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Aerialist urbex

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Aerialist urbex

Added 1524334083 by Em Theresa.

Catalina LoveCatalina Love said, 1536420558


mikebeemikebee said, 1536159916

Wow wee...!!

piotr batogpiotr batog said, 1536155037


John Adrian StudiosJohn Adrian Studios said, 1536152174


KerrKerr said, 1536151972

Blimey !

trebor imagestrebor images said, 1536125872

Superb !

Paul Mc RopePaul Mc Rope said, 1536110079

Great image and spectacular pose

TogFraTogFra said, 1536103834

Wow! Amazing work from both.

WayneSWayneS said, 1536099916

Nice one...had to be a slice of pie :)

photorunnerphotorunner said, 1535412833


madcapaw1madcapaw1 said, 1535374298

One strong lady

wongawonga said, 1531463275


RachyyRachyy said, 1529321814

Totally stunning! What strength!

Amazilia PhotographyAmazilia Photography said, 1528964722

A stunning pose and a very creative image - can't believe it hasn't already been suggested...well it has now!

LithoStoneLithoStone said, 1526940278

Amazing concept that is very well done.

JohnGJohnG said, 1526856249


PrescotPhotoPrescotPhoto said, 1525877284

this is awesome, great work both of you

catchlight45catchlight45 said, 1525472694

Show stopping image ..... incredible defo suggested

Pippa DollPippa Doll said, 1525203726

You are just amazing!!

Roswell IvoryRoswell Ivory said, 1525120083

WTF, LADY???!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!

RingoRingo said, 1524902895

Absolutely wonderful

Simon CarterSimon Carter said, 1524865403


Studio f/11Studio f/11 said, 1524841489

That's new!

WavepowerWavepower said, 1524615428

In awe!

johnyboyjohnyboy said, 1524481418


FrancescFrancesc said, 1524475573


ArtstummArtstumm said, 1524463249

Fabulous ....!

Simes HimselfSimes Himself said, 1524410312

OMG!!! What a shot!! :)

BenGunnBenGunn said, 1524339234


OldgrowthOldgrowth said, 1524339041

Excellent idea and execution....!!!

Mike LyneMike Lyne said, 1524338392

Wow! I know i’m not the first to say it so Wow Wow Wow!

PhotofreneticPhotofrenetic said, 1524337509

Awesome pose!

Orson CarterOrson Carter said, 1524336586

Bl**dy 'ell!!!

andrew james 71andrew james 71 said, 1524335808

Wow. Spiderwoman lives

Damien JDamien J said, 1524335186


Boo photosBoo photos said, 1524334870

just so good , suggested

GarethGrGarethGr said, 1524334490

This shot is just so amazing!