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Another great shoot with Bob yesterday, this time on location! I enjoyed my time just as much as I did the first shoot. Bob is brilliant to work with, he is friendly, professional and an all around lovely person.

The shoot flew by time wise and we managed to get many different sets done. The pictures were looking great on the back of the camera!

I would 100% recommend Bob and look forward to working with him again! :)

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I had my first shoot with Bob in Fareham studio.He is absolutely amazing photographer, kind, friendly, easy going with great sense of humour. Back of camera shots was brilliant. I cant wait to see photos.

Highly recommended!

Thank you so much for brilliant shoot!Looking forward to working with you soon.:)

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I had my first (and hopefully not the last!) shoot with lovely Bob yesterday at my studio - Bob was friendly and polite via messages prior to the shoot and as soon as I opened the door we got along like a house on fire!

Bob is kind, easy-going, with a great sense of humour and a true gentleman and the 3 hour shoot flew by! Bob is obviously a talented photographer with a keen eye for that little something which turns a nice photo into a beautiful one, and we worked through several different sets, styles and backdrops throughout the shoot, chatting all the way :-)

I cannot recommend Bob highly enough and can’t wait for our next shoot! Please do shoot with Bob if you get the chance, it’ll definitely be at the top of your ‘favorite shoots’ list :-)

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Sinopa Rin

What a delight to work with Bob again after so many years! We spent a really enjoyable couple of hours exploring Fareham Studio and achieved a variety of beautiful results. I found him to be respectful, friendly and relaxed - recommended!

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Miss L Ginge

Bob was brilliant to work with! Very polite and professional and very down to earth/funny. I like to be able to smile on a shoot and this was defiantly achievable with Bob.

I was very pleased with the pictures Bob was more than happy to show me and the back of camera. Bob took time in lightening and the look, however more than happy for my impute.

Definitely happy to recommend Bob, would not hesitate to work with in the future.

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Ell Mae

Bob was great to shoot with, time flew by.

He booked on to my studio day at neon dreams and we had a very productive few hours.

We got some lovely shots.

Definitely recommend and hope to work together again, Ell

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Athena Rose

What a lovely gentleman Bob is. I absolutely loved my time with Bob and he is very laid back and easy to be around adding a little direction which is always appreciated.Bob said "I'm not a professional" don't believe it he is a professional and a gentleman his work is outstanding! 100% recommend Bob and would love to work with him again anytime 🌹

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Had a lovely shoot with Bob yesterday.

Communication was great beforehand and he sent over a mood-board for ideas/inspiration which really helped.

Bob was so welcoming and friendly and there was no stress with the shoot, we had some good laughs! He is Laid back but professional at the same time. We shot lots of ideas and I was so pleased with what I saw on the camera. Bob is great in the fact he shows you every image so you can change things if you're not quite happy with an angle/pose etc!

I would highly recommend Bob and would definitely work with him again.

Thank you Bob!

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Rachelle Summers

After meeting Bob on a studio day on a past tour of Hampshire, this time round he booked me for a half day shoot at his place, using his own studio that he has at the back of his house :)

It's a lovely little space, with everything needed! It was a cold day but Bob made sure the heaters were on and that it was lovely and warm in there for me.

We had plenty of breaks throughout the shoot and lots of cups of tea, and the whole shoot flew by :)

It was really lovely catching up with him again and hope to do so again soon!

Happily recommended by me :D

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Rose Magdalene Child

I shot with Bob whilst on tour in Hampshire. I had seen his work previously and loved his style so when we were arranging to work together I was really looking forward to it.

Pre-shoot comms were excellent and on the day I was welcomed in with a cup of tea and we chatted about life and all sorts.

Bob has his own studio in the garden which he has built himself, it's very impressive. It was heated, had a mirror and changing area too. He had different backdrops and lighting too. We kicked off the session with some portraits and worked through different outfits using props and then the natural light as there are windows in the studio too.

The images were looking awesome! Then we had a break for lunch which Bob made me a lovely sandwich and another brew :D always the way to a Yorkshire girls heart!

Then we continued on with the session shooting some artistic nudes and using different material as a cover up for implied shots.

I am really pleased with how the shoot went and can definitely recommend him to other models, I do hope we work together again :)

Thank you Bob,


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Had my first shoot with Bobby today, and despite that my little baby girl was around we have achieved amazing results.

He is very easy to work with and he knows how to get the right angle and lighting... from everything I have seen at the back of the camera was outstanding. He nailed every single shot! Bobby is excellent photographer - punctual, professional and absolute joy to work with. Would hilghly recommend!

Cant wait to see final images and look forward to shoot again!

Thank you!

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I shot with Bob this week at his home studio this week. Bob was very easy to communicate with, an absolute joy to be around and work with and overall Bob made me feel very comfortable. Bob was great to talk to, gave easy to follow direction where necessary and made sure I was well fed and watered. Very professional & kind - thanks Bob :)

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Sinopa Rin

Bob was one of four photographers who attended a Halloween-themed workshop at Fareham Studio yesterday. I found him to be professional, chatty and respectful throughout the shoot. He was happy to show me images on the back of the camera and came up with some great ideas during the sets. I'd happily recommend Bob to others and hope we can shoot again in future.

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HL-Studio Commercial Photography Services

Bpbby's first visit to Hangleton Lane Studio and I hope not the last. Working with the lovely Serenity the images are innovative and taught me a thing or two about what can be achieved in the studio. Highly recommended. Please come again.

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I had my first ever shoot with Bob last week and what an absolute joy it was!

Bob was a super lovely guy from the get go, really easy going and someone I could gel with straight away.

I felt completely relaxed and comfortable around him and he was respectful of me throughout. We produced some great images together, particularly the ones in boots in front of two doors.

Bob was really complimentary and made me come away feeling appreciated and proud of our shoot.

I really enjoyed working with him and hope we can get to shoot again! Highly recommended

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Morgana Buxton

I had the pleasure of working with Bob on a shoot at Amberly museum capturing shots for a vintage motorbike calander. Bob has a very friendly yet professional approach and was very easy to work with. I would definitely work with Bob again in the future, highly recommended.


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Had a lovely shoot with Bob and a lovely group creating some images with motorbikes for a national calendar! Throughout the shoot Bob was clear, professional and very easy to work with. Lovely relaxed afternoon and everyone involved was absolutely lovely

And I got a doughnut!

Highly recommended


H x

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Amelie Alden.

I had a home shoot at my place with Bob last week, and thoroughly enjoyed it ! As a person, Bobby is laid back, friendly and down to earth (and too modest about his work! :P ) and he is completely respectful - I felt very much at ease in his company from the first moment I met him. As a photographer, he had some brilliant ideas and was really versatile, making great use of the space and light we had to create some gorgeous images. Hope to work with him again and would definitely recommend him!

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Rachelle Summers

Had such a lovely shoot with Bob on my day at Brian's studio :)

He was super lovely to work with and a total gent :D

And although short I really enjoyed our shoot together :)

Hope to work with him again in the future and happily recommended by me!

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Sophia West

I had the pleasure of working with Bobby at a studio day at Pan's home studio.

He is great to work with. He has ideas and knows exactly want he wants. He is friendly and easy going. A real pleasure to work with. Great at direction and also gives you time to experiment with own poses.

Thank you!

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