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Anna Johansson

I had a great experience shooting with Frank, he is a great guy.

The photoshoot was lovely. He was very positive, fun, polite, caring photographer and I can definitely recommend other model to work with him :)

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Had a fun shoot with Frank , he is friendly, reliable and fun to work with. I definitely recommend working with him!

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Nicole May _ Olena

It was my first shoot with Frank when I was in Belgium on Monday this week. Even though the room was so small and not enough space and little lighting, he find the way to create a good images and get me feel so relax & calm. I would definitely recommend him to other models and I hope to work with him again.

Thank you. Nicole )

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Frank arrived on time to the lovely apartment I have been staying in in Antwerp for my Belgium tour.

Frank was really enthusiastic and brought some ideas along with him including some fetish ones. We also did some awesomely dreamy shots with Frank shooting through my skirt.

Frank was such a joy to model for and came fully prepared to the shoot. Hope to model again for him in the future.

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We made really good Shooting! I m veru happy with pictures. I love Shootings with natural light and i like big windows)) was very pleasant to work with u and talk to u)) Frank is a very nice guy! One of my best Shootings and i d be so happy to work again ;)

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Mia Liberum

Frank was lovely to shoot with! We had some fascinating conversations, after and during the shoot, and he was completely respectful at every point.

He was patient whilst we had some problems meeting each other at the station, and during the shoot he kept me refreshed with tea and tried to keep the room temperature warm.

As a photographer he is great- he is self deprecating but he is already very talented and has great potential to continue taking amazing photos.

He gave plenty of direction, knowing how to work with the light, whilst also allowing me the chance to improvise.

I would gladly work with him again and recommend him to any models considering working with him.

Thanks Frank for a great shoot!

Mia :)

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Frank is a very nice, patient and relaxed photographer to shoot with. He is easy going and takes time to get to know his model. I am looking forward to our next shoot :).

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Daisy Bright

I really enjoyed shooting with Frank on my recent Netherlands tour. Frank was fun to work with, freindly, professional and a interesting person to talk to. I felt compleatly at ease when we shot a bondage/fetish set. He kindly covered my travel to allow me to get a quicker train to Brussles which I really appricated. Frank had a clear idea about what he wanted to capture and we have prodcued some stunning images! I highly recommend him and hope to work with him again.


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Sonya Lynn

I had a fun filled shot with Frank when I was touring Belgium during the summer. Frank was very understanding when I was held back by the trains. Even though the location that we went had some kids around, we manage to find other spots in order to avoid them and still produced great images. He was always welcoming of my ideas and a joy to work with. Frank was also very thoughtful to bring ticks repellant for me to apply since we were shooting in the forest. I would definitely highly recommend him and hope to work with him again.

Thank You Frank :)

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Absolutely loved my time shooting with Frank! Frank is a lovely down to earth guy, a complete gentleman and a pleasure to talk to! He is a brilliant photographer, loved the shots he got...

Can't wait for round two 😊 Highly recommended.

Thanks again for super shoot.

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Sara Scarlet

Had a fun shoot with Frank a while back, he is friendly, reliable and fun to work with. I definately recommend working with him!

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Ifa Brand

Had 2 lovely shoots with Frank a while back. He is friendly, calm, lot's of ideas and input.

Recommended highly.

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Deena D

I had the opportunity to work with Frank on two occasions when I used to live in the Netherlands. He was a pleasure to work with, such a lovely person and so creative. He works quickly and efficiently and we managed to get a lot done in a short space of time!

Highly recommended by me :)

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