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Really great shoot

coms and timing spot on

had a go at all my ideas

weather was good and very pleased with the results

hope we can work again soon

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Neil Scott

A lovely lady full of great ideas and a real pleasure to work with. Great coms and put a lot of effort into the look we wanted. Results were fantastic and would highly recommend. Thanks Bethy x

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Great shoot with Feraline at her home, she was well prepared with the required outfits. She was bubbly and professional throughout with excellent pre shoot communication. A pleasure to work with.

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Into Darkness

Losing track of how many we've done now, but it's absolutely fantastic to have someone so local and so very good at what they do.

Bethy has outstanding attention to detail and can produce some rather epic looks. I know I've got another shoot lined up just from the ideas brewing from the one we just finished.

Quite frankly, there's not enough time in the day or the year to do as many shoots as absolutely necessary with Bethy.

Definitely one of those rapidly rising stars!

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Another fantastic shoot with Feraline, we went up into the local wooded places we both know to shoot in an area of ancient woodland with old, dark and twisted trees with mis-shaped trunks. Fetaline was very keen and willing to try out every tree that was accessible, inc one which was quite a testing climb.

Feraline is not only a very good looking model with amazing red hair, (which is awesome when lit from behind) and is also a great friendly personality who I felt I could chat endlessly with.

Feraline posed to compliment the woodland location themes I had in mind, blending her shapes to suit the natual tree bows and branches.

The photos we produced are just fantasic, thank you very much Bethy, until the next time. Of course a complete recommendation from me.

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Jon Taylor

Wow. Where do I start to describe the wonderful experience of working with Feraline?

Given that this was a fairly hastily-arranged shoot, pre-shoot comms were good, and suggested we had much in creative common. And so it proved on the shoot.

In a couple of great locations chosen by Feraline, she positively crackled with energy and zest, and the pre-shoot comms translated easily into on-shoot dialogue; ideas flowed forth, concepts were discussed and shared, the model/photographer collaboration that I so value was present from the get-go.

Feraline arrived well prepared for the shoot, outfits and styles aplenty, and with each set her adaptability and invention were readily apparent.

Feraline is stunningly beautiful in so many ways; most of all her personality, which has a warmth and genuineness that makes working with her easy and so rewarding. Respect her boundaries, artistic integrity and her talent, and you will find that shooting with Feraline is so very worthwhile.

Recommended without reservation.


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I really enjoyed shooting with Bethy. We made the most of the beautiful countryside near Cheddar. Bethy’s beautiful, lovely and fun to work with. She came prepared with a cool collection of clothes and jewellery. We walked quite a way and the weather wasn’t perfect, but she took it all in her stride.

I’d love to shoot with Bethy again and I’d thoroughly recommend her *****

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Into Darkness

Bethy stepped for a no-show/ghost model and I have no idea why I didn't just think of Bethy first!

Always well prepared (like a scout) and a complete bundle of joy. Always a pleasure, never a chore! I know we've got another few lined up at some point!

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A second shoot with the delightful Feraline. This time at a location of her choosing that had been discussed while preparing our first shoot. We had some fun shooting with materials on the windy hill top which was something that we were both keen do.

It was every bit as enjoyable as our first shoot. Once again Feraline was enthusiastic, hard working and very easy to collaborate with. She is easy going and good company too. She brought along her trusty case and backpack full of outfits; just as well seeing there was a fairly steady flow of passing walkers for much of the shoot.

Very happy to give a second recommendation to the charming Feraline.

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Second shoot with Feraline and while the first one was simply great, this one was even better. It'd been a long time coming but as before, Feraline came fully prepared and selected both locations as well, which while entirely different were a very short distance apart. Feraline is superb to work with - engaging, funny, interesting while getting the poses with minimal effort. Time went all too quickly but I'm looking forward to the next one.

This lady is highly, highly recommended and if you've not arranged a shoot with her, you should do!

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Art Of Eloquence By Deborah Richards

What a wonderful shoot we had! I wanted to do a shoot with Feraline to suit and match with what I see in her beauty and also to make the most of her amazing versatility as a model. This was the first time that we met and the connection between us was one of total authenticity and a genuine trust, this definitely came through in the images during our shoot. Feraline is highly professional, motivated, enthusiastic and perfectly capable of posing without direction, being inventive, theatrical, forward thinking, accommodating and confident. A truly unique and beautiful young lady that shines as a model and a human being. I could quite happily work with Feraline or weeks and not be bored, her creativity flows beautifully and I truly can’t wait to do far more together…. And we will. We have parts two, three, four and more in mind and the results are going to be breathtaking, all credits to Feraline…. anybody that books her will not be disappointed. And I must say, when I first met her I was quite excited when I saw that she looked even more amazing in person, I see great opportunities ahead and plenty of doors opening for Feraline. How wonderful X📷🧚🏻‍♀️❤️X

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Misty Morning Photography

I'd met Feraline first at a social here in Bristol a while back and since then we've made plans for a photo shoot and settled on a great location in Axbridge.

