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I had the pleasure of shooting with Evelyn in Toronto last week. She is easy to work with and has an ability to convincingly portray a wide range of moods and concepts with her facial expressions and great posing.

Highly recommended! I would love to shoot again next time you make it back.

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Ben L.

Another wonderful shoot with Evelyn. She's easy-going, focused, and and requires little to no direction. So many of the images that come out are nearly perfect (see my portfolio). All in all, a great shoot. Highly recommended.

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Second Glance

I was thrilled to be able to book a shoot with Evelyn during her European tour. Evelyn is a gorgeous model who is able, seemingly effortlessly, to create one beautiful pose after another :)

Evelyn is a joy to work with and the combination of her creative talent and stunning figure means that you are guaranteed wonderful images

Our time together went all too fast and I am looking forward to Evelyn touring the UK again - she is absolutely a model that I would love to work with over and over again

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Toby Blench

Evelyn is very easy to work with, very chill and willing to try out ideas. Her pre-shoot communications were very good and she was bang on time. You can't ask for more than that and I enjoyed working with her a lot.

Definitely recommend her to anyone.

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I had never shot the perfect model before. Every photographer should at least once in their life. Adjectives would not do her justice, flawless might be appropriate although slightly understated. I should add that she is reliable and professional, great company and fun. I could not recommend her enough.

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Stephan Laurens Hightown Photography

I had a great morning shoot with Evelyn in the sand dunes. She is a great model, professional and easy to work with and knows what she is doing.

I would definitely work with her again when she visits The Netherlands again.

highly recommend!!

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I had an 8 hour shoot with Evelyn today outdoors. The temperature went to more than 30 degrees Celsius, and that is hot in The Netherlands. We had some breaks, we both needed, to drink and cool off. Nevertheless we did some great shooting with very beautiful results. Thanks to Evelyn, not only beautiful but also a great model. I certainly want to shoot her again, when she is in the neighbourhood. I only hope, she wants me to be her photographer again.

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Met wonderful Evelyn yesterday for a cooperation in my studio here in Stockholm. A model very down to earth, nice to chat with, easygoing, with a creative mind and highly professional in her acting. She easily adopted the ideas for the shoot, and she really delivered the poses I aimed to catch and much more than that in never ending creative poses.

It´s a pity Stockholm is not on the main road for travelling models, but I really hope for the chance to work with Evelyn again.

I certainly can give her my very best recommendations.

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Mike Rhys

I had the pleasure to work with Evelyn during her recent stay in Hamburg.

She stayed together with her friend Penny in my studio, and I took the chance to shoot both of them as a combination of solo and duo shoot.

I can highly recommend Evelyn. She is very easy to work with, open for ideas and develops the photographer's input further.

We created some fantastic images together, and I would love to work with her again in the future.

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Had the pleasure to shoot with Evelyn today. Very relaxed and easy to work with it was an absolute pleasure to shoot with Evelyn.

Pre communications were good, professional in approach, with great posing and with minimal direction she is a natural in front of the camera.

would highly recommend Evelyn and look forward to her return to Switzerland.

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I've hosted Evelyn and her friend and had several shoots with both of them. It was amazing! Evelyn is super friendly, sincere, professional, gorgeous and fun to work with! My wife and I enjoyed the company and the shots we made are just great! Thanks!

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Victor Gomez

Evelyn is a wonderful model to work with. She is very professional and able to pose several looks easily and with minimal direction. I highly recommend working with her if you have the chance to book her.

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Have booked Evelyn for one of my studio days in London, and she was excellent. Great posing skills, beautiful and relaxed, professional attitude, a lovely person and a great model to work with.

I would really love to book her again soon. Highly recommended!

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Ben L.

Evelyn is a wonderful model. I had a great shoot with her in London in May. Super-professional, patient, despite having a cold! Very little explanation of feedback needed--she responds to directions really well and time just flies. Got some really great images out of this shot. Also, very good pre-comms. Recommended!

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ilus photography

Today i had a fantastic shoot with Evelyn at a studio day she was modelling in. Despite feeling a bit under the weather she was friendly, professional and created some amazing images. As you can see from her port she is dazzlingly beautiful and she really understood light and her angles as her poses were fantastic.

Very much enjoyed our shoot and would love to book her again for a longer shoot in the future when she is back in London. Thank you Evelyn

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Roy M

Just attended a studio day with Evelyn as the model. Despite not feeling too well Evelyn carried on like a trooper, very professional.

She easily moves from one pose to the next with very little direction and makes the shoot a pleasure and I got some great images.

Hope to work with Evelyn again in the future.

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Terry Slater

I had a fantastic shoot with the lovely Evelyn at my London studio. Communications were perfect and she turned up exactly on time. So what else can I say about this fantastic model... She is very intuitive and got exactly what I was trying to create. Beautiful and personable I would shoot again with her at the drop of a hat.

I recommend her wholeheartedly and without reservation. If you don't get the chance to work with her on this tour, then I recommend that you book with her on the next one. I will.

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Evelyn is a wonderfully feminine and romantic model. Pre shoot comms were great, She was on time and we managed to have a little chat in spite of my many tech gremlins on the day.

She is calm, a great poser and a great conversationalist.

Can only recommend.

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Heathside Photography

Great shoot with Evelyn today. She arrived in good time, was easy to work with and very natural in front of the camera. Highly recommended.

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Darryl J Dennis

What an absolute joy it was to work with Evelyn!

A total pro who knows just how to bring out the best of any lighting setup. It's no joke to say that each set we did was nailed within the first couple of images thanks to her skill.

Here's hoping she'll space to shoot with me the next time she's in the UK, as her reputation (and demand) here will surely skyrocket after this tour.

Book Evelyn now!

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