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My favourite emoticon ;)

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My favourite emoticon ;) / Photography by 3rdAngle, Model Freya / Uploaded 20th March 2016 @ 06:20 PM

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So Karl gave me this emoticon cushion to model with and of course I had to have some fun with it ;) We both could not stop laughing at these photos :)

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Top_shots_photographyTop_shots_photography said, 1547075877

just super

Lars_TLars_T said, 1529435567

Lucky bastard emoticon! :P Great shot!

Mmmfire PhotographyMmmfire Photography said, 1495116497

Hee hee hee!

Frank MartinFrank Martin said, 1493297219

Wicked!!!!!! :D

vlightvlight said, 1490132851

Great fun image well done all

midaseyemidaseye said, 1488200371

What a brilliant idea. love it.

Paul645Paul645 said, 1482408860

Haha, the look on that cushion's face, like the cat that's got the cream :)

Graven Image PhotographyGraven Image Photography said, 1481412435

How did this not make FPI? it is innovative, funny, erotic, well conceived, and features one of the most beautiful and toned models ever!

Tony MachinTony Machin said, 1480620548

Brilliant lady....

Tom Sandham (tombo68)Tom Sandham (tombo68) said, 1477170666


Ged Carton PhotographyGed Carton Photography said, 1476470621


Jackie RJackie R said, 1476386999

Brilliant hahaha

RichardStandupRichardStandup said, 1476386391

Brilliant and cute.

Madame TeaseMadame Tease said, 1476347346


Chr1s23Chr1s23 said, 1476318324

Absolutely Fabulous!

ChaosShotzChaosShotz said, 1473237436

Hahaha love this shot.

Tom Sandham (tombo68)Tom Sandham (tombo68) said, 1473096515

fucking brilliant

lightwerkslightwerks said, 1469778230

So cool !!

GoldWingPhtgGoldWingPhtg said, 1468266513

Wow..... I love this..... So cool... humorous...and sexy..... Love it!

goshstevegoshsteve said, 1467915343


Jake5Jake5 said, 1467825471

LOL I burst out laughing! This is ace.

GarboGarbo said, 1467565122


swindonguyswindonguy said, 1467564884

Lucky lucky sod !! lol

BennetBennet said, 1464084483

Absolutely awesome. Still laughing :-)

Shile Road PhotographyShile Road Photography said, 1463661295

Absolutely brilliant I just wish the Karl in the description was me lol ;-)

bernbern said, 1463577974

love this one toooo much!

Mark333Mark333 said, 1463523285

lol, cooooool ;)

Rob GuardianRob Guardian said, 1461632161

Brilliant !!! It's shots like this that make shoots fun !!

Sam KellySam Kelly said, 1460994795

brilliant certainly made me smile!

carolecarole's hubby said, 1460701679

Brilliant! Absolutely love it.

Emma-Lou00Emma-Lou00 said, 1460650249

Hahah!!! Brilliant!

FreyaFreya said, 1460128241

Is there any other way to be Helen? Hehehe

Helen DiazHelen Diaz said, 1460127910

Naughty!!! :P

Aperture22Aperture22 said, 1460066719

This is so cool!!!

SPD>imagesSPD>images said, 1460020612


jamjamjamjamjamjam said, 1459250087


Oscar AndresOscar Andres said, 1458909545


MrBarbuMrBarbu said, 1458812567

Woo Hoo !

DunxDunx said, 1458683273

hahaha - classic!

🔥 Lucy-Vera 🔥 Lucy-Vera said, 1458520362

LOL omg that just had me in fits, that's brilliant! I need that smily face!!!

Harvey GordonHarvey Gordon said, 1458512765


Erik te NijenhuisErik te Nijenhuis said, 1458508207

Great image, you both make my weekend end up with a big smile :-) !

Simes HimselfSimes Himself said, 1458507577

I'm still laughing at this! Fabulous idea!

FreyaFreya said, 1458505969

Oh my gosh look at all the loves and comments this photo has got in a few hours! It makes me smile so much :) Thanks everyone

CharlesPhotoCharlesPhoto said, 1458503220

That's just hilarious. I love it.

Mr DaveMr Dave said, 1458503207


Marcel ChristianMarcel Christian said, 1458502764


Arrow PhotographyArrow Photography said, 1458502697


AndyMacAndyMac said, 1458501564

A bit naughty, but very funny

ByronByron said, 1458501550

Funny! Made me smile. ;-)

lightwerkslightwerks said, 1458501307

Such a cool idea !!, and brilliant image !!

NomadNomad said, 1458501076

Quite brilliant

ChristopherChristopher said, 1458500086

That is very, very funny!

TravellerTraveller said, 1458499997

That's a very happy cution ! Lol



Billy Cee..Billy Cee.. said, 1458498191

A great image, also brought a smile to my face...

J RocketJ Rocket said, 1458498141

Lucky emoji x