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She will be waiting.....

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She will be waiting..... / Photography by Simone Orsini, Model Jezebelle, Post processing by Simone Orsini / Uploaded 12th June 2017 @ 06:50 AM

Added 1497246623 by Jezebelle.

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TerenceD   (LSISLP)TerenceD (LSISLP) said, 1499847597

How this has not gone to FPI I don't know. Stunning ticks all the right boxes.

Leigh ReesLeigh Rees said, 1498748483

This is glorious! Love everything about it.

SandroSandro said, 1497290906


Fabio GomesFabio Gomes said, 1497271031


Adrian GuestAdrian Guest said, 1497261833

Simply beautiful, excellent work both.

pipcpipc said, 1497259523

Beautiful, love the composition

Drew PaulDrew Paul said, 1497252805


angusaangusa said, 1497252206


mused renaissancemused renaissance said, 1497250940


Paul6Paul6 said, 1497250743


Z 00MYZ 00MY said, 1497250460


RMFRMF said, 1497249062

Love the use of the leading lines to draw in

Jon DownsJon Downs said, 1497248922

oh yes

LoneShadowLoneShadow said, 1497248779

Outstanding image, just WOW!

Merlin LRPSMerlin LRPS said, 1497247735

Wow......great leading lines, very stylish image

StretchyStretchy said, 1497246914

Ohhhhh fabulouso:) :)