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Mat Robinson

I went out with Gareth to run a tutorial with Xeniamodel for him on how to shoot people in natural light. Gareth was a quick learner and a very lovely bloke...

He took some beautiful shots over the couple of hours we were together and was always friendly and talkative - very fun to work with.

I'd definitely recommend him to any upcoming models!

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Worked with Gareth today on a tutorial session run by Mat Robinson in Headington area in Oxford.

Gareth was not only a great fun to work with, but he was also passionate to learn more and took things in quickly :) Regardless the grim weather, we were productive and I am confident we got plenty of images on different locations that should be worthwhile for Gareth's portfolio.

I am more than happy to work together again and hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Thank you :)


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Megan P

Had a really good shoot with Gareth and he made me feel really comfortable. He communicated well and took a load of really great photos.

Definitely recommend!

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