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Emmie Victoria has 64 references; 62 recommended, 0 not recommended, 1 late cancellation and 1 no-show.

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Mike Grantham

I found Emmie on Instagram firstly and then on PP, so arranged a shoot. Very good communications and she had no hesitation doing a 2hr drive each way for our shoot! Emmie is lovely to work with and had some good ideas for our shoot. She is friendly and chatty and easy to work with. She poses well and will take direction with no problems. We got a good range of pictures and I came away a happy tog. Highly recommended!

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Saracen House Studio

Had a lovely shoot with Emmie this week at our studio in Milton Keynes. Pre-shoot comms were excellent and it was great to work with someone that has a passion for their work and clear vision of the images they are creating. Would be happy to recommend Emmie to others.

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Mark 50

Communications with Emmie before the shoot were excellent. She is very easy to talk to and quick to respond. Despite the location being a bit out of the way, she arrived early and was ready to go. She has so much energy about her and was a good laugh throughout. She poses without direction and had plenty of great ideas and outfits. You may read that Emmie has a disability, but her endless energy and enthusiasm will probably mean that you will not notice any limitations in her modelling. I very much hope that our paths will cross again and wish her all the best for the future.

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Paul Spencer

I had a great second shoot with Emmie at a friends house on the outskirts of Ipswich.

Pre-comms had been superb and Emmie turned up bang on time with hair and makeup both done to a great standard.

Emmie is an experienced model and this is reflected in her posing abilities, quality of outfits and overall appearance. She is funny, chatty, professional, has a very nice personality and just fun to shoot with.

I Highly Recommend working with this young lady to all photographers.

Thanks again Emmie xx

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Right from the moment of first contact Emmie kept in regular touch which enabled us to exchange ideas for the shoot, along with suggestions of location & attires. Now normally models do their choice of make up for the shoot, so it was a honour to be asked by Emmie on how I wanted her make up to be for the shoot.

Upon meeting Emmie, she was bubbly, friendly & polite, and had done her make up perfectly to exactly how I wanted it, she also kindly picked me up from the train station and drove us to the shoot location. Now despite a couple of mishaps beyond our control on the condition of the ground at the location, Emmie was able work through fluently without any complaint

Emmie bought along some amazing attires, it is just unfortunate that we wasn’t able to get through them all due to the rain. Emmie’ s ability to create dictation for each attire is outstanding, which allowed me to snap away. Emmie was also able to change attires swiftly without any disruption.

The shoot itself flew by and my only regret is that I didn’t book her longer. Fellow Photographers if you haven’t worked with Emmie before and are in need of a professional model, then you do not need to look any further.

Booking Emmie is truly a no brainier and I would have no hesitation in booking her again.

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I had a great shoot with the wonderful Emmie in my studio. What a great person to work with. Her communication prior to the shoot was excellent; from confirmation of the exact date, time and location to the look, clothing and style required for the shoot. For the actual shoot she was punctual, cheerful and willing (which was great as she had to get covered in flour)!

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This was the first time I had worked with Emmie and it was an absolute joy. Pre shoot comms were excellent so when we met we both knew exactly what we were wanting to achieve. A couple of locations and several outfit changes along with quality conversation, the time flew by.

Emmie is a very experienced model and it shows when working with her and the final images.

I highly recommend this wonderful lady

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Tony Pullen Photography

There are not enough good things to say about Emmie..... What an incredibly talented model with a wonderful sense of humour... Before the shoot we were in constant contact with ideas and on the day she just went the extra mile to make it a super day...

Pose after pose of delight she knows what the photographer needs for each outfit. The only downside of the day was when she went home....

Highly recommended and just can't wait to shoot again...

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Art Photography

Emmie is an absolute perfect model to work with, her poses are second to none and she has the most amazing look. Emmie was perfectly ready when she arrived and brought a huge choice of outfits to choose from. I have certainly found the model I have been looking for and I really can’t wait to work with her again. Super fun to be with and work with the time just flew by. I highly recommend Emmie to all photographers. She really is a perfect model 10/10 and perfect

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Did a shoot with Emmie yesterday at my place,her pre talks were fantastic and turned up with plenty of outfits.

