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John Gleeson

I was very lucky indeed to get some hours on Falcieri Designs visit down South this week, I had wanted to work with her for a while but thought it would be a long time before she come down this way. However unbeknown to me She is down this way fairly regularly so to my delight I managed to get to see her incredible work today. Claudia is very professional and had an almost psychic ability to interpret my school boy explanations into beautiful creations exactly what I wanted. She is unmistakably very skilled and brilliant at what she does.

As well as all this she is absolutely brilliant to have on a shoot and is fully involved, helping, adjusting and advising, it's obvious she loves her work and is wonderfully enthusiastic and creative.

As if all that wasn't enough she is a downright lovely person an absolute joy to be around and looked after Sophia West who was the model brilliantly even providing a coat to keep her warm between shots. I genuinely cannot recommend this lovely, talented Lady enough and can't wait to work with her again, a true creative! Highly, highly recommend!!!! :) Thank You !

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Sophia West

I was blown away when I got to meet and work with Claudia recently.

From the start Claudia is full of energy and such a happy, bubbly person. I knew straight away that I could work alongside her easily.

Claudia's designs are absolutely beautiful. All so different which great quality fabrics.

She is so creative and was on hand throughout the shoot. She was involved with positions, getting the best look out of the dresses and also with helping me keep warm!

Such a lovely day and I would love to work with Falcieri Designs again!

Highly recommended!!!

And thank you for making me feel special x

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What a lovely lady with an amazing personality. 200% working with her again! We got on great. She was professional, organised and super punctual.

I loved wearing her super sexy dresses and it definitely brought out the inner beyonce in me, that we all have!


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Andy Park

Had the great pleasure of working with Claudia on a recent shoot. It isn't often I get to work with designers and stylists on my shoots and I was really flattered that Claudia accepted the invitation. She liaised with the model and myself before the shoot making sure that she was able to prepare suitable sizes for teh model. Her work is of very high standard and was a treat to work on bespoke garments that you don't see every day. The items picked out for the model were well suited and the shoot was a great success. Claudia also assisted during the shoot and offered her input throughout. She also spotted things I didn't notice like labels etc and adjusted when needed. She came well prepared and on time offering a wide selection of clothes that she personally tailored. Very easy to get on with.

Thank you Claudia. Highly recommended.

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Amy Coco

I really enjoyed working with Claudia. The shoot ran smoothly, precommunications were great and the finished images turned out fantastic.

Claudia has a lovely personality and made the shoot fun and enjoyable. The outfits she provided were of very high quality, fashionable and suited me well.

I'd definitely work with Claudia again and would recommend her to other models and photographers.

Thanks Claudia!


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Lovely woman, really amazing designs, I am so glad I booked her, The designs fitted like a glove and were immaculately presented.

If you need a professional clothes artist just book this one.

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Abigail Jasmine

I had the great pleasure of working with Claudia last Saturday! She is a really great lady with a great personality and we had great conversation all throughout the shoot with all the other members of the team.

All her designs that I shot in throughout the shoot were absolutely stunning and fitted perfectly ! She also brought a large variety of designs, heels and accessories which were all gorgeous and had a large variety to choose from.

I can easily say that she is a very talented clothes designer and stylist!

I would deffinetly would work with Claudia again and I would recommend her to absolutely anyone ! Five Stars!

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I had the pleasure of working with Claudia last week! Amazing designs! The team made me feel welcome throughout the shoot. I really enjoyed shooting her designs, each garment felt, and looked amazing! Hopefully I am lucky enough to shoot again with Claudia in the near future! Highly recommend!!

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Kira Krueger

I had the pleasure of working with the lovely Claudia a few days ago. What fantastic outfits and accessories she brought along. I especially loved her feather collar. Thank you for bringing such unique items to make the shoot different to my usual styling. Highly recommended.

