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Emma Darling

I had a wonderful group shoot at fusion studio!

Excellent studio, lots of space, props, backdrops and endless possibilities.

Such a lovely bunch of creative and talented photographers!

I had a brilliant night and we created lots of great images!

Thankyou Steve for a awesome night!

Highly recommended to all

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S J Jinxx

It can be a little daunting going to a group event at a new studio however Steve made it a wonderful experience every step of the way, he didn't even complain once at my music taste :)

I'm also very glad Steve was able to grab a couple of shots as he is clearly very talented!

I felt comfortable throughout the night and it was a great laugh, even having the timings rearranged so I could make my last train home!

Absolute pleasure to work in this very unique and diverse studio and I hope to be back again soon!

Thank you for having me ❤️

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I was lucky enough to be invited over to fusion studio by Steve for a group shoot. What an absolute pleasure of an evening it was! I really had a blast at fusion studio and met some brilliant photographers.

Steve is so easy to get along with and i had such a good laugh with him. Would highly recommend Steve and also his studio Fusion. I hope to work there again very soon! Thank you so much for such a fantastic evening.

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stevie ball

As always Steve was incredibly helpful and showed us around his amazing studio.

There is plenty of room to switch between studio lights and natural light and an abundance of props and fabrics.

We had a great time.

Thank you Steve and I hope to see you soon.

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I was lucky enough to be booked as the model for the group shoot/studio evening held at fusion. I have been to this cool studio many times so familiar with the layout and sets etc

There are a lot of different looks and props to choose from which is always great with a studio. Everyone was super friendly and pre-comms with Steve were spot on. I was made to feel really welcome and the 3 hrs just flew by!

I’ve had some amazing images shot at this studio so I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it and hopefully will be back there soon!

Thanks again for having me x

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Paula W

I was booked by Steve to model at one of his studio Thursday evenings. I always enjoy shoots at Fusion studio, Steve is a great host and the photographers who attend these studio evenings are all very kind and helpful. The time always goes so quickly, as everyone who attends have a chat with you and are working their best to get awesome images. I definitely recommend Fusion studio, Steve is very kind and always very helpful.

Thank you for a fab evening Steve, hoping to see you again soon! :)

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Roxy Basham

Attended a shoot at the studio what a great venue such potential for so many images to be captured If your imagination is always there this is definitely a studio to visit

Sadly not all the togs could make it BUT to have a smaller group ment we could concentrate on what we wanted to produce from this shoot I did my first artistic nude and I loved it such respect and advice was given about posing and idears which any model will know is very important so I definitely recommend Steve


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Megan Katie

I had a group shoot at fusion and the night was so well planned, super organised and all the photographers including Steve in particular made me feel so comfortable and welcome. The night flew with ease and we created some fantastic shots! A fantastic evening and amazing photographer and person that I can recommend highly to anyone thinking about working with.

Thank you again and I’ll look forward to creating more magic in the future !

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Kat Blakk

After applying for a casting for a Thursday night photography club, I was asked to attend and to shoot fashion to lingerie. Steve was a great host making sure I had a cup of tea when needed and putting on some heaters to keep me warm. All photographers who attended were friendly and easy to work with. I was allowed to bring a chaperone and he was well accepted by all. Great sized studio and ran by a nice guy. Thanks again look forward to coming back!

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I had my first shoot at Fusion for quite a while, and it was so great to be back! The studio space is a great size, with a wide variation of backdrops and props, and it is so beautifully heated :D There is a nice little changing area as well, also well heated!.

Steve's pre-communication was spot on, and he's always very considerate of the models who attend his studio, making sure they are content and comfortable.

I thouroughly enjoyed the group shoot, and would happily attend again, as well as recommend it (and Steve) to others.

Thank you! :)

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Attended Fusion Studio for the first time last Thursday for a group, networking evening. What a great evening it was. Steve is very laid back & lets the evening flow, but maintains enough control to make sure no one monopolises the event & it keeps going. Photography has been my hobby for 41 years & I’ve been dabbling in studio photography for most of that time & still managed to do a type of shot I’d never done before, we never stop learning.

Thank you for a great night, I will definitely attend again.

I have no hesitation in recommending the studio & Steve. 👍

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Infinity Valerie

Had the pleasure to shoot with Steve at his studio, it was a short but sweet session as we shot together with another Steve, which is just being spoilt if you ask me because you get 2 awesome Steves in one room! Anyway, Steve at Fusion studio is such a great character, a laugh and a great session is guaranteed, as well as beautiful photos which he certainly has an eye for. I would definitely shoot with Steve again and recommend him to any model. Thank you for having me at your lovely studio!

