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Fegs-Media has 2 references; 2 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Fegs is an amazingly talented photographer whom I have worked with him a few times and have booked more shoots.

We have very similar ethics and ideas and he is so easy and pleasant to work with.

I can highly recommend him.

Check out some of my images on his portfolio.

Suzy Star

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Had a shoot with Fegs the other day. Such an easy going cool guy with lots of patience and a really laid back attitude. Well mannered in our pre shoot communications and during. He is a very artistic photographer and appreciates good images. Is keen to take on different concepts and knows instinctively what will wprl/ He is very relaxed which in turn made me relaxed. Has a great sense of humour and I can t wait for our next shoot. Would I recommend Fegs. For sure I would he will go far. Thanks so much for the amazing images we produced. We make a great team xxx Francesca

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