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Natasha UK

I had an awesome shoot with Alex & Becky in a sunflower field!

I applied for their casting and was so pleased to get it!

The precomms were great, they sent a plan of the shoot which was amazing to know beforehand and wish more photographers would do that.

The shoot was awesome, I had a lot of fun, felt very comfortable and both were so lovely, kind and professional!

I 100000% recommend them both for any project!! I would love to work with them again and the knuckle duster not forgetting the giraffe!!

Thank you for a great shoot and thank you for sending over these epic edits!!

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Eowyn Luna

Working with Alex and Becky was fantastic!

From the get go they were super welcoming, and I felt completely comfortable the whole time.

They had such wonderful ideas for how to use the space and I felt really creative and free! Alex is such a talented photographer and I'm absolutely loving seeing the images we've created :D

Alex and Becky are all-round lovely humans and I really enjoyed shooting; the time just flew by and I 100% could've kept going, I just wanted to keep creating with them!

I'd recommend working with them without a second thought.

Thank you again :)

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I had the pleasure to meet and work for the first time with the lovely Alex and Becky last week at the Antwerp Mansion in Manchester.

Pre communication was excellent, few days before the shoot they sent an email with lots of details in order for me to feel safe and be prepared at my best for the shoot.

On the day of the shoot everything went smooth. Atmosphere was relaxed, great tunes playing.

Both Alex and Becky are lovely human being, kind, creative and fun to work with. Professional and organized. They made me feel very comfortable from the start and all the way through.

They are great in giving directions as well as giving you freedom to pose and express yourself. Very open to ideas and with a great eye for details. In a short amount of time we created so many fantastic images!! Alex sent the edits back super quick, I am very happy with the result!!

I truly enjoyed my shoot with them and I can’t wait to shoot together again! Hopefully soon :)

110% recommended to any creatives!

Thank you Alex and Becky for the amazing shoot! :)

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Carlota Browne

I had a great shoot with Alex! He was very easy going, kind and professional. Pre-shoot, his communication was excellent so we both understood exactly what we were hoping to capture and how we would use the time. He made me feel completely at ease and was very considerate of Annie too (the horse we used). Unfortunately Becky couldn’t be present for the shoot, but I hope to work with this duo more in the future!

Thank you both very much, I had a great afternoon!

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Inkeri Orphic

Had such a fab shoot with Becky and Alex at West Surrey studio the other day!

They are both warm, welcoming and funny people that are great to be around. I loved my shoot with them, it was fun, productive and the images turned out great - so what more could you want!!

Pre communications were detailed and allowed you to fully understand what they were aiming to achieve before the shoot had even begun.

A fun mix of being allowed artistic freedom to pose and great direction to achieve some cracking results.

There were a number of different ideas we got to try out over the space of a couple of hours, which were all super fun and made some wicked pictures!

Alex has a great eye for creating images and is also very conscious of making sure you're comfortable with everything beforehand. Becky is super helpful, a warm joyful person and able to make sure everything is in order!

They are a wonderful and talented couple, if you get the chance you should definitely grab the opportunity to work with them. 😁

Thanks so much again Alex and Becky, can't wait to shoot again sometime!

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I shot a few days ago at my house with Alex, and it was a real pleasure!

We shot a couple of hours, the shoot went smoothly and it was very relaxed.

Alex is an easygoing and lovely person, very polite.

He paid attention to making the me feel comfortable during the whole shooting (which is very important, especially for models without much experience!)

So I would recommend him to any model of any level and experience, you will love working with him!

Unfortunately, Becky wasn't available that day so I couldn't try the experience with her as well, but I can't wait to shoot with both of them next time!

See you soon and thank you very much Alex!

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Irida S

Honestly my shoot with Becky and Alex has to be one of my favourites of all time !

The results are incredible beautiful and exactly what I wanted to add to my portfolio .

Becky and Alex are both so kind , generous , easy going , creative and fun ! In a space of 2 hours we produced so much good usable content !

I can't wait to work together again

Extremely highly recommended !!!

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Florence Day

Wow!!! My absolute favourite shoot!

It was such an amazing opportunity to shoot with Alex and Becky. We’d been trying to plan a shoot for a while but the lockdown restrictions and me being at home for the holidays kept pushing it back. I’m so glad we finally got to shoot together and what an amazing shoot it was!

We had a brilliant concept, and Alex and Becky provided the outfits and props we needed as well as booking the location in advance. It was such a fun shoot and I really loved every minute of it.

We did a few different sets and a second location. I’m very glad I got to shoot so much with them as the photographs they’ve sent me are incredible!

Alex and Becky are such kind and fun people. It felt like we were friends taking cool photos together on a day out, rather than the shoot feeling separate and like a day at work. It was a lovely time and I really enjoyed their company.

I would absolutely love to work with Alex and Becky again! Don’t miss the chance to shoot with them if you get the opportunity!!!! A million percent recommend

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Chloe Anne Williams

I feel lucky to have gotten to work with Alex and Becky on our Motion Picture shoot. They are very professional; punctual, organised and respond quickly to messages. On the day of the shoot I felt relaxed and in my element due to being given minimal but quality direction.

They are such a lovely couple and I look forward to working with them again in the future!

