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Upside down. Boy you turn me, inside out and round and round.

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Upside down. Boy you turn me, inside out and round and round. / Photography by CAMERANOVA, Model Freya / Uploaded 16th November 2014 @ 08:12 PM

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To answer your question yes I was actually upside down holding on with just my hands :)

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PTPT said, 1431718361

Sublime . . . Fantastically Evocative.

Ade Davies PhotographyAde Davies Photography said, 1419419372

Completely awesome

FreyaFreya said, 1418296543

Photorunner I just held on. You should have saw mw though trying to get down. It was easy to get in that position but not so easy getting out of it.

photorunnerphotorunner said, 1418261601

Not sure how.. but tremendous pose.

Raine-ceraRaine-cera said, 1418227637


ST3V3 CRAN3ST3V3 CRAN3 said, 1417298502

awesome work

OryxOryx said, 1416569902

Jesus... this is spectacular!

FreyaFreya said, 1416523963

I just had to find my comfy spot :)

Simon CarterSimon Carter said, 1416523922

I particularly like the fact you actually look quite relaxed! Just inverted. I'm a fan of inverted, too :)

FreyaFreya said, 1416523653

I take it you are impressed Simon. Hehe

Simon CarterSimon Carter said, 1416523574


© Gibson Blanc© Gibson Blanc said, 1416389473

You take your work to another level... great stuff both of you.

Roelf Rozema FotocolRoelf Rozema Fotocol said, 1416240572

You daredevil ...this makes an original picture

Capture 77Capture 77 said, 1416179506


GoldingGolding said, 1416177570


Catalina LoveCatalina Love said, 1416171372


FreyaFreya said, 1416169770

and you two guys were scared of me getting in a window frame. Hehe

Ceri ValeCeri Vale said, 1416169571


Angel IllustrationsAngel Illustrations said, 1416168935