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I had a great shoot with Emma at a hotel location, she was prepared and ready to shoot when i arrived, Em is such a beautiful, friendly, chatty, lass an incredible model.

Was such a pleasure to work with her we did several themes, got some cracking images.

Look forward to working with Emma again, great model, very recommended, thanks Emma 🙂

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Emma is Ace!

She is beautiful, very accomplished,high professional, a first class model.

I have worked with Emma many times. She always delivers the look and poses you want.

Emma is one of the very best models in the UK.


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I was looking forward to the shoot with Emma yesterday at On Film Photography Studio and with good reason she is the ultimate Babe.

Emma came with a great choice of clothing and as always put so much effort into the shoot. I have shot with Emma many times over some years now and each time we shoot together we pull something new out the bag.

I look forward to the next shoot with her and recommend Emma fully as models do not get any better.


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On Film Photography Studio

We had Emma over for a model day on Saturday & wow!

Having met & worked with Emma in the past, we are always delighted to have her back at the studio. As well as being amazed by how talented & professional she is.

She is an all-round great model & lovely person. We couldn't recommend her more!

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I have styled a shoot previously with Emma Kate Dawson and that wet my appetite to shoot with her on my own project. I now have and am now planning for the next! She is a modelling, art, creative, image creating machine!!!! There are some very rare people in this industry and WOW! EKD is one of them ! Would I recommend EKD ????? Is the Pope ???? And Do Bears?????? PERFECTION!!!!!

Many thanks Pet and see you soon.

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Steve Mitchell

This was a one to one shoot with Emma at Worksop Photographic Studio. We have tended to shoot annually since 2013 when I first met her at a WPS Group Shoot. An outstanding model with a great personality. A real natural in front of the camera. Full of personality which comes across in her work. Highly recommended.

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Britains Best Bums

Worked with EKD early in her career and its no surprise the success she has had, excellent professional model with amazing figure, highly recommended.

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I had seen Emma's work on Purpleport and when I had the chance to participate in a Group Shoot with Emma at Loud and Flashy I grabbed at the chance.

Emma arrived with selection of outfits and ready to shoot. Emma actively engaged with the group and came up with the concept for my favourite set of the shoot.

Emma was a pleasure to work with.

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I finally got around to arranging shoot number six with this terrific girl and WOW! she was well worth the wait.

Emma arrived on time with a case full of clothing. She was exactly as l remembered, a total professional producing look after look and responding well to any direction. We had a bright, cheery shoot full of laughs and chatting and the time just flew by.

I totally recommend this wonderful girl to anyone. Booking Emma for your next shoot means that you are booking total quality which will be reflected in your pics.

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Managed to grab a last minute shoot with EKD, as she was on a local tour of my area, before heading back up north.

Excellent pre-comms, We tried a few new poses I had never done before, came out great.

It has to be said, EKD is a natural in front of the camera, willing to try everything you ask her to do, and always succeeds.Time just flew by.Hope to do another shoot in future with her, and she comes highly recommended.

Also her accent is to die for ! Thanks EKD.

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I had a wonderful shoot today with lovely Emma it was fun and very productive. Emma is the Top's and you just cannot go wrong with her looks and ability to model. We covered so much in the time everything from Glamour to Art Nude to various styles of Fashion it was just great.

I recommend Emma fully.

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Altimage photo

Had my first shoot with the beautiful Emma, Emma is fun, smart, pleasant ,stunning, punctual,and Emma

will get you the images you want, she comes highly recommended from me and i would love to shot Emma again, all the references on here are true.

Thank you Miss Emma Kate Dawson EKD for a lovely few hours at Harbour studios.


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Richard Hanley

Shot with Emma for the first time today and was very impressed. She really sets the standard for how professional models should be, punctual, great poses, great attitude, well prepared, chatty and so easy to get on with. It was a real pleasure and I will definitely be working with her again, thanks Emma!

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Met Emma whilst on a glamour holiday in Portugal and found her to be a great girl, witty, charming and chatty, puts the photographer at ease from the start. She is very professional, I got some great poses in various locations and I would highly recommend her to all photographers.

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Miss Lopez

What can i say about emma ... She is one of the most professional models i have ever work with.

As a person Miss Dawson is a great laugh , amazing personality and a very kind person. I had a blast in algarve so i hope to have another chance to meet her again.

I highly recommend her to every photographer and model


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What can you say about that has not been said many times before.

"Book the best you get the best"

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Dark Scribe

Had a shoot with Emma yesterday at Loud and Flashy studio, and I can only reiterate all the positive references on here - Emma got involved in the shoot, making suggestions and posing flawlessly. She worked hard to get some great shots, and I'm over the moon with the results!

Look forward to working together again :-)

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This was my second group shoot with Emma a very nice lass and again loads of good images with this lady - hopefully try to arrange a 1-1 shoot sometime - thanks Emma - very highly recommended ! Regards Jared (the big lad)

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Had a great shoot with Emma at a group shoot today. Emma is very witty and has a great sense of humour. She poses effortlessly and needs no direction at all. The day flew by so fast! Thank you Emma, it was a real treat to shoot with you today. Regards..David..the gobby one!

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Finally managed to shoot with Emma again after a very long time. I had the pleasure of her company for two hours on a model day at Coco Studios. Emma is great company, chatty, funny, has a truly superb figure and a lovely face.. She is able to work easily with or without any directions. A truly lovely person who I hope to work with again sooner rather than later.

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