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Home » Jezebelle » I crave excess...turning wine into sweat, dripping down my neck.....

I crave excess...turning wine into sweat, dripping down my neck.....

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I crave excess...turning wine into sweat, dripping down my neck..... / Model Jezebelle / Uploaded 22nd April 2015 @ 01:26 PM

Added 1429705563 by Jezebelle.



Richard HillRichard Hill said, 1453747270

Fab shot

Francis RedFrancis Red said, 1451484121

Butt in a old factory! Brilliant!

SB photography GlasgowSB photography Glasgow said, 1451245906


J RocketJ Rocket said, 1449265443

Amazing Legs and Bum!! X

Paul StevensonPaul Stevenson said, 1447587817

Amazing shot, love the angle

DekanDekan said, 1446144124


LyntonLynton said, 1445773751

In this moment ;) amazing shot too btw ��

OC-ModelOC-Model said, 1441916785


pose4mepose4me said, 1441664419


Wayne Brazil PhotographyWayne Brazil Photography said, 1437425173

would love to set up a shoot with you some day

BiffSnrBiffSnr said, 1434081563


catchlight45catchlight45 said, 1434052957

Wow why is this not an FPI

JezebelleJezebelle said, 1430825272

Thank y'all for all the love - much love! Xxx

Hampshire togHampshire tog said, 1429909905

awesome, even by Jezebelle standards!!! A young lady who has no idea of gravity :-)

phillip londonphillip london said, 1429826340


phillip londonphillip london said, 1429826260

The piece of wood on the left side of the image is in a strange position:) Wicked shot well done to the both of you.

Arrow PhotographyArrow Photography said, 1429739188

By any standard you care to use this is a stunning shot!

BiffSnrBiffSnr said, 1429716943


Matt HarperMatt Harper said, 1429710303

Intentional or not, the result is similar :)

JezebelleJezebelle said, 1429709338

Oh Matt, I'm sorry!! It wasn't deliberate....honest. ;) Thanks for the comments NicoM & Paul S XX

Matt HarperMatt Harper said, 1429709147

Bugger, here it is again. Just dragged myself away from staring at it on Facebook, only to be confronted by it on here. Words, what words to describe this? Several, but I fear they may not be permitted on here and I get in enough trouble as it is. It's bloody lovely though :) Cor!

NicoMNicoM said, 1429708676

Nailed that guys!