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Steve had a new toy (camera) that he wanted to test out, so myself along with another Steve turned up at his studio, for a last minute shoot!

Was such a fabulous little shoot and Steve was super easy to work with!

Although he was just testing out his new camera! He still had an array of ideas he wanted to shoot! Meaning the time shot by super quick!

He was very easy to work with! And the whole shoot was nice and chill throughout!

Steve is very professional whilst on shoot, making sure the model is completely comfortable throughout. With a warm studio, plenty of refreshments and even slippersss 😍

So happy I got the chance to work with him today and hopefully we get another, very soon!

Can highly recommend him to any model. And already know the images are going to be fabulous!

Thank you!!

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It is not often that I write a reference for a studio but I think that Fusion deserves one. I made a last minute decision to shoot with a model on Monday and contacted the studio on the Friday evening before to see if it would be possible to book the studio.

Within 30 minutes everything had been arranged with Steve and the studio was booked.

It is the second time that I have used the studio and I have to say that it is excellent. Steve makes sure that models are warm by having an extremely good heating system. As the studio is in an old mill it can get cold.

Steve has refreshments for people and he explains the lighting, safety aspects etc to you - a professional. It is then up to the photographer to set up the lights and to do the shoot.

Steve is trusting and I am sure that I shall use the studio again.

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I arrived at Fusion with Freya and Owdman for a joint shoot today, not having visited previously.

The studio is roomy, and has a fine variety of equipment and backgrounds which made a 4-hour shoot a brief exploration of a fraction of the possibilities.

Pricing is keen, especially for the level of equipment, and the only downside - which is outside Steve's control - is the quality of the lavatories, which are shared with several other residents. (Go before you leave home is good advice!)

But that single downside is something I'm very happy with in return for such a variety of backgrounds and lights, together with excellent natural light.

I'll be back!

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Booked a shoot with Steve using his fantastic studio at fusion. Communications were bang on. He even contacted me to let me know he was more flexible on time slot the morning of the shoot, which worked out great. Steve is a very likeable straight forward, no nonsense guy with a very well equipped studio. Nothing is too much bother for him and he does a lot running about showing different set ups, areas to shoot in and lighting to use. With recommendations for settings and explaining expected results as you go. Excellent experience.Myself and my model were very Happy with Steve and Fusion.

Thank you!

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I've used this studio a number of times to work with a handful of local photographers and we have always found the studio space diverse to express our creativity.

I was happy to be booked for a group shoot in December, where every photographer was polite and respectful as well as a great laugh, the group was a great mix of levels and styles and all returned some wonderful edits.

What was lovely about this shoot was not only did I get to meet new photographers, and work with some I knew already which put me at ease, but it was a lovely opportunity to meet Steve the studio owner for the first time and get to know the lovely professional that he is, ans see his work and connect with him across other platforms.

Highly recommend the studio, the owner and the whole group! Had a lovely time here and hope to return soon.

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Francesca Vickers

I had my first shoot at fusion studio yesterday and well what can I say! The who experience was lovely from communication from steve, down to the studio and hospitality of Steve and the group of photographers. Very professional but nice and laid back. All photographers respected my levels of shooting and made sure I was comfortable at all times. Friendly and fun working environment. It was an honour working there and I would 100% work here again.

I highly recommend this studio and Steve himself as a gentleman. Thank you for having me Steve 🙂

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Had my first group shoot tonight at fusion studio . Steve is a great guy , comms pre shoot from Steve were spot on we both knew what was needed and what we wanted to achieve from the shoot . I arrived a little early and was greeted by Steve and taken upto the studio great set up , and a changing area with privacy was great ! All the photographers who attended were all respectful and friendly and we got some great shots can't wait to see the edits !! Hope to shoot again with Steve at his studio and would definitely recommend !

Mollie xx

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Paol Foto

I'm adding two References here together as they were only a few hours apart, but firstly I needed a studio with a large infinity wall to accommodate a duo dance shoot. Coupled with The Beast (a gigantic octobox) Fusion was the obvious local choice and it remained warm despite being November.

The second shoot was a Social Club event / shoot with a fab bunch of guys plus the lovely Mollie. The revised layout worked very well and due to the size of the studio two sets could be created in parallel. I find the interaction with the other photographers and putting heads together to learn / think through new lighting challenges to be among the best indulged photo activities I've come across.

Steve works very hard to keep the studio immaculate, friendly and welcoming to all, highly recommended. .

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