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I have had both doses of the covid vaccine, and also have self test kits from the NHS and will be testing myself prior to a shoot in order to keep the model, studio owner, and anyone else involved with the shoot as safe as I practicably can. Please respect my attempts to keep you safe by informing me if you have covid symptoms prior to or soon after a shoot so I am able to protect myself, work colleagues, and anyone else I am likely to come into contact with. I will not leave a late cancellation reference if you cancel due to a possible covid infection.


Hello and thanks for dropping in on my profile!

About Me Photography has been my hobby for many years, shooting anything and everything in my younger days, and spending a fortune on getting films developed, usually with mixed results. I started working with models around 16 years ago as and when I had the time, and with my current employment I now have several days each month when I am able to shoot. I like to keep shoots relaxed and fun, with plenty of time for a cuppa and chat about anything and everything.

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Living on the border of Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire I have access to some great locations in the immediate area including a derelict church, woodlands, parks and open spaces, rural villages, river side settings, and of course the urban sprawl of Peterborough. Further afield there's the Norfolk Broadland villages, coastal resorts of Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Suffolk, and London is only and hour away on the train. I also spend quite a bit of time in Great Yarmouth working with a model from that area regularly so if you're in that general area I'd be happy to hear from you.


I'm happy and confident working in a studio, and willing to look at the many studio hire options to suit a specific theme or shoot plan. Studios which I tend to use at the moment are Butterfly Studio in Norwich and Micropop Studio in Lincoln, but willing to look at other options to suit the area in which a model is based and the theme for the shoot.


I have a set of studio flash heads, wireless triggers, modifiers, etc so am now able to arrange shoots at model's own homes, hotel rooms, village halls, etc.

TF I almost always work on a TF basis. This is my hobby so whilst I'd love to be able to pay some of the wonderful models on here I'm simply not in a position to do so. I do occasionally pay models for a shoot but this is usually for a specific idea and I will mostly contact models directly who I believe will fit my idea and will be interested in posing for it, or put up a casting call detailing the shoot and payment.

Images I supply models with a copy of all images kept from a TF shoot, normally within seven days of the shoot via dropbox. If dropbox is not available to the model I can supply the images on a disc or by email but prefer the ease of dropbox. I do not place silly restrictions on how the model uses the images except that they may not be used for financial gain, and ask that I am credited where they are used on social media, portfolio sites, and similar.

Current Plans I have a number of ideas I'd like to explore over the coming months. I don't think there's anything in there that hasn't been done by someone before, but there again, there are very few things that haven't already been shot.

  • Experimental Lighting - Using lasers, smoke, ultra violet and ultra violet reactive body paint, colour gels, and projected images in a blacked out room.
  • Erotica Though History - Making a study of what people saw as erotic in the past; Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, etc.
  • Post Apocalyptic - Think along the lines of Lara Croft, this will be shot on a Suffolk beach with smoke grenades.
  • Duo Girl - Not full on adult poses, but teasing and slightly erotic, mostly lingerie, some topless, and perhaps nude.
  • Paint Fight - Just for the fun of it, a messy two girl topless shoot having a powder paint fight.
  • Horror - I'd like to experiment with horror effects, so willing models who won't mind me turning them into something scarred and bloody while having a laugh are needed for this one.
  • Low Key Nude - With my recent light modifier purchases this is something I'd like to try.
  • Suicide Girls - Not for the SG website, and simply because I'm the only person I know who hasn't shot this theme.
  • Cos Play - For the cos players out there, pretty much anything goes so whatever your theme is I'd like to shoot it.
  • Steam Punk - I'd love to do a steam punk shoot, so those who fit in with this I'd love to hear from you.
  • Beach Shoot - A mix of shorts and top, bikini, topless, and nude. I have a beach in mind for this which is near Lowestoft in Suffolk. The beach is generally quiet but is a 20 minute walk from the parking area.

This list is not exhaustive and I do have other ideas. I'm also happy to hear from models with their own ideas, and work with them to achieve a set of images that we will both be happy with.

www.fenlandphotographic.co.uk                         www.facebook.com/fenlandphotographic

I'm part of the official purple port meet and greet team, alongside almost 200 other members so if you're new to the site, or have been here for a while and not got fully involved, please feel free to message me or any other members of the team with any questions and any of us will be happy to advise or point you in the right direction.



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