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Would you say yes?

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Would you say yes?

Added 1494053426 by Jezebelle.

Joseph Dunning Photography 1Joseph Dunning Photography 1 said, 1501547454

Beautiful, I love this pose.

Alan EwartAlan Ewart said, 1498398980

Wonderful work

BentleysladeBentleyslade said, 1496654958

Stunning image

RobLRobL said, 1494140125

Absolutely, just a little milk and two sugars please. Something to drink while I admire the image.

Andy59Andy59 said, 1494083684

Would I say yes? That would depend entirely on the conversation beforehand.

Fabio GomesFabio Gomes said, 1494069545

Yes! Yes! Yes!

GTGT said, 1494067837

Lovely image- great work guys

mused renaissancemused renaissance said, 1494067614

yes oui si ja please svp prego bitte :)

ArashArash said, 1494062169

Beautiful physique and great lighting

Jon DownsJon Downs said, 1494058516


 mr hair mr hair said, 1494057378


skycladpixieskycladpixie said, 1494057142

Super. Love the light too.

photorunnerphotorunner said, 1494056423

Superb - really loving this, Jezebelle - gorgeous as ever and Mr French - lovely piece of photography.

DRDDRD said, 1494055375

Wow,Jezebelle, you're incredible!

MoverMover said, 1494054740

Too right..... beautiful

LetLet's shoot! said, 1494054667


face to faceface to face said, 1494054302


Tt VisualsTt Visuals said, 1494054160




Z 00MYZ 00MY said, 1494053477

..on the prowl baby..on the prowl.