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Claudia Rocks

I had a great first shoot with Gordon. Pre-communication was pretty detailed. On the day of the shoot he arrived on time and despite the cold we still got to shoot for a good few hours. He delivered all pictures and edits very quickly. Recommended!

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JJ Phoenix

Wow, had a great shoot with Gordon and its been too long since our last.

Our last shoot was location so we started off location and then went to boudoir, as a tad cold outside doing cheeky lingerie and fake furs on the Thames...

Gordon understands that an experienced model should look for minimal direction unless he sees a posing issue or the style isn't what he expects.

Great guy with great comms, easy to get on with and delivers images quickly.

Prompt and funny as well as loves a good cuppa.

Great guy to shoot with and happy for you to take him out of his comfort zone as long as you help him to achieve the challenge.

Great guy who can totally be trusted

Thanks again mate!

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I had the pleasure of working with Gordon today 8am start on the beach, professional, friendly, chatty and captured some quality images.

Highly recommended!

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worked with gordon yesterday at a charity shoot . gordon worked quickly and accurately with a real eye for the right angles and lighting . really pleased with the shots he took and how quickly he got them back to me .

definitly reccomend

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Ryan Parker

I short with Gordon today. The shoot was with a handful of photographers, all of which wanted the same location and same poses. Gordon made the shoot fresh! We had a new location new poses. He knew exactly what to do! Using the sun, and space we had! We was limited on our shoot, but got great shots!

Will be great to shoot with Gordon again!

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I met up with Gordon to do a location shoot in Leigh-on-Sea Essex on a rather cold blustery day. Gordon is very thorough with pre shoot organisation and communication. Working with him is great as he's so easy to work with. I had a great day blown away by the wind but equally by the final images he produced. He's not only cool to work with has great ideas but also takes great care and works hard to do fabulous edits. If you get an opportunity to work with him .. Take it I love his work. A BIG THANKYOU Gordon from me I know you've gone that extra mile for my images. Very much look forward to doing another shoot with you. Yasmine x

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Vicki Mason

Highly recommend GBP Photography (Gordon). He is great fun to work with, yet professional. Produces great shots and makes you feel comfortable. Shoot was "sexy secretary" themed and the shots from this are my favourite! Thank you Gordon :-)

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Had my 2nd shoot with GBR photography very easy to work with very professional highly recommend GBR does some great shots we ve done 2 shoots and looking forward to the next thankyou for some great images hopefully see yousoon foranother great shoot yasmine

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JJ Phoenix

I had the pleasure of working with Gordon Wednesday night on a quite last minute shoot - The idea was for me to obtain some fashion shots as an added alternative to my port.

Gordon was there early and had scoped out a few locations to try and as you can see from my port we got some great shots before and after the sun had gone down.

He was very professional and the conversations were quite varied. Would love to try another location shoot with Gordon in due course.

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