This was our first shoot together and we had a great time, creating some great images, which I really enjoyed the mixture of 2 styles of outfits over 2 locations. I'd give Feraline 5 stars all the way.

There are some images that I'm excited to show off and think I'm going to be really proud of.. looking forward to a 2nd shoot with Feraline again in the future.. I'd highly recommend her to all other photographers.. Thank you for a great shoot!

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I first came across Feraline last year during one of the lock downs when I saw a casting call from her. I made contact as what I read interested me and as a 'local' photographer. Sadly, it took until this year before we managed to get a shoot booked.

Feraline is a lovely communicator and we quickly established through messages and a couple of phone calls that although our portfolio styles are different, we have similar approaches creatively and a shared willingless to communicate and give things a go.

For this shoot we travelled into Wales to an abandoned ruined church and had a a relaxed and productive first shoot.

Bethy is a lovely model with striking looks, a naturally creative side and a wonderfully bright personality. While still fairly early in her modelling journey, she is learning fast, very enthusiastic and keen to gain experience. She has a good collection of interesting props, clothes and accessories and those we both brought (I hope) we used to good affect.

A shoot on location with Feraline is quite simply a joy. As we thought would happen, we found it easy work together, and merge our respective styles and end up with something a bit different for us both.

I have no hesitation recommending Feraline. I am sure if you book her you will have an enjoayble and productive day's shooting.

It is always good to walk away from a shoot, both buzzing about what we have done and talking about what we might do next. Bethy I sincerely hope we will indeed work together again this year.

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I enjoyed my second shoot with Feraline just as much as the first, which is saying quite a lot. She is an exceptionally easy and pleasant model to deal with, and things proceeded at a very relaxed pace, and considerably overran the nominal time, because the taking of images was frequently punctuated with discussions of various aspects of modelling and photography. She also thoroughly understands the importance of props, and has a very good collection of them, partly because she covers a wider range of styles than many of her peers. Thus, she can be highly recommended to all, beginners and professionals alike, and in all respects.

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Another fabulous shoot with Feraline! This time we used the "golden hour", which we'd been promising each other we'd try for a while.

Quite some time later, while trying to take a short-cut, we found ourselves semi-lost in a sea of thick undergrowth as it began to get dark... fortunately nothing fazes Feraline, and she kept her good humour even when I fell on my backside for the nth time! And this, amongst other things, is why I love shooting with her! She approaches everything with great humour and a "can do" attitude, gives every idea 100% effort and won't rest until we've got the shot. Yet again, we finished the shoot buzzing with even more ideas for the next one.

As her growing list of references testify, Feraline is a hard-working, talented and creative soul with striking looks and a delightful personality - a joy to work with and to be with. Highly recommended to all.

Thank you Bethy, and I look forward to our next adventure!

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Toby Lewis

I had my second shoot with Bethy last week. The first one was very good but the second was even better. Another outdoor shoot, we went with a pirate theme which is one of Bethy's favourites and she has a great wardrobe for that theme with lots of props. Bethy is a trooper and very outdoorsy so walking on uncomfortable rocks in bare feet or climbing down cliffs to get to the location were no problem for her. It was blistering hot and the strong sunlight meant during the shoot I was paying more attention to the exposure settings than reviewing the images. So I was extremely pleased when I got home and looked at them, they exceeded my expectations. Thanks again Bethy for another great shoot. Until next time...

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Mark Somerset

A third shoot with the brilliant Feraline, this time in my slightly chaotic garden and outbuildings in Frome, Somerset. Top marks to Feraline who battled horrible traffic to keep the agreed booking and for keeping me updated with her progress. I absolutely recommend Feraline, she is a joy to work with and never short of ideas.

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Into Darkness

Fast becoming a favourite model but definitely one of my favourite people. Braved the cold, the wind, and a hike to get some rather fantastic shots. Always reliable, always brilliant.

Gorgeous sunset things on the way - as soon as I get this role of film developed!

Amazing :D

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Very spontaneously shoot that i arranged, Feralime was Imcredible! Shoot ran smoothly and a joy as the conversation flowed easily, She is a real diamond to shoot with and just be around! all the way though.

Thankyou for getting back to my messages and making the shoot possible at short notice, Can't wait til our paths cross again to do another shoot!😁


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Mark Somerset

A second shoot with the fabulous Feraline - on location in the Mendips, Somerset. Pretty much a collaborative shoot with Feraline selecting the outfits she wished to wear, all of which were wonderful. Themes of power and sensuality in an area of wild beauty - a place that she truly adores. Lots of conversation and cooking up plans for future work and eventual world domination!

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