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Elvira modelled for a street photography project of mine and gave me some of the best photographs of my portfolio. Her talent for posing and expressions is exceptional, not to mention her professional demeanor and her open-mindedness and accommodation towards impromptu photograph opportunities, always willing to try another pose or location, even after the shoot had gone on a few hours. As a growing but relatively fresh fashion photographer, she also provided some great feedback to me to help guide me in my role as photographer. I am incredibly grateful to Elvira for her assistance and can't recommend her enough for her ability.

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I was excited to have the opportunity for a last minute session with Elvira to do a few wet plate shots and so glad we did. Our session time was rather short but In the time we had we got some great results which is a testament to how professional and easy work with she is, a real shame it was so all over so quickly.

I would highly recommend Elvira and really hope to work together again sometime, just gutted we live so far apart.

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Jan Erik Bjorøy

Elvira and I worked on some nature fine art nudes.

This was late summer mid-Norway, where she was expected to be nude in COLD water. She never complaint ones. We both really got along great, and we did a 9 hour photo session on multiple locations. She is easy to communicate with, and willing to go that little extra to get the shoot we need.

I can easy recommend working with her. I hope to do more work with her in the future!

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I was delighted to shoot with elvira at keranda, she is a happy chatty model and a delight to work with,a professional model to look out for

My photo slot passed to quicky

highly recommened

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I am delighted that I contacted Elvira regarding staging a couple of studio days here at Keranda Studio. A real pleasure and privilege to welcome this talented model and delightful young lady.

Pre booking communications were carried out quickly and with amazing co-operation and genuine enthusiasm. Elvira made arrangements to ensure that she was self sufficient regarding transport and arrived well in advance of scheduled start times to ensure make-up, hair, and clothing were perfected to various photographers request's.

On shooting with Elvira myself, found our slot passed far to quickly, however I am truly delighted with the images we achieved.

Long before the first day of Elvira's visit we were already discussing further advanced bookings, when next in our area.

Thank you Elvira, for very pleasant and enjoyable weekend.


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DigiBlue Photography

Fantastic Shoot with Elvira..She was ready and waiting and asked me what poses I was looking for.. Got some great dance poses and she was very accommodating with posing as I asked.. Also did some great shadow pictures.. Highly recommenced

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Had a most enjoyable art nude / dance shoot with Elvira at Keranda Studio. Elvira is very photogenic with big eyes and great figure. I found her to be intelligent , chatty and professional with an interest in getting the best images. She is a trained dancer and can pose with a minimum of help.

Very pleased with the results we got and hope to shoot with her again.

Highly recommended.

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A brilliant shoot with Elvira at Keranda Studio. We were both new to the studio but produced some great images between us. Elvira was ready to model when I arrived. She posed with or without direction and was adept at interpreting ideas to her own unique style. Sheer hard work and a great personality combine to create a enjoyable and productive photoshoot. I look forward to working with her again.

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Great model to work with, she was fantastic to shoot. Open to all ideas and definitely recommended!

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Gustav Hallström

Elvira is super professional and a delightful person. It's very easy to get good results with her, and she is so much fun to work with! She has great ideas and is very versatile in terms of styles, looks and poses.

Would love to work with her again!

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CJC Photography

An absolute delight to work with Elvira. With her ideas and mine we shot amazing images. Her looks are so photogenic and captivating and her poses professional and free flowing. She is chatty, intellectual and a lovely girl.

Look forward to working with her again in the future.

Highly recommended!

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Elvira played the part of a high elf in The Tomb of the Fallen Warrior. She was very good with posing and I was easily able to get the images I wanted. She also brought along a Tudor costume she had made for a different style. Her communications were excellent. Recommended.

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I worked with Elvira for the second time when she visited Trondheim again. She models various styles with ease and I adore her skills and ability to do dance in en-pointe ballet shoes as well as beautiful and strong art-nudes. She is able to add interesting emotions to the images we create so that they stand out from the crowd. She can play both sweet and beautiful as well as strong and powerful or gentle and vulnerable as you want for your images.

I love her beautiful eyes and long lovely hair for portraits, and her beautifully shaped body, ideal for playing with light and shadow when making nudes. She does all styles in a natural way with great confidence!

It is easy and lots of fun to work with her, and she always have a smile so that everything feels so easy and helping the conditions for ideas and creativity to bubble freely. I am very happy for the images we have created so far and I will gladly work with her again!

Highly recommended to all photographers!

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Elvira was lovely to have around for a few days of wonderfull shootings

She Arrived on the friday... picked her up from the station dropped of her things and went straight on to our first evening shoot location. With immediate beautiful results. And the other days were no different... Elvira gives it all, adds fun, profesioanlism and quality to a shoot... She knows what she likes and dislikes, and is very clear in her communication, so you know exactly what to expect.

We will most certainly work with her again.

Thank you for a wonderfull time together Elvira.

Marja & Jeroen



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I am so happy I booked Elvira! This was my first shoot with her and she came to my place in Trondheim to model for me. We shot various styles from portrