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See, Hear and Think No Evil

See, Hear and Think No Evil / Photography by GaryMac Photography / Uploaded 4th September 2016 @ 10:00 PM

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Macro Shoot at Wild Arena Knowsley Safari Park

Models are not on PP

Member Comments

Claire MundyClaire Mundy said, 1478897522

awesome xxx

GrumpyGrumpy said, 1478894404

Beautiful shot, i really has the "WOW" factor !

PaigeAntoniaPaigeAntonia said, 1478892387

so glad this made fpi, incredible photography! Its one of those shots everybody wishes they had taken

fitnudefitnude said, 1478888771

wow this is what lifes really about!

GaryMac PhotographyGaryMac Photography said, 1478887591

They each made thee own Mark

KeithKeith's Photography said, 1478887338

Did you have to get 3 model releases or did one suffice?

Ged Carton PhotographyGed Carton Photography said, 1478885122


Ecce!Ecce! said, 1478883474

Oh my god these are beautiful! ♥

GaryMac PhotographyGaryMac Photography said, 1478881347

Big big thank you for all your comments and puns me and the frogs really appreciate it. Really glad everyone liked an image a little different to usual but in keeping with pp normality they were nude ��

KeyKey said, 1478880700

"Models are not on PP" Awww, I was going to follow them, too...! Excellent image!

mphmph said, 1478877385


FaerietaleFaerietale said, 1478876071

awww! ....never thought I'd 'aww' at a few frogs... lolz.

Chelz  is strange Chelz is strange said, 1478875343

Very unusual. Love it

VKumarVKumar said, 1478873781

Absolutely beautiful picture.

TrainmanTrainman said, 1478871658

Great fun image, and a magnet for jokes and puns!

CharlesPhotoCharlesPhoto said, 1478870850


Brendan DevineBrendan Devine said, 1478869791

Nice threesome

photorunnerphotorunner said, 1478869716


zebozebo said, 1478869712

ribetting image :)

AvichanAvichan said, 1478869573

Naturally beautiful

seemypainseemypain said, 1473280052

great image

Speedy1Speedy1 said, 1473088862

TFF then! That's a new one on me ;-)

GaryMac PhotographyGaryMac Photography said, 1473062366

Buggers insisted on payment in flies and tried the old if you kiss me I might turn into a handsome princess routine, decide to go with the flies and miss out on the kissing bit :-)

Speedy1Speedy1 said, 1473055610

Did the frogs insist on a model release form? :-)

GaryMac PhotographyGaryMac Photography said, 1473035086

Speedy1 you are correct but the monkeys were having a day off and sent there stand ins :-)



Nigel DohertyNigel Doherty said, 1473028600


Speedy1Speedy1 said, 1473026942

Impressive shot !! [ but I am thinking the pose should be with each covering either ears, eyes or mouth ;-) ]