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Katie Korpse 13

Gabriella is a very professional friendly easy to work with model/photographer

Fabulous style


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I had yet another shoot with this fabulous model!! The number of shoots we have completed speaks for itself, She is an absolute delight to work with and the images are stunning!!!

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Gail did my make up on a shoot , great to meet her after being friends for a while

Beautiful lady , great model aswell as a make up artist .

Gail is chatty , fun, and a fab lady .

Reccomend to anyone as model , make up artist !

N hoping to arrange a duo shoot in new year .

Fabulous and experienced model .


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My second shoot with the lovely Gabriella a versatile professional and fun model. A really lovely person to work with who has the same dark desire for thematic shoots and not the same old same old glamour.

I really enjoy working with Gabriella so easy to get on with, flexible and works really hard for great images. Although our second shoot we are planning our third....and I cannot wait.

I wholeheartedly recommend Gabriella to any photographer.

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Michael Chantler

Gabriella has showed up to 4 of my Wortley Top Forge events this year due to computer issues very late reply. Wonderful working with her very easy to get along with got some great images be in reverse order. Look forward shooting with her next year with Black Angel Wings see you soon Gabriella

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We have just had a really fun and creative shoot in the sunset. Gabriella is a great person to work with, with lots of ideas for the shoot and takes direction very well, a real collaborative effort and we are definitely working together again.

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I cannot praise this beautiful lady too highly. In the short time I have known her we have shot together many times. She is a joy to work with, always professional and fun. She poses effortlessly without direction but also takes direction well. She has more looks and outfits than you can imagine too. If you haven't worked with her then I recommend you do, she is amazing.

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This is my second time shooting with this sensational model!! I do hope it will not be the last! She is highly organised and arrived promptly and was ready to shoot promptly after a quick discussion about the shoot, the weather and our hopes for the future. She had a fantastic selection of outfits (she is also a talented seamstress) and poses fluidly with a great understanding of her body whilst at the same time responding intelligently to direction. The time flew by with some great images along the way. Highly recommended to any photographer who will respect her levels.

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Stevie Sixxx

Stevie Sixx Photography

2nd and 3rd shoot with Gabriella and it is more evident each time as to how professional and dedicated she is. An honest, hard working. i recommend this model

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Really great photoshoot earlier today with Gabriella, super fun and very productive. Now looking forward to sorting through the great set of images we created.

Pre-shoot communication was very good and contributed to a smooth shoot.

Gabriella was on time and came with an excellent collection of outfits and settled straight into the shoot. Can definitely recommend Gabriella and I’ll be arranging another shoot asap.

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Second shoot with Gail, great pre shoot communications, bubbly and enthusiastic and a real pleasure to work with.

Gail came prepared with lots of outfits and the day went by very fast. Even after 4 outfits I'm sure she had more and would have kept going all day! lol. Just a pleasure to meet and shoot with every time, a very genuine lady and one I can easily recommend. Thank you

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Stevie Sixxx

Gabriella Nobella is highly professional model with great hire rates.. Gabriella was good communicator and totally comfortable in front of the camera, We had a fun shoot..

Gabriella did everything that was asked during the shoot, i recommend this model to any photographer who is looking for a great model .. i will be hiring this model again.. I cant recommend her enough!

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Had my first shoot with Gail this afternoon and it went very well.

She is highly professional, a good communicator and totally comfortable in front of the camera. We did an outdoor water and wood shoot and I was able to capture some great images, in large part due to Gails amazing abilities.

I would highly recommend Gail to other photographers, and having really enjoyed our shoot I would not hesitate to work with her again.

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Simon Brown's Forevertography

A really warm and fun lady with a lot of enthusiasm and great communication.

I follow her work and like what she does so it was great to finally meet up and shoot her.

Came very well prepared, and a case full of clothes; some of which she made herself to a very high standard.

We had a fun shoot with her and another model, the 2 worked really well together and I got some fantastic shots from the day.

Thank you for your time and very kind feedback on the resulting images, I'm really pleased with what we produced and I definitely recommend her. Thank you 😊

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neil bennett photography

Had the absolute please working with Gabriella over the weekend on a local steampunk/goth clothing shoot, with outfits supplied by Superstitchious clothing.What a lovely lady,beautiful,professional,

creative, and great fun to work with.She also work very well with all the other models on the shoot.Moved from pose to pose effortlessly and showed lots of attention to detail during the shoot.

Very much looking forward to working with Gabriella sometime in the future.

Highly recommended to both professional and amateur photographers.

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Leonie Snow

Gail kindly responded to my casting call as one of the models to wear my handmade clothing - Superstitchious. What a lovely lady and a brilliant character! She's very creative and personable, effortlessly elegant, buzzing with ideas and had lots to add to the shoot. Can't wait to collaborate more in the future xx

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Julian B

I got to work with the amazing Gabriella Nobella yesterday at a group shoot. I very soon developed a good rapport with her due to her very chilled and confident manner. She poses with alot of expression and has lots of good ideas. Her outfits were pretty amazing too. She's alot of fun to work with and quite chatty. Gabriella has very nice feminine curves which I like and alot of sex appeal. I hope I will get to work with her again this year.

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The Hellfire Club

My first shoot with Gabriella and boy what a shoot! Ive changed tack a little this year and decided to start focusing a little more on clothed fantasy images. Wow, did she step up!

With Gabriella you have a stunning, dedicated and extremely friendly model. Shes highly motivated, ambitious, very creative and also even hand makes some of the clothes she wears. This all adds up to some stunning unique images.

Her rates are very reasonable and when I asked to extend by an hour she was gracious enough to do it :)

I cant recommend her enough!

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Fangs for a great time at the Hall! That was a superb shoot and your willingness to help me throughout made a big difference.

Aside from the occasional blurred shot and one or two fire extinguishers, every picture turned out great as it was. Largely because Gabriella had a superb sense of how to use the space.

The costume and hair were flawless, showing the attention to detail.

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What can I say about this lovely lady that hasn't already been said? Gabriella is amazing. I had the great good fortune of being in a group with her today at Strelley Hall. She is kind, welcoming, very supportive, creative, fun to work with and at the same time very professional. It was an absolute privilege and pleasure to work with her and I look forward to collaborating with her again in the future (we came up with so many ideas)

I cannot recommend this amazing lady highly enough. Thank you so much Gabriella you are an inspiration 😊

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