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Climbing up walls again

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Climbing up walls again / Photography by DonC., Model Freya, Taken at Natural Light Spaces / Uploaded 16th November 2016 @ 03:42 PM

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Member Comments

Mr BaggsMr Baggs said, 1485531088

Dynamic beauty ❤

Chris CorlettChris Corlett said, 1481552189

Fabulous shot. What a pose!

freespiritfreespirit said, 1479320279

As you do...Awesome skill and strength, great capture.

FreyaFreya said, 1479314743

Brendan it is a shame I live so far away from you now :( I grew up in Manchester. I can do a pose like this for you no problem if you ever fancy a shoot (as long as I can reach each side of the walls) I do go and see my family in Manchester every 2 month or so

FreyaFreya said, 1479314554

Impossible really does mean nothing to me Shawn. I will conquer all :)



Brendan DevineBrendan Devine said, 1479312238

I tried to get a model to do this the other week and she refused point blank! I'm still recovering from the look she gave me. Oh Freya - you truly are amazing. J'adore

Shawn Spencer-SmithShawn Spencer-Smith said, 1479311523

Impossible does not appear in Freya's world . this is awesome