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Alex and Becky were so great to work with! They're not only so talented at what they do but they're so friendly and made me feel so comfortable meeting them for the first time. I was the makeup artist on a shoot with them with three different looks, a jewellery look, a look with a smokey eye and red lip, and a look with gold leaf. They captured every look perfectly and the photos showed off the makeup really well.

I can't wait to (hopefully) work with them again!! x

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This is the third time I’ve shot with Alex and Becky now and I always love every minute of shooting with them.

We shot in a studio that they’d arranged, I’d arranged with the makeup artist and Becky and Alex had sorted out all the accessories and props. Wow what a fantastic shoot. We shot multiple different sets, things that were slightly different than what I’m used to but we created some beautiful images together. They always create such a lovely atmosphere to shoot in and they’re always so friendly and so fun to work with. Becky had even sorted out different playlists for each set and different perfumes to set the vibe.

Most of the day we shot a lot of art nude, and they were absolutely amazing with making me feel comfortable. It was as if I wasn’t even naked at all, I felt so confident and that was all thanks to them.

I highly recommend shooting with Becky and Alex they are brilliant each and every time. Thankyou so so much guys!!

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Ronan Cupeva

Amazing shoot with Becky and Alex. Two creative geniuses with a strong passion and clear vision for what they want to do. The day with them was super fun, they chose the perfect location and brought quality clothes. Not to mention they even provided us with food, you can’t write this stuff. Couldn’t recommend them enough.

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Emma Kerr

So happy I was able to work with alex and Becky again so soon! They went above and beyond for our fashion shoot in Andover this weekend. They found a stunning country house, helped with transport and supplied some food and treats too which was so kind.

The pictures have turned out amazing - no surprise! Really impressed and proud of the work.

Such a pleasure to work with them both again, and already looking forward till the next time.

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Adrian K

Alex and Becky are a dream team!

I worked with them on a first shoot and honestly can say they made the entire process including communication from initial contact to final stages very easy and professional. The shoot itself went better than planned and the results are astonishing.

I can highly recommend Alex and Becky to anyone as their work is outstanding and they are great people to be around.

Looking forward to working with you guys again in the near future.

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I honestly have so many positive things to say about Alex & Becky I don’t even know where to begin!

Pre-comes were friendly, polite, they stayed on contact leading up to the shoot with ideas, styling and really involving me in the shoot plan. They were on time and well prepared with so many extras for me to lend and use throughout the shoot!

Alex and Becky are a really down to earth, funny and positive team. Bouncing ideas off each other and letting me be involved in it all too. There was no awkward silences and we laughed a lot it was such a free and flowing shoot.

I couldn’t recommend shooting with a team more than I could these two. I really had the best time and left feeling absolutely amazing. The images looked incredible and I’m really excited to see the final edits. Thank you both for an amazing shoot and hope to work together again in the future! :)

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Emma Kerr

I had THE best day yesterday with Fossfotography, shooting in Richmond Park! I am so shocked but for all the right reasons! I am blown away by the images we have created together and couldn’t be more grateful to have had such a lovely productive day with such a wonderful duo!

They had a clear vision and idea and brought clothes purposely for the shoot that they felt suit and welcomed my input too! They communicated everything so clearly beforehand, and even with a few hiccups along the way with trains and timings and car parks we pushed on through and they were so professional supportive and creative!!

I would 10000% take up the chance to work with Fossfotography if you are lucky enough! I will be recommending to everyone!

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Ronan Cupeva

Amazing day shooting with Alex and Becky! Pre Comms were very easy and straightforward. Both are fun to be around and the shoot went great! Looking forward to working with them again hopefully :)

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Qualus Model

All I can say is WOW!

Alex and Becky are incredible to work with. Not only did I have a good laugh and feel totally relaxed on the shoot, my consent and well-being was constantly taken into consideration.

I am so pleased with the outcome of the shoot. The photos are modern, high end and executed/edited to a exceptionally high standard.

I could not have asked for a better team to work with than Fossfotography.

I am looking forward to scheduling in the next shoots!

Could not recommend enough!

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Becky Fossett

I'm totally new to modelling and had my first shoot with Alex on Sunday. Having been quite nervous about modelling in the past, he put me at ease straight away and gave me really strong direction that he felt would bring out the best in me; it certainly did!

Alex is really energetic and enthusiastic and this meant there was such a positive vibe to the shoot throughout.

I was over the moon with the shots that we got together and I felt so comfortable and confident by the end of the shoot.

I would highly recommend Alex; he is so professional and polite and you'll have bundles of fun on a shoot with him.

I can't wait for the next one! Thanks so much Alex!

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Alex and Becky are a creative match made in heaven. The location they had chosen, their professionalism, the confidence they gave me and their planning was simply incredible.

I arrived at the beach location and was blown away at how well they had selected a versatile, breathtaking and thankfully almost empty place to shoot.

As well as being made to feel extremely comfortable, their bubbly personalities made the shoot fun. Importantly, I felt really safe with them both and, though I was accompanied, it is clear that in future this will not be necessary.

The outfits they had selected for me to model were very well suited to the environment and I loved showing the clothes off.

Alex is a very dedicated and obviously talented photographer. It was confidence boosting to have the artist lay down in the water with me! A man who would only ask the model to do something he was willing to do himself.

Overall, I would love to shoot with this team again! I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

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