Emmie was a great pleasure to shoot with,posed without direction and very chatty and easy to get on with.

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GAH Photography

It cannot believe that it was five years ago when I last worked with Emmie...in fact she was one of the first models I ever worked with. Emmie is still a fantastic model and a real pleasure to work with. Her comms is first class and she always comes prepared, with cases of outfits and more make-up than I have ever seen brought to a shoot! Emmie is incredibly photogenic...stunning in fact! There is no doubt that I will work with Emmie again....I won't leave it for another five years! Thanks Emmie, for a fantastic shoot. You smashed it! :-)

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Sebastian Cartier said...

My first time shooting Emilee, and it's super cool to have such a talented model in my local area, I can't believe our paths hadn't crossed before.

We covered many different looks, Emilee is fantastic at posing and emoting. She helped create some beautiful pictures. She came on time with wonderful wardrobe.

It just felt effortless and fun to shoot with her.

She is highly recommended :)

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f4 fotography

Emilee kindly picked up another model on her way and got them both at the venue in plenty of time. She brought all the outfits I had asked for and looked stunning. She poses easily and is warm friendly and very chatty. She worked very hard to get the images we required and I would readily work with her again. Preshoot comms were excellent, highly recommended.

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Second shoot with Emilee,she beat me to the location not to surprising as she chose it,knows the area better than me, despite the chill wind and dog walkers we managed to get some good shots,but had to relent and go indoors after about an hour, quite a lot of the poses came from Emilee and that made life so much easier,

Emilee is such a pretty girl and so relaxed in front of the camera,its a joy to work with her,and i will again in the not to distant future

Thank you Emilee I recommend you very highly and hope you enjoyed our shoot as much as me xx.

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Had the pleasure of working with Emilee Victoria this afternoon, what a super young lady she is. Ready to offer suggestions as to where to shoot around her place, and loads of pictures were taken. Very highly recommended by this old tog, and looking forward to working with this gorgeous lady again.

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anthony goodrum

Had my first shoot with Emilee yesterday which was excellent. Pre shoot communication was very good, Emilee arrived early and prepared for the shoot.

Emilee is very easy to work with, friendly, professional, excellent mua skills and works well with you to get the shots I required. We covered a range from fashion to art nude and Emilee was very good at the poses.

Highly recommended and would work with Emilee again.

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Paul Spencer

Had my second shoot with Emilee, which she kindly hosted at her home.

Pre comms were good and Emilee was all ready to go letting me choose outfits. Despite not feeling 100% well, Emilee happily posed needed little or no direction, taking some advice when trying to achieve the image I wanted.

A very professional model, whom is a pleasure to work with.

Definitely recommended to all photographers.

Thanks Emilee :) x

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Emilee was great to work with and made getting great shots easy. She is a natural in front of the camera and had some great ideas to make interesting shot. I am really happy with the results from the shoot.

I definitely recommend Emilee to other photographers.

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Even though Emilee was feeling very under the weather with a cold, she still arrived on time,ready to shoot and gave her all, we nad planned a location shoot but the wind was to cold,even then Emilee was prepared to carry on, but it wouldn't have been fair of us, so we went to Butterfly Studios in Norwich and had a rethink, plan B,worked well and we were all happy with our efforts, also worked well as Emilee had another shoot at the studio after us,which see also got through with a smile (sneezing nose blowing and cups of sugar with coffee in) an all round star, we were both impressed with her commitment and eagerness to carry on,

Emilee comes highly recommended by us and we look forward to working with her again, THANK YOU Emilee.

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John at Tina Spice

What a lovely model. Arrived at the location early and ready to shoot. Very easy going and required almost no direction as she knows what she's doing. Emilee worked through six sets of images in two hours. Highly recommended.

Anyone considering working with Emilee should note that the single bad reference she has was due to an extreme and unforseen family situation that could happen in anyone's life and should, therefore, be completely ignored.

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