with him!

Paul produces amazing work and I feel blessed to get the opportunity to work with him.

Thank you so much Paul for yet another amazing day!!

Without a doubt, very highly recommended from me

Lou ☺️

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Jasmine Codi

It was an absolute pleasure working with Paul! I highly recommend Paul to anybody new on the scene as he is so informative, as well as knowing exactly where and how to give direction he has the direct approach and patience needed. The lighting and background he brought helped to create the style we were looking for, I love the images the shoot produced. I hope to shoot again!

Thank you GPL

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Always fun to shoot with my pal Paul - this time taking advantage of the good weather to shoot outdoors in the park. Great as ever, interesting to try out different angles and lighting, with some great shots. Definitely recommended!

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Number ?? shoot with Paul. Being an early June morning we decided on outside in my garden. He certainly made good use of only a couple of areas and chose a whole variety of angles and perspectives.

Very passionate about his photography, fun, professional, informative, knowledgeable. Yet again a high recommendation from me.

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I was very lucky to have Paul as my very first shoot from this site.

He was very professional, patient and a fountain of information.

He was very good at directing me and came up with some great ideas.

The whole experience was very positive for me and I would definitely recommend.

The photos he provided looked great and I am very happy.

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I can’t even remember how many times I’ve shot with Paul now. But I do remember that he’s one of the first photographers I worked with, and I will always be grateful to him for giving me that first opportunity to work with him. He’s a fabulous photographer and during our many shoots, we have produced some absolutely stunning images together. This shoot being no exception.

I like Paul. Not only is he a great photographer, his lighting skills are ace and he’s a really sound guy too. I just love working with him. We get really creative and he always puts 110% in. He works hard to create an image and I love his passion for photography. Paul is one of the photographers I can get together with, and we bounce ideas off each other and run with them.

Thank you Paul for yet another amazing shoot

Without a doubt, very highly recommended from me

Lou ☺️

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Really enjoyed working with Paul this weekend, he was fun, positive, professional and full of ideas. The images are outstanding and I very much hope to work with him again in the future

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