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JJ Jordan Photo

What a beautiful and talented person! Fenice is an absolute pleasure to work with, intelligent, creative and inspirational. Thanks to great acting skills, she delivers moods, nuances, and shades of emotions like no one else. We had a relaxed and productive photoshoot as she is fun to work with, but also focused, professional and dedicated to the creative process. 100% highly recommended.

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The Creative Eye Photographers

Fenice came to our on-location shoot in London yesterday and it was a joy to work with her. She came well prepared with different looks ready to go right away. In some windy and cold conditions, she did a fantastic job working with each photographer individually, giving unique poses and looks in each location. She works effortlessly and knew exactly what to do throughout, fantastic model, highly recommended! Thank you, Fenice!

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Today was a good day at studio - I've had the pleasure of collaborating with the incredible Fenice very stylish elegant model has a beautiful aura about her presence in the studio. I did work with Fenice 7 years ago and after 7 years again I hope I don't have to wait 7 years for next shoot I want again and soon... , Yesss she was very natural in front of the camera and feels the emotion of the pose, amazing energy Fenice, poses effortlessly from the word go and got some amazing results. I'd recommend Fenice to any photographer who needs a stylish look. Great art Nude model amazing look Great day at studio Thank you, Fenice you've made very sensitive shoot easy for both of us a much appreciated! Incredible

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Wow. Tonight we had a shoot with Fenice, and it was nothing short of amazing. A true professional, despite the heating not being turned on in the studio, she didn't complain once (although we did try our best to keep her warm!!)

Didn't need any direction, she knew exactly what to do and threw herself into it. I'm more than happy with the shots I got, and would highly recommend her to anyone as an amazing model that you should work with.

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Dark Horse

It was a pleasure to work with Fenice on the 70s Disco shoot. She is an excellent model and wonderful person. I do hope I work with her again soon. Highly recommended.

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Met fenice last week on a 70s disco themed shoot. she is very elegant and an excellent model. More than that though, she seemed to exude a really nice natural serenity (and a sense that she had a lot of patience) which when doing this sort of work is invaluable. recommended!

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Paul Stone Photography

I worked with Fenice on a 70s themed disco shoot. Fenice looked amazing in the outfit she had chosen for the shoot and was a real pleasure to work with. Fenice was fun as well as professional and I really hope that we have a chance to work together again. I would highly recommend working with Fenice.

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Got to work with Fenice on one of Gino Cinganelli group shoots, 70s disco. Fenice is a fantastic dancer and model. Her look fitted well into the 70s era. Highly recommend

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Photographer Gino Cinganelli

Fenice applied for a casting I put out. We were running a 1970's disco shoot.

Pre coms were fine and we had arranged to collect Fenice from the station. She arrived when she said she would. The day went really well and Fenice worked perfectly with our cast and she was a great asset to the shoot, It was my first time working with her and I really hope we work together again she is a lovely girl and a pleasure to have on a shoot.

Thank you for joining us .

100% recommended.

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Worked with Fenice for the first time the other day on a 70's inspired shoot and she was fantastic, her costume was great and she fit in perfectly and is such a lovely person as well with a fab look to her anyway!

I would highly recommend her to work with for both photographers and models and I hope that we get to work with one another again in the future! :D

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Tara HTZ

this girl is so lovely and chilled to work alongside. hope to see her again on another shoot. she is beautiful inside and out. was a pleasure to meet

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Starlight Studios

I worked alongside Fenice on a Seventies themed disco shoot, she was wonderful to work with, looked amazing in her outfit, was professional and a lot of fun.

A real delight to work with and i look forward to doing more shoots with her in the future.

Very highly recommended.

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Fenice was at the 70s Disco shoot. A friendly person , great to work with . Love to work with her again & highly recemend Fenice.

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I worked with Fenice for the first time on a 1970s themed photoshoot. She looked stunning in her outfit and is a great model and dancer alongside being friendly and a team player. Was lovely to meet and work with Fernice and I hope to do so again. Highly recommended.

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Elaine T

Met Fenice on shoot and she was very welcoming for my first ever shoot. Thank you Fenice. Fenice looked fantastic and really looked liked she was enjoying the shoot. I love the colour of your hair Fenice. Hope to see you again.

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Andrew R

Fenice answered a casting call. Her pre shoot was punctual and I felt very confident with her that she would be suitable for the workshop I was running. When we met up she she arrived on time and all ready to shoot.

Fenice was briefed and she was the perfect model. She was enthusiastic, very easy to work with and helpful. She worked with a group of photographers who commented to me how good she was and a pleasure to work with. She needed no direction and the evening was a success with the group getting some great photos.

I look forward to working with Fenice again. Thank you Fenice.

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Had a fabulous shoot with Fenice. She's a natural in front of the camera, and her vast experience shows - from the great communications, to the clothing and shoes she brought to the shoot. She was able to do her make up to a professional standard, has endless energy and enthusiasm. She's great at posing, and can be very creative at posing . Would love to work with her again .

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House of Fortitude

A natural, unique and mesmerizing beauty. Genuinely interesting and intelligent. Engaging. Open and willing to embrace ideas that may be a little uncomfortable, difficult or out of the ordinary. Funny. A pleasure to engage and chat with. Very reliable and uncomplicated. I couldn't recommend Fenice more highly.

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neil barrie photography

Had my first shoot with Fenice yesterday. She was highly skilled, professional and very accommodating to direction. Would definitely work with her again.

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I only had a brief shoot with the lovely Fenice but was very impressed with her professional modeling skills. She was very polite, friendly and easy to talk to and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!

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