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Just had an great shoot with Georgia

Showed up on time and pre-shoot communication was very good.

Easy to work with and came with good selection of outfits.

Can’t wait for the next one. Highly recommend.

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Georgia is fantastic, professional, and very easy to work with! I could not give any more credit for the brilliant attitude Georgia presented. I have no doubt her journey is going to take her up and beyond in this industry.

What a pleasure!

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Wow. Wow. Wow. It was my absolute pleasure to welcome to Georgia to my home studio this evening for our first shoot together. From our first message, she was the consummate professional, whilst friendly and a delight to chat with. We shared ideas and set a date to shoot.

As a talented dancer, posing is second nature to Georgia. She understands the rhythms of photography and moves from one pose to the next without direction. Rarely have I known a model to never run out of ideas for posing, while she remains completely open to ideas and suggestions. The shoot flew by and she was great company throughout.

I feel extremely lucky to have had such a great shoot with Georgia and I hope we will have many more to come, my only worry is that she will be so busy with shoots that she might not be able to fit me in!

I recommend Georgia in the highest terms, she will improve even the most complete portfolio.

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Georgia was extremely professional from the first time I reached out to her to inquire about shooting. Very enthusiastic and open to ideas. She even ordered special outfits specifically for the shoot. Communication is key when dealing with photographers/models and she was on top of it!

When it comes to poses, I was stunned how she transitioned in between the flashes from my lights. She knew which shots she wanted and went straight into the next. Very well done! A model with little instruction is hard to find. She crushed it!

I have now shot with her on two different shoots. The second shoot was a beast! We fought off the mighty midges and scaled some crazy landscapes to get the perfect shots. Totally worth the bite marks from the bugs for these photos though. Can't wait to shoot again with her.

The "Dream Team" will reunite!

If you don't shoot with her, your loss! I whole-heartedly recommend her.



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Faithful Imagery

Though I pride myself on being an eloquent man and one who knows his way around words, I'm stuck as to where to begin writing this reference.

Granted, I can make the expected points in that yes, Miss G was punctual, yes she was polite and yes she was respectful but those are to be expected. There is far more to her than being punctual, polite and respectful. Georgia is a revelation and the astounding thing is that she is only 20 years old and has only been modelling a relatively short time.

Having met on Instagram (I saw her beautiful work with several other photographers and knew I need her in my portfolio), I invited her to one of my Water Portrait sessions and she was very quick to respond and maintain communication until all details were arranged - something than can often take weeks.

Having pitched the idea, Georgia was quick to make the shoot her own and was not shy in asking questions and giving suggestions as to what she wanted to do. I cannot emphasize enough how important this is for me - there's nothing more refreshing than a model who buys into your vision and works to make the shoot their own.

On the day, Georgia arrived with her mother and we spent a good while talking about her journey to this point. Georgia was very chatty, excitable and confident in what she wanted to do. She spoke at length of her love for musical theatre and her new found zeal for modelling and she spoke very well of photographers who she worked with previously - each one adding something very different to her portfolio.

During the shoot Georgia fed me; by that I mean she kept giving me poses to work with. Though I could direct and instruct all day, Georgia made it easy by giving me pose after pose. Having water poured on you and having to look elegant and beautiful is not an easy task but she took it in her stride and didn't complain.

The results were ones we were both very happy with and I now find myself thinking of creative ways in which we can work together again. With her being 20 years old with this much skill and confidence I'm excited to see what she'll be like 5 - 10 years from now when she gets more experience with different photographers.

Georgia is not only a revelation but a gift to the photographic community. HIGHLY RECOMMEND :)


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Shoot with Liam Photography

Georgia is an amazing model, we did a shoot as part of a UK tour I was doing. She turned up on time, had amazing communication prior to the shoot, was super well prepared and has a great look! Always poses without direction! Can't wait to shoot again!

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Silver Machine

Georgia is a talented model, has great communication and is prompt and reliable. Her enthusiasm and hard work resulted in a large number of keeper images, book Georgia you won't regret it!

My first shoot with Georgia was in Oxford and involved travelling for both of us. Communication was professional and prompt ahead of the shoot to discuss the theme and suitable outfits. On the day Georgia communicated frequently on the run up to meet and arrived on time with the outfit styles discussed, hair and makeup to a high standard and ready to shoot immediately. I walked Georgia around the locations and discussed my ideas, Georgia was friendly, enthusiastic and added her input to the shoot.

There was no warm up time required, the first few shots were great and within 10 minutes I had one of what I call my killer shots ie the absolute stunners that stop you in your tracks! Due to her performing arts background Georgia can pose easily and also takes direction very well so it’s incredibly easy to realise your vision of each image. Georgia is confident and has no problems posing on the street with onlookers even with those taking unauthorised BTS phone shots. Some of my ideas were tricky such as shooting on a zebra crossing but Georgia was happy to negotiate the traffic and we got the shot! Georgia is patient and remained upbeat as the rain started and I scratched my head over camera and speedlight settings. Impromptu settings had to be decided upon and again Georgia was amazing, the result being the best of the killer shots.

Although we had shot for 3 hours and had a high percentage of keepers, Georgia extended for another half hour to complete the shoot plan at the expense of a social engagement which demonstrates Georgia’s generous nature, commitment and hard work ethic. I had an amazing first shoot with Georgia and am proud to say that I enabled her to gain her first online publish, can’t wait to shoot again, book Georgia you’ll be so glad you did!

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