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Rhian Taylor Makeup and Design

I worked with Claudia for the first time last week and had such an amazing shoot, she was professional, had great attention to detail, the sets looked amazing and her dresses were absolutely gorgeous! The contact before the shoot was very good, ideas were shared and I was kept up to date with how she wanted the shoot to go and what direction she wanted the makeup to go in. The shoot went very well with extra ideas shared and thrown in along the way, I highly recommend working Claudia, her dresses are to die for and she is constantly thinking about all the different aspects within the shoot to pull it all together to create amazing looks. I look forward to working with her again :)

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Bo Charika

First time working with Claudia after being a fan of her design and sense of style. She is well-organised, professional, and fun to work with. Really enjoy shooting in her designs which contain different interesting materials and styles. If you are looking for classy and dedicating stylist/designer for photo shoots or any occasions, Claudia and her creations will not let you down :) Highly recommend. Bo

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I worked for the first time with Claudia yesterday, and must say that her own clothing is absolutely stunning, with such beautiful craftsmanship. Not only is her work amazing, but I noticed that Claudia was also full of ideas to create some really unique and interesting shots. I'm certainly looking forward to working with Claudia again.

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p e t e r m a r k

This is not the first time Claudia and I have worked together. It has taken a wee while to get things in place again and well worth the preparation.

Claudia has tons of energy and ideas, her designs and styling are jolly spiffing, to say the least. I think we started planning 4 or 5 future shoots, which will be awesome.

If you need a designer and/or stylist - who ya gonna call, Claudia :)

Thanks for another great shoot.

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Met Claudia for the first time at the group photoshoot organised by John Gannon at a private residence in Cheshire. She is a lovely lady, fun, interesting, clearly talented and extremely creative.The range of clothes and materials she brought were essential to the success of the entire shoot and were simply fantastic. I cannot recommend Claudia highly enough. Would love to work with her again. She makes such a difference.

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Owen Lloyd

Claudia provided all of the costume, and styling at an all day fashion shoot organised by John Gannon that I shot at. With 4 models, and a series of costume and style changes throughout the day. The costume and outfits Claudia provided on the shoot were fantastic, some extraordinary and elegant creations, covering a wide range of styles. She is very passionate about her craft, very engaging, enthusiastic and energetic on set - and if you need to inject some style into your images - Claudia is the real deal :)

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Richard Maxim

The fourth time I have worked with Claudia. She brings so much to a shoot. Not only original designs and great ideas but loads of enthusiasm too. A great team member. If you have never worked with a stylist/designer then you are really missing a great opportunity to expand your portfolio. I cannot recommend Claudia too highly - book her - you will be amazed and you will certainly not regret it.

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This was my second shoot with Claudia - 2 models over 4 days was going to be a challenge for anyone involved, but Claudia has been outstanding throughout. Her planning, communication, attention to detail, punctuality, enthusiasm (I could go on and on) are outstanding. I'm delighted to have been fortunate to work with her again and would be very keen to do so in the future. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you for all your help - I really couldn't have done it without you.

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Graham Binns

Claudia and I worked together recently on a test / portfolio shoot for a local agency.

Not only is her portfolio extremely impressive, but she's organised, on-the-ball, briliantly creative and exactly the kind of stylist that I want to have on set. The pieces that she brought were wonderful, she knew exactly how the looks would go best together.

On a personal level, Claudia is cheerful, witty, and energetic. I love working with people who know their job but also want to enjoy what they're doing. Claudia clearly loves what she does, and it shone through in the way she interacted with the team.

I can't wait to work with Claudia again; she's a phenomenal talent and working with her made me raise my game, which is never a bad thing.

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Richard Maxim

My third shoot with the lovely Claudia. She brought along yet more new, beautiful and original outfits and lots of ideas as well. A great team member always ready to lend a hand and also ready to model for the lighting set-ups! Great pre shoot communication. Highly recommended. Not long to our next shoot!

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Sian Ashleigh

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING TO WORK WITH. Really knows her design :)

Claudia conversed with me for about a month before hand quite a lot to make sure we both knew what i wanted. She even liased with the model herself about underwear/suitable footwear. She bought a very diverse, yet still fitting to the brief, wardrobe and collection of clothing to the shoot. We only ended up using one actual outfit on the day and the rest of the outfits were made/designed and pinned to the model by claudia right on set for a unique look! I would definitely work with her again :)

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