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I had a really good shoot with emily, pre coms was excellent, she went to a lot of effort to make everything run smoothly even though there was 6 or 7 models there, I had a wicked time, can’t wait to see all the pics. I would definitely recommend a shoot with emily, MUA was also brilliant, very friendly and worked really hard, make-up on point 🙏🏼 Thanks ladies

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Grace A

I had my first shoot with Emily today and I really enjoyed it. She had made an effort to prepare a lovely location which matched the theme and provided me with a moodboard before the shoot, which I found very helpful. Despite my lack of experience, she made me feel very comfortable and encouraged me throughout. Emily also offered me refreshments and made sure that I was warm enough - which I really appreciated.

The images thus-far are looking incredible. Would 100% recommend!

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Fleur Louise Hunt

Had my first shoot with Emily yesterday and absolutely loved it! She was able to provide an amazing location for us to shoot at and was well organsied before, discussing theme/style/clothing. Emily is so lovely and down to earth that I was so comfortable working with her and loved her ideas and direction she gave! I have been sent edited images back on the same day of the shoot!

Can't wait to work together again! By far my most favourite shoot so far! Would definitly recommend!

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Amanda Salas Gonzalez said...

I worked with Emily for the first time this week and i could not have been more amazed at how much fun she was to work with. She was very creative and knew exactly what she wanted to capture and how to achieve it. By far the best shoot i have been involved in to date. Emily was fun, professional, punctual, honest but most importantly she knows how to take incredible photographs. Emily is a very talented photographer. I really hope i get a chance to work with her again in the future.. I highly recommend!!... Amanda Salas Gonzalez

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Paige Furnell

I worked with Emily today to create some fantastic shots! Emily knows exactly what she wants her outcome of a shoot to be and is willing to take on your opinions and ideas too. She makes you feel comfortable and takes a matter of hours to show you a few sneak peaks of the shoot you attended! Highly recommended talented girl!

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Carmel Yasmin

I recently worked with Emily for the 1st time and it was a great shoot! Emily is very professional, friendly and easy to get along with. Gives great direction when needed and likes to make sure all involved have the shots they are trying to achieve. I would definatly recommend Emily to any and all models. You could'nt go wrong Xx

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Annie Daniel MUA

I have worked with Emily on many occasions and she is amazing at what she does !!

Very professional and very creative so if you have any ideas do get in touch with her you will not be disappointed


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I met Emily for the first time ( hopefully, not the last one ) in Grinch themed photo shoot .

This photographer is very young but well experienced! ( Look at her portfolio! )

It was a piece of cake to work with her :)

she created a happy atmosphere in the photo shoot so everyone enjoyed it to the max :)

Thank You for a nice opportunity to be a part of the great project! x

Sending a big hug for You xx

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