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Enthralled / Photography by Russ Freeman, Model Freya / Uploaded 8th December 2014 @ 08:44 PM

Added 1418071475 by Freya.

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50mmshutter50mmshutter said, 1568116021

Erotic! ♥

GlamourguyGlamourguy said, 1567845259

One of the greatest images on this site. Bravo to you both!

ArionsPhotosArionsPhotos said, 1549459439

Gorgeous, fantastic bum

ArionsPhotosArionsPhotos said, 1549459410

Lovely and naughty at the some time

LifeModelSteveLifeModelSteve said, 1541528734


Vintage PhotographyVintage Photography said, 1518965304

Wonderfully erotic

PopesfitnessPopesfitness said, 1501106296

woow speechless

NightingalePhotographyNightingalePhotography said, 1499762885

Wow this is a great shot

Shawn Spencer-SmithShawn Spencer-Smith said, 1482415927

Two years ago this totally fabulous image is postep 248 love and no FPI.what a shame

Paul645Paul645 said, 1482415430

Oh my word!

vlightvlight said, 1481664088

Stunning image

James51James51 said, 1474799603

Spectacular image

FreyaFreya said, 1460151058

Natural light is fantastic :)

Rosie FlameRosie Flame said, 1460150748

Wowee! Fab lighting and bottom!

DavidHepworthDavidHepworth said, 1456657753

Fantastic !

NeilsNeils said, 1456657398

Great pic great lighting total Magic from both sides of the lens

Lee ScorpionLee Scorpion said, 1452000346

Excellent colour, DOF and lighting, done in a highly erotic and tasteful way, a superb image.

Ged Carton PhotographyGed Carton Photography said, 1451777211

Oh god.....amazing.

Rugby_John_1Rugby_John_1 said, 1449776259

Great lighting, great image, very erotic

beemanbeeman said, 1441656532

Breathtakingly good

RickiJRickiJ said, 1440726720

Beautiful shot ;) peachy

Mercer EnglandMercer England said, 1438549596

Wow. Perfect. Amazing.



AdamRAdamR said, 1435344321

Jaw on the floor wow!!!!

Kia PiskinKia Piskin said, 1434331033

Wow no words

FranksongraphicsFranksongraphics said, 1433248711


aDx2014aDx2014 said, 1432196614


Glenn Balsam FineimagesGlenn Balsam Fineimages said, 1431532628

Amazing work.

Emmanuel THOMASEmmanuel THOMAS said, 1431375400

Délicieusement provocante !

The Digital ImageThe Digital Image said, 1429451288


GatsbyGatsby said, 1427845093

im provoked

BayfotosBayfotos said, 1426976199

Love love this shot!!

MrBarbuMrBarbu said, 1426071365

Woo Hoo!

metalphilmetalphil said, 1426062310

Stunning light effects and postion

LanceBLanceB said, 1425409248


RonCRonC said, 1424368422

Great light effects, sweet view.

RalphRRalphR said, 1424264604

very hot ;)

Don TongeDon Tonge said, 1424113557

Fantastic Image, So Inviting

MickMick said, 1424093193

Love it!!!

© Gibson Blanc© Gibson Blanc said, 1422985892

What's that saying.... "if you got it, flaunt it" Freya, you got it. The light and shape are top draw, well done both.

photomick66photomick66 said, 1422899948

When does naughty, become rude, and when does rude become gross! Don't know but I know naughty, with rude when I see it!

ottobladeottoblade said, 1420802337

You don't hold back!

SimplyStunningSimplyStunning said, 1420046790

Breathtaking imagery well done both

supaglamsupaglam said, 1419953792


DavidGBDavidGB said, 1419944199

Wow and wow again, lovely image and lit to perfection.

Carl GrimCarl Grim said, 1419940665

Very naughty but stunningly beautiful !

Sam KellySam Kelly said, 1419932060

great shot

Rebecca TunRebecca Tun said, 1419895890


Malachite PhotographyMalachite Photography said, 1419869856

Stunning Freya

Ade Davies PhotographyAde Davies Photography said, 1419419041

Beautifully classy and very sensual

GatsbyGatsby said, 1419147578

im in love

aDx2014aDx2014 said, 1419137497


GunnerGunner said, 1419094904


Mark.smithMark.smith said, 1418552287

freya never fails to amaze me with her poses.

photorunnerphotorunner said, 1418261362

Not sure why - but there's a feel of a little fun about this shot - although its very erotic and superbly shot - despite being rather graphic. Well done both.

MacmanMacman said, 1418238761

Bold! Great clarity and lovely colours.

Helen DiazHelen Diaz said, 1418125230

This is really beautiful, classy sensual, erotic work!

White PythonWhite Python said, 1418094253

Love the...erm...tones...yes, the tones are good...and the...erm...the depth of field...erm...yes...very good...

daveb32daveb32 said, 1418075272

Jaw Dropping in so many ways.

Marcel ChristianMarcel Christian said, 1418072903

Stunning image, stunning bottom too!

Miss VersatileMiss Versatile said, 1418072817

Wowza :) x

Lanes PhotographyLanes Photography said, 1418071949