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They'll drive you wild....

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They'll drive you wild....

Added 1476273496 by Jezebelle.

And leave you cold.

You'll never leave this place...

Bob Davis PhotographerBob Davis Photographer said, 1519501406

What a nice body of work you have here....well done!

ArvorPhotoArvorPhoto said, 1509265673

A stunning image

ArashArash said, 1501267711


Delila BDelila B said, 1489416307

Love this!

GrambleyGrambley said, 1484234553

The girls are stunning natural beauties but the location makes it an exceptional image.

cnphotocnphoto said, 1478620025

beautiful scenic nude

Amethyst .Amethyst . said, 1476996481

strong image ladies

OC-ModelOC-Model said, 1476626336

great work

TerenceD   (LSISLP)TerenceD (LSISLP) said, 1476540135

A comp shot if i Ever did see one. Well done all

pipcpipc said, 1476524609

Oh my, cracking shot

JezebelleJezebelle said, 1476519102

Thank you all for your comments and love folksies :) xx

mused renaissancemused renaissance said, 1476372055

I believe I'm experiencing a Fata Morgana... :)

Martin QMartin Q said, 1476295087

Wow,i just don't know where to start!...

HopliteHoplite said, 1476293140

Superb image, beautiful, fantastic location.



Robert Alexander MalcolmRobert Alexander Malcolm said, 1476285469

8D Absolutely Amazing :-)

Tillie FeatherTillie Feather said, 1476279017

wow! This is gorgeous

MK PhotographyMK Photography said, 1476278382

Absolutely beautiful landscape - just love all those curves

B17fanB17fan said, 1476277183

Fabulous! Great models, great location, & composition ,& lighting is spot on for me. Love the lead in line from that long shadow.

DJ200DJ200 said, 1476276757

Super cool image.

Shawn Spencer-SmithShawn Spencer-Smith said, 1476275189

love the space in the image

Colin Nash LRPSColin Nash LRPS said, 1476274328

What a stunning shot, simple but beautiful with 2 stunning models as well, can't go wrong really. Well done

StretchyStretchy said, 1476273545

Jaw dropping shot, fabulous location, beautiful models.... Awesome