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Alenka C

We had very cool and unusual shoot yesterday with Marcin! I have always wanted to try to shoot art nude in nature and Marcin being experienced with those kinds of shoots gave me the opportunity to explore this dimension :) I was in love with his images long time before we arranged a shoot.

He is super responsive, always fast with replies and oh my dear, he is so reliable! He assisted me with everything I needed to know, answered all my questions, suggested few ideas for our shoot and even picked me up on the train station near Milton Keynes.

I felt so welcome and comfortable in his company, he felt like an old good friend to me from the first second. I am so happy I have met him and I hope we can arrange many many shoots in the future together.

With this kind of shoot he examined my skills and we both had fun (I was climbing a tree), we had also a little walk in the beautiful woods nearby. He is chatty and easy going.

I definitely recommend this photographer! :-) Thank you Marcin.

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Sylwia G

I had amazing shoot with Marcin!

He got incredible good eye to spot nice locations. Marcin is able to make you look stunning on the photographs. Our shoot is one of my favorites!

As a nude art photographer is very professional and easy to work with. On the day of our shoot was quite cold and he make sure I stay warm and feel comfortable. I do really like how artistic his photographs look like and I'm going to hang some of his pictures on my wall.

Im looking for our next shoot to create some beautiful images!

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Tiny Maria

this is my first outdoor shooting and tom is super gentle and knows how to lead me, also has many amazing ideas. I highly recommend tom if you wanna get some beautiful photos in nature. and I'm looking forward to our second shooting!

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Amethyst .

I feel so privileged to have met Marcin, have long chats, hear his fascinating story of how he got to where he is today and to capture authentically beautiful photographs.

Marcin is a stunning genuine, humble, very kind, especially caring man. Thank you for being so sweet, attentive for keeping me as warm, healthy, and happy as humanly possible.

His multitude of skills and talent aside, Marcin is zealous with passion, life, and joy, with an exceptional mind bearing a deep artistic vision. I feel Marcins varied life in the arts have amalgamated gorgeously and in a perfect form for a profound expertise of the camera, up to the end results of the photographs.

Thank you for all that you taught me, i want to learn some more!!

10000s recommendation. Thank you Marcin, hope to see you again.

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Had my first shoot with Marcin and it will definitely not be the last! It was a really fun easy going shoot, I felt super comfortable and boy did we get some amazing shots! Such a talented artist cannot wait to work with him again.

Highly recommended!:)

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Xanna Mai

Marcin was one of my first experiences with a photographer. He is one of the kindest, easiest people to get along with and immediately made me feel comfortable and relaxed.

He's intelligent, inspiring and so creative and passionate. I am taken aback by his talent and the photos he produced of me blew my mind as I'd never really seen myself that way before!

I cannot wait to work with you again Marcin and would urge anybody else to do the same :)

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Sofia A

I had a great shoot with Marcin!

We worked together on an artistic nude outdoors. He is nice, attentive and helpful. He drove me a couple of hours to the location, and packed hot drinks to keep me warm.

Very good at giving directions or even imitating some poses, with good and clear ideas of the imagines he wants. Friendly and with good conversation that made the shoot more fun.

The only downside was waiting for the photos (4weeks ish), but again, totally worth it!! Just gotta keep it in mind and be patient, I'm thrilled with the final imagines. I am sure you will be too, totally recommended!

Thank you Marcin!

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Irida S

Marcin and I have been trying to organize a shoot for a few months now and yesterday finally got to shoot with Marcin !

A very talented, professional, easy to work with photographer. The photos on the back of the camera looked amazing!

Marcin is very hard working and we’ll always look for new angles and nice location spots .

Very highly recommended and hope to work together again in the future:)

Many thanks


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Elena Cojoianu

Hi Guys.

I am happy to say that I had the opportunity to work with Marcin. I was surprised by how friendly he can be. Extremely easy to talk with and also really fun company.

But I think the best are his photographer skills !!

We’ve got some amazing images and I will definitely work with him again!

So, I really hope that this reference also help you too!

