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Thanks for popping by my portfolio.

You may be thinking to yourself “I recognise that image” or “I recognise the way he rambles on”. And you may well recognise it. That is because, despite how long it says I’ve been a site member, I’ve actually been on here a decent number of years, I’ve spoken to a number of you over those years, and I’ve also interviewed a number of you. Recently however, under advisement and with the site admin’s blessing, in an attempt to create a separation between life and hobby with the hope of assuaging carers guilt, I have chosen to work under a pseudonym.

Despite having a love of photography since childhood I was only fortunate enough to take it up properly in 2010/2011. Since starting I have partaken in still life, nature, and pet portraiture. As much as I enjoy these, and will be continuing to shoot these, I have always had the ambition to shoot creative portraiture. Moving forward, with the help of talented folks on here, I am hoping to finally be able to try my hand at creative portraiture.

Should you need clarification as to my former name on here, please feel free to drop me a message.



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