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Gina Varney X

Worked with Maurice many times so the date is not accurate. 100% recommend his work and how much effort and expertise he puts into his photography, videography and editing. Continually book him for shoots! He’s an absolute darling

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When I received a request for a custom scripted scenario set of stills & video, who else could I possibly have asked to do that but Gantz-pv?

A great shoot as ever with Maurice - fun, relaxed, professional and comfortable. He produced quality images and video in record time, to the delight of the requester.

The first choice every time, for sure - highly recommended.

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Rachelle Summers

I absolutely love working with Maurice!

He is one of my absolute favourite people to work with, he is so creative and the shoots are always fun yet productive. But not only that I also adore his company! I feel so comfortable around him and after working with him numerous times, enjoying a few meals out after our shoots and also hosting him on 2 Summers Abroad trips, I have built up a truly awesome friendship with him :)

He has such a cracking sense of humour and is just so much fun to be around! I honestly cannot recommend him enough, and can't wait to work with him again (Fingers crossed for Bali :P )

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Absolutely highly recommended.

We had an awesome shoot yesterday. He made me lough quite a few times. I was very comfortable all over the shoot. He’s a great guy to shoot with.

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Denali Dink-Lu

Awesome 1st shoot with Gantz and it was such fun! We had a great time and got so much content done. He is amazing with direction as well as letting me do my thing whilst ensuring I was confident and encouraged. Pre shoot communication was clear, friendly and professional and he arrived on time and ready to go! The images I’ve seen so far look stunning and I can’t wait to work together again. I would definitely recommend Gantz to both new and experienced models alike.

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Amber West

I was lucky enough to get the pleasure of shooting with Maurice recently.

Pre shoot communications were excellent.

He is absolutely one of the loveliest people, as well as being a talented photographer. So creative, some unique and very cool ideas (...as well as making me giggle a lot during the shoot with his funny sense of humour!). I just can't wait to work with him again :)

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Summers Abroad

Maurice joined us on his second Summers Abroad photographic holiday - this time to Las Vegas babyyyy!

I always look forward to hosting Maurice on these trips, he is unbelievably fun, has a fab sense of humour and is always great company! He fits in to the group dynamic so well and constantly has us all laughing :D

Not only that but christ alive can this man take a good photo!! Utterly gorgeous images! He asked me to send my faves and ended up being spammed with around 100 back of cameras (and that was the short list from many more haha!!)

Highly, highly recommended and really hope he can join us in 2020 :D

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Rhiii said...

Loved shooting with Maurice for the first time! Whilst being in London , was a pleasure to work with him. The shoot was super relaxed and comfortable along side shooting duo. Maurice for sure did the best job at directing me into position when needed. Can’t wait to see the outcome!

Rachel x

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Scarlot Rose

"A bit weird but nevermind".

Where on earth do I start? Maurice was bonkers from the moment I met him to the time he left for the airport! He joined me and Rachelle summers in VEGAS on her summers Abroad trip and we had an absolute blast! Top notch banter and belly aching laughs every day from sunrise to beyond sun-set and really was a great member of the group - he was so much fun but also very considerate. I guess I should probably also mention his stunning images in a whole range of styles and locations, seriously stunning shots every day that I cannot wait to see and am already hounding him to post before he's even landed back home!

I really hope to work with Maurice again and highly recommend him to others,

Thanks again for a mad few days!!

Scarlot :)

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Scarlett Fox

What a pleasure it was to shoot with Maurice for the first time on Rachelle Summers Stepford Wives event at The Hacienda along with Nicole Rayner :)

Maurice literally had to run from his last shoot across London to get over to ours, and still arrived on time with a huge smile and ready to shoot some simply epic shots. Maurice is one of the most creative photographers I’ve met in a long time. I can’t recommend him highly enough for getting such different shots and bringing his own ideas to the table as well as being absolutely hilarious and keeping us girls highly entertained at the end of a long day!

Thanks so much for coming and I hope to work with you again :)

Scarlett x

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Monsieur E

Gantz is amazing. PRofessional, relaxed, understands angles and lighting.

Have worked with him 3 times now and cannot wait to work with him again.

Very chilled which helps to relax everyone around and makes it fun as once relaxed we can focus on the shoot..

Our last shoot was insane, its making waves already online.

Punctual, open, down to earth, i really enjoy working with him.

More shoots booked in cannot wait.

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Rachelle Summers

One of my absolutely favourite people to work with!

Maurice is full of life and energy, it's impossible for a shoot with him to be boring!

I love it when he books on to my events and trips abroad as I know he will fit in super well and the models will have fun too :D

This time round Maurice managed to join us on my Stepford Wives event. Despite the fact he booked on super last minute he already had specific ideas to try out. He was the only one over the entire weekend to shoot with his camera inside the cupboard and the image was so cool! I love his creativity and the fact he is always getting something different. He is so fun and inspiring to work with and I can't wait to have him on another Summers Abroad photographic holiday soon :D

Highly recommended!