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Olga halik

With Marcin,together we had a Marvelous shoot and despite the weather not working in our favour, Marcin was very professional and friendly and his talent was shown by some stunning photos even in the adverse conditions. We both agreed on Moon boards which I always find helpful being a very visual person. I highly recommend him as a photographer

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Met Marcin this weekend and despite the weather not working in our favour, Marcin was incredibly professional and friendly and his talent was shown by some stunning photos even in the adverse conditions. His pre coms were excellent. He showed me mood boards of what he wanted to achieve which I always find helpful being a very visual person. I highly recommend him as a photographer and hope to work with him again in the spring :)

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Darcey H said...

Had a lovely fashion shoot with Marcin. He’s great to work with and very friendly. Also a great photographer given that this was his first time doing a fashion shoot. Highly recommend:)

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A Scorpion Residence

I've known Marcin for a few years now, after initially meeting when I booked his beautiful wife Joanna for a shoot.

However, it was great to finally be able to welcome Marcin into my studio spaces for his first shoot here. We actually get on pretty well, so all comms leading up to the shoot were a breeze and we had a good chat before and after the shoot with plans about collaborating on shoots this summer.

His style of photography is very different to my own but I like it just as much.

I will be interested to see what he managed to capture here and is most definitely welcome to return – Lee :-)

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Rachel Rose

Today Marcin and myself worked together for the first time. We shot at my home. Marcin was friendly, had plenty of ideas, and knew what to do to get the perfect shot! The time flew by and we probably could have shot for a few more hours! Just means we’ll have to work together again 🙂

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Marcin approached me with the idea of creating some nude art at a location. He was fantastic with communication and knew exactly where he wanted to shoot. He was fantastic with his directions (i had to find a specific carpark in the middle of a huge walking trail) and I found him with absolute ease!

Once arriving he immediately made me feel comfortable. He has a lovely friendly manner and is a delight to talk to. As we walked down to where we were to shoot we had a lovely talk and shared a few laughs.

When shooting, Marcin is incredibly professional and knows exactly how to create beautiful images. He is Extremly specific with his directions and therefore creates images that are flawless.

An absolute delight to work with and I would definitely work with him again in the future.

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Marcin is a great photographer. We shoot a few set couple of months ago. Really happy with the final results.

Communication before the shoot was really good and he has a great timing with responding back to messages

Definitely shoot again sometime soon.

I highly recommend him

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Xanthe rose

I had the most wonderful shoot with Marcin!

Marcin booked me in for a home shoot which I was excited about as I’ve been following him on Instagram for a while.

Communication was fabulous and he arrived perfectly on time!

Marcin has a creative eye and he really takes pride in his work. He knew exactly what he wanted which I loved. I can honestly say I learnt so much from our shoot. I’ve always been complimented on my posing, but Marcin directed me impeccably and showed me even more ways to make an image spot on!

I just knew we were getting some fabulous shots!

After our shoot communication again was SPOT ON and he had a lot of time and respect for my opinions which i found very refreshing.

I can honestly say I’m so happy with all of our images and I’m really looking forward to working with Marcin hopefully before the year is over.

110% recommended.

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Didi Delaroux

I am very happy with the shoot I had with Marcin. He is really friendly, easy to talk to and he never makes you feel uncomfortable.

he has a keen eye for details and knows exactly how to get beautiful images.

Thoroughly recommended. :)

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I had my first shoot with Marcin few months ago, and it was one of the most productive and great shoots I've done. Marcin is very strict and has very high standards. I have never worked so hard on the shoot...he's great in giving directions, he knows how to direct to achieve the best poses and is one of the few photographers that gives constructive feedback. I learned a lot during the collaboration and will be very happy to work with Marcin again :).

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Anna Wachowicz

Had a great first shoot with Marcin! As soon as he arrived we sat down and had a chat about the look I was going for.

He's talented photographer and friendly person.

Marcin gave me some directions with my poses which was very helpful!

He's a very positive guy who strives to get the best shot for you! I can't wait to shoot with him again!

Highly recommended.

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