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Farah Sardar has 4 references; 4 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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James McKenzie London Photographer

Farah, is a lovely lady to work with. We had a great photoshoot in central London, she is very professional and great to shoot with. We had a laugh and I look forward to working with Farah again.. Thank you..

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Susan Smith Photography

The shoot with Farah was absolutely lovely.

She's a very kind woman radiating with positive energy. We had a lot of fun and a really nice chat!

The communication before the shoot was clear and straightforward. She showed up well prepared and punctual.

I would definately recommend working with her!

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Farah and I had a great TfP shoot in park and street locations. She was early and well prepared, and patiently put up with lighting faff in chilly conditions, and had great input about poses. We got some fine portrait shots. I would definitely recommend working with Farah.

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Farah and me had a lovely shoot in Regent's Park last week. The communication was perfect, (before, during and after the shoot), and she was very punctual.

Farah is a very nice and friendly person and it was a pleasure working with her. Farah poses very well and she is really expressive as she is an actress.

I absolutely recommend her.

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