Additional Information

Stats and sizes

  • 21yr old Female model
  • Stats(in/USA) 34D-24-34
  • USA dress size 4
  • 5'9" tall
  • 117lbs
  • USA shoe size 6
  • Brown eyes
  • Very long dark brown hair
  • Olive skin
  • Mediterranean ethnicity
  • I have a single tattoo

Shoots styles

Beauty, Commercial, Fashion and Portrait



Francesca Jade - Fashion model

If you have any more questions about things I haven't included then don't hesitate to message! Please check out my albums below for more of my work.

You can also find me on Instagram as Francesca_jadee for more images.

General information about me!

Hi I am Francesca, I am a 20 year old half Italian/ British fashion model based in Bradford, I am 5"9 with a slim curvy figure. I am a huge lover of nature, animals and art. So, any creative shoot, I will probably be down for! I work predominantly for fashion brands and designers, the majority of my work I am booked for is for fashion brands however, I have been modelling for over a year now and have experience working on over 50 creative shoots. I have also worked along side many other models for those brands. Please see my references below for advice on how I work!


- I take great pride in my appearance, with healthy nails, skin and hair that almost reaches my bottom!

-Everything is natural! I have had no form of plastic surgery or fillers/implants in my body. I also DO NOT wear fake tan, this is my natural skin colour, I am an olive brown colour and in summer I do get rather dark skinned.

- I have one (sometimes) visible tattoo at the very top of my thigh, it may show when wearing something very short. I am happy to cover it up for certain shoots if necessary for you - It is a rose representing my Nonna.

- I do have my nose and my belly button pierced, again I am happy to remove these if it is necessary. I wear a small stud in my nose during shoots.


As I only shoot fashion I have a huge wardrobe ready to be explored! I also work very closely with 2 designers and can gather very weird and wonderful pieces depending on your requirements. I do not shoot sheer clothing, however, if you have something I feel comfortable in and is suitable to the shoot concept we can consider incorporating it into our ideas.

Rates and availability.

I am now charging an hourly rate after over a year of shooting only TFP, I will only consider shooting TFP if I think the experience would be of benefit to me.

My rates are a standard £20p/hr, I DO NOT charge any cancellation fees.

Location and travel

I can easily access train stations meaning I can come to some of the major cities such as Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham etc. Wherever you are get in touch!

Due to boundaries being pushed, I do bring a chaperone for my own safety upon travelling/during shoots. Chaperone can either be invisible and quiet or hands on holding reflectors and making cups of tea!!

I would love to hear from you, drop me a message!

Francesa Jade :)

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