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MJA Photography

Have had the pleasure of working with Fern a few times now. On each occasion it has been a delight to shoot with her. Great comms, very organized, timely with a lovely personality and for each shoot, she came well prepared.

I very much look forward to working with Fern again in the near future.

Highly recommended.

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Mick Payton Studios

Fern's pre-comms are excellent, she doesn't keep you waiting for replies, She's eager to get involved and plan your event for maximum results. Has a great sense of humour and a beautuiful smile, combined with her characterisation skills and the effort she puts into her modelling she's a clear winner for me! Guys on the workshops loved her and we'll be having her back - highly recommended! See you soon!

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Shot with Fern at Mic Payton's on the 18th April, and what a joy she is to work with! Fern is truly stunning, but with no pretensions, as proved when she dropped straight into the Nerd / Dilbert professor role suggested early in the shoot (complete with lab-coat, clipboard, and pocketful of pens). The resulting images were truly brilliant! Dilbert would be proud, but not nearly as proud as I am to have been a part of it. And that was only the first 30 minutes of a 4 hour shoot. What a brilliant day. Thank you Fern. Looking forward to working with you again.

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Chris Burfoot ABIPP ARPS

I booked Fern for an Advanced Lighting course.

She is a fantastic model. Always very professional. Works very well under direction and also posed really well for the delegates who were not used to shooting a professional model.

Highly recommended!

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First time working with Fern, and very pleased with the results. Great professional - I had several quite specific ideas in mind, and Fern absolutely nailed them all, delivering beautiful poses and expressions throughout the day, with patience, understanding and good humour. Wonderfully down-to-earth, work-orientated and photogenic, an absolute pleasure to spend time and develop concepts with.

Thoroughly recommended, and hope to shoot again soon!

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Bang Tidy Photography

Fern amazing as ever

have had 2 shooting with fern this month and never disappointed !!

Happy to go with my crazy ideas and being painted.

Fern was one of my models for Octobers Goldilocks event night and wow she delivered as always !! so professional always happy and friendly to the photographers attending

heres to more shoots :)

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This was the second time I had the pleasure of working with Fern, once again at an event organised by Bang Tidy Photography. As you can see from her portfolio, she is not in the least bit phased by extensive make-up jobs, and this shoot was certainly one of those. Despite being barely recognisable, she did a fantastic job and was friendly, professional and enthusiastic throughout.

A wonderful model whom I would recommend without hesitation.

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Bang Tidy Photography

Love working with Fern !!

Fern is amazing :) always up to try new ideas.. her posing is always on point and flawless she is always so much fun to work with.

Have booked fern for my events and she works well with others to produce great images

Got loads in the pipe line with fern and cant wait to get shooting

thanks Fern x

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Bang Tidy Photography

Fern was one of my models for my garden event night.

She is always on time and ready to go I was let down by a model and mua for it but we soon had more on board and it didnt phase her one bit.

Fern came with great outfits and ideas she is friendly and polite with other photographers and everyone got great images

Thanks fern

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Had the pleasure of a full day shoot with Fern at Shadow studio. Her pre-shoot comms where great. She brought all the clothes I asked for. During the shoot she was a joy to work with and though it was a long shoot she stayed focussed throughout. I look forward to working with her again.

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David Morley

Recently had my first shoot with Fern whom I can without hesitation highly recommend. From start to finish the shoot run smoothly with pre and post communication at one hundred percent. Fern was willing and helpful during the shoot with pleasing manner. Very much hope that I will work with her again as her personality matches her looks. Thank you Fern for a lovely productive day and very much hope we will do this again.

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Steve Haddon Photography

Had a commercial shoot today with Fern. This was a new client for me with potential for future shoots. I wanted a model I could rely on to interact with the customer and to give some amazing looks. Fern was given the brief prior to the shoot. She turned up on time ready to shoot with everything already prepared. It was an outside shoot and Fern dressed for the images even though it was freezing, she acted with constant professionalism. She is stunning, thoughtful, holds a conversation with the customer with a positive attitude towards the job she clearly has a passion for. I could not ask for more. Thank you Fern, the client has seen the pre edits and in his words… ‘They are phenomenal, awesome stuff’ Thank you :) xx

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Bang Tidy Photography

Had the pleasure of meeting and finally working with Fern this week in my studio in Bristol :)

Great communications before the shoot, Fern is friendly, bubbly and fun to work with.

