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Kristina Blyth

Thoroughly enjoyed my shoot with Jorgey,so professional and he has great experience which shows in not only the shoot but the discussion leading upto, very pleased with the images I seen off the back of the camera and can’t wait to see final images :)

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Alexi Ari

Had a great shoot with jorgey yesterday! He was very professional and made me feel very comfortable. He was polite and patient with me when having short breaks during our shoot 🙂 we got some great images and I would definitely recommend working with jorgey! Thanks again for a great shoot.

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I had a great shoot with Jorgey, he made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout the shoot despite my relative lack of experience. We focused on shooting some rope work and the photos came out beautifully. Looking forward to getting the chance to shoot with him again.

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Eris Astraea

First shoot (of many, I hope!) With Jorgey today. He made me feel so comfortable and at ease, and we had a great time creating together.

Truly talented at what he does, I can't wait to see the final results!

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Had an amazing first shoot with Jorgey. He was vert profound made me feel completely comfortable the while time. I can't wait to shoot with him again.


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I had an incredible first shoot with jorgey yesterday. I felt very welcome and comfortable whilst at the studio. Jorgey is very attentive and knows how to accentuate assets very well. Here you have a genuine, creative, professional photographer with a keen eye for attention to detail. Over all a lovely experience. I would highly recommend and will be returning for future shoots.

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Mia Nemesis

I returned to Jorgey’s studio and shot with him again today, and I had an amazing time as always. Shot multiple looks in a relatively short amount of time, but in a relaxed environment with plenty of chat and excellent coffee making skills ;) the back of the camera looked incredible and I’m so excited to see the edited images.

Jorgey also complimented my improvement in my modelling confidence, which is always nice to hear as a returning model!

Can’t wait to come back for a third time Jorgey, thanks again!

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What a fantastic shoot with this very talented photographer I enjoyed every minute of it I went from being anxious to confident he gave great direction and knew what he wanted look forward to our next shoot

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had my first shoot with Jorgey today, he’s very chatty from the moment I met him.. down to earth and I love his style and how he works! made me feel very comfortable straight away and got some brill photos can’t wait to work with him again would definitely recommend 😁📸

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Jorgey took me under his creative wing today, and the results were truly amazing! This guy is awesome at what he does. He knows what he wants and I’d happily work with him again in a breath. Jorgey remained professional on set at all times,we discussed what we were hoping to achieve before hand and the images I wanted to portray, this guy delivered! He kept me fuelled with caffeine ( the guys a saint right?) and he’s quite the conversationalist, I’d recommend anyone seriously considering working with this guy to do it! I felt completely relaxed and his work ethic is second to none. If your lucky enough to be approached to work with this guy I would 100% jump at the chance! 🙃

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Little Red

Brilliant shoot with jorgey, great attitude to work, and really creative. Was Pleasure to work with him :)

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New to purple port and had my first PP shoot with another photographer in Jorge's bury studio. Jorgey was so welcoming and very professional he gave me great advice and I was lucky enough to do a few shots with himself. I absolutely love his style he is so creative and so much fun to work with. I really hope I get to do a shoot with him soon! Highly recommended !!

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Highly recommend Jorgey ! Very professional, amazing images & Makes you feel comfortable !. Love working with him !. We have done a couple of sets so far and I’m always looking forward to more shoots with him !. He’s just amazing at what he does …. :)

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One of my favourite photographers. Loved the different kind of shoot I did with jorgey! And love how nice and polite he was!


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Louisa Lu

Had a great shoot with Jorgey :) reliable and professional and is easy to work with. He has a lot of great ideas and knows his lighting and angles. His pictures look great :) definitely recommended! Hope to shoot with you again soon :)

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Mia Nemesis

I shot with Jorg today at his studio in Bury and I had such a good time. Jorgey has given me something different for my portfolio, been very chatty and easy to get on with, and also gave me some very good advice for the future of my modelling. I can't wait to return to the studio and work together again!

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Ella brown

So, I worked with Jorgey today on a TF basis. Literally one of the best photographers I’ve Everett worked with. He offered great advice and has amazing photography AND business ideas. I can’t wait to shoot with him in the future. GIRLS! If you want to have a career in modeling Jorgey’s your guy, TRUST ME!

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Little Miss J

Had the pleasure of working with Jorgey. What an amazing, creative photographer he is! Had so much fun and he made me feel so at ease and comfortable! Can’t wait to work with him again and to see the shots from the shoot! Until next time!

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Had such a fantastic time working with jorgey very good at his work highly recommended an such a laugh 😂 totally loved shooting with him can’t wait to come back to the studio an produce meny more next level images thankyou was a pleasure 🥰💋

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Rebeckah Edge

Jorgey was wonderful to shoot with.

I felt comfortable and confident in his studio which led to a wonderful shoot all round.

He was very understanding when it came to my inexperience and directed me really well. He made sure the lighting was correct for every shot and was super friendly throughout the whole thing.

A brilliant photographer to shoot with and I'm looking forward to our next shoot together 😊

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