Viva Las Vegas!!

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What every model can wish for....? To find a photographer who makes her creative dreams come true.

Maurice has contacted me a few weeks ago to arrange our first shoot. His work has caught my attention pretty quick. Creative, brave, top editing. For model who likes challenge, pushing limits, loves art and quality he was the obvious choice.

Maurice travelled all the way from London for our evening shoot. He has set up everything very quick and he was full of ideas. After a while it was clear that we have a similar vision. He gave me a lot of the directions, but at the same time, he was more than happy to let me go with the flow. We have finished shooting late night. When I was ready to sleep, Maurice started the editing straight away! The first image I have received an hour later! I'm not even sure if he actually slept at all!

We've been carrying on shooting in the morning, using the natural light, chatting and laughing. Maurice came back to London and about two hours later, I have received two amazing images again! The pictures blew my mind away! I knew it's me on the each picture, but I couldn't believe how beautiful do I look... I've been sitting by my desk, looking at the pictures and I've been speechless. And guess what.... A few hours later, I had another edits ready!

All I can say is, that I'm MORE than impressed. Not only with the amazing shoots, but with absolutely amazing, talented and friendly person, I've just had a chance to meet. I've been treated as a lady from the beginning to the end, with the highest respect. Maurice has put 200% effort to this shoot. As a model and a woman, I feel honoured that he has decided to work with me and I could help him to create the outstanding images. His work ethic, professionalism and his personality are just impressive.

Maurice, I don't know even how to say thank you. For all you have done for me. You have created such a beautiful memories and I can't stop looking at the pictures you have sent. I hope to see you very soon and I do hope that..... YOU ARE GOING TO GET SOME SLEEP FINALY!! :)

Highest recommendation!!

Kiss kiss


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Flo X

yes, another reference already from me, and it has only been 3 weeks since our last shoot.

One of my last bookings before my early retirement and I am so pleased I got to try the Buckle Factory at Beltcraft with Maurice. An inspiring studio.

There were a few ideas I wanted to explore whilst on my last exhales and exhaling I did. I played with the theme of the 'erotic exhibitionist' one close to my heart being one myself, the place suits itself for it and to do that you also need an energetic, trustworthy collaborator, one you can show pretty much anything and one with whom you can talk about and laugh about anything afterwards!

Maurice's sense of composition was especially sharp that day, some striking captures in the studio element, with the urban feel of concrete, rusty and raw textures. Maurice has a great eye, and his editing styles means he can deliver after-care too. Very few can.

Emotional and erotically charged my set was. And if my memory is correct I also saw some of my most beautiful smiles captured at the end.

Which pretty much makes perfect sense since it was a joy. The 3 firemen who turned up at the end thanks to next door's false fire alarm were a little too late to put out my fire.


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Flo X

Shooting with Maurice is like shooting with a friend.

This was our 3rd shoot and last year he was a guest at my house over 2 days, so really I know I can trust him 100% and got to know him as person then.

He replied to my '2 hour OILED nude' casting and I am so glad it was him who replied first.

Oiled it was, 2 hours, one room. 'Capture me' was the theme. He did and it is always beneficial for such raw open and emotional posing to know the man behind the lens.

I gave him my all, as well as some raw portraiture too. NO make up. He managed to catch that smile too.

I love the way he directs. He knows what he is doing.

He was one of the very few that got me a well deserved fpi last year, a stunning muscular back shot. Let's see what body parts we captured this time.

I hope to shoot with Maurice again even when I am off PP. One of my favourite photographers during my time on PP.

Flo x

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Gabriella Knight

I had very good shoot with Maurice at Hacienda studio in London.

Pre communication was great and Maurice was lovely to shoot with!

Full of creative ideas and time went so quickly and we got some amazing images!

Highly recommended and looking forward to working with him again

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Kashina cole

I had a 4 piece shoot with my girl group, Gantz was our photographer for the day. He’s an amazing photographer! He’s easy to work with, extremely professional and very friendly. I would definitely recommend him and would 100% like to work with him again.

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Rachelle Summers

Another incredible shoot with Maurice!

I absolutely love working with this guy! He is so funny and a bloody fantastic photographer too!

This time round we shot at my apartment in London and from what I’ve saw already got some great images :)

I’d highly, highly recommend him and hopefully will be seeing him in Vegas in October :P

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Darcy Rosa

AWSOME shoot would definitely recommend x

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Monika Lara Smith

I had a lovely shoot with Maurice while touring in London and hopefully we will be able to work together again one day!

I remember that we tried to work together for a while and finally we managed to do it! It is always a nice feeling knowing that someone wants to work with me and tries really hard to make it work, thank you :)

Maurice is a great, fun, chilled, easy going and just amazing person to work with and be around with! He is also an amazing photographer, with great skills, creativity and open mind. I love images we created and that we had a really similar vision for our shoot that helped us work together so well!

I would definitely recommend working with him.Thank you and looking forward to working with you again!:)

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