I painted her white and she was happy to try out my wacky ideas !! even to put elf ears on...

We had a great shoot with great results and I look forward to working with her again soon.

Thanks Fern

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Cefni Photography63

Fern made the long journey to the wilds of West Wales today and it was truly a wild day! But Bravo to her! She coped admirably with the difficult conditions of a cold, gusty wind and I have nothing but respect for her attitude and work ethic.

Fern and I had been discussing a shoot for a while and following a cancellation we managed to set a date. Outfits had been agreed beforehand with plenty of images sent and when I collected her from the railway station her makeup was done to a very high standard and she was ready to shoot.

Conversation flowed freely and her sense of humour shone through and we got through a good few locations in our allotted time. Fern knows how to pose although she is also open to direction and I'm very pleased with the images we achieved.

We have already discussed shooting again in the New Year and I eagerly look forward to that as there's a lot more to Fern than I managed to tap into on this initial shoot. Needless to say I also recommend Fern wholeheartedly to my fellow photographers.

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Mike Martin

Fern was one of 3 models at a recent studio evening. Fantastic look, enhanced by our genius MUA - we got some great shots, even if I did cut her head off (see portfolio).

Pleasure to work with - would recommend.

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Jane Charlotte

I love this girl, we recently did a gold leaf shoot and she was fantastic, she arrived on time , she has great pre communication. She was very paitent as she had to sit for a long time to have the gold leaf put on.

She has excellent modelling ability, she poses great, the images were great.

She also worked with me on a charity shoot for a young 17yr old lad who had cancer to raise money for him, she was fantastic on that shoot too, very friendly and fun to work with.

I'd 100% recommend fern to anyone.

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Johnny Kaos

First shoot with Fern and I hope it’s not the last. Fern is one of the most down-to-earth girls I have worked with. She is very friendly, naturally beautiful and talented. Great fun to work with. I highly recommend her and I hope i can work with her again.

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Steve Haddon Photography

I first met Fern a few months ago during a charity shoot, only briefly getting to speak with her but noticing that she was getting involved and being part of the fun going on.

Jane Charlotte MUA had a concept that she wanted to shoot and suggested we use Fern and I completely agreed.

Fern showed up on time for the shoot. Fern sat patiently for 2 hours while Jane applied gold leaf to her face, neck and shoulder, finally adding red ruby coloured jewels to her lips. At no point did Fern complain, huff, whinge or even mention how difficult it must have been.

Fern is stunning from all aspects. She has the height, stunning looks, great body shape to carry off any look or style. Without even having to mention anything she changed look, pose and facial expression. a true professional. After a change in clothing Fern revealed her amazing hair, my god, that was just jaw dropping. One of those moments I don't think I will forget. In the moment there was only one lighting set up to be done. The results one Ferns patients and professionalism only inspire you to want to shoot with her more.

Add to the fact that this young lady can hold a conversation and take instruction while suggesting new ideas, you have it all. I can't wait to shoot with Fern again.

I wish Fern all the luck in the world and would happily recommend her for anything. Young lady I see great things in your future.

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Ken P

Contacted Fern, she promptly replied and a few days later we were shooting. Very personable young lady, eager to learn and contribute. To my eyes, she looks rather like a Bridget Bardot, which offers all sorts of photographic opportunities. Hope to work with her again. Highly recommended.

PS I recommend you stock up with teabags. She can down tea quicker than you can throw it on the floor. :)

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We did a shoot at the top of White Horse Hill on a very windy day. Despite the adverse weather conditions we got the shot I needed. Actually there were several really great shots and the hard part was me and my colleagues choosing which shot to use for the cover of the booklet. I enjoyed working with Fern and hope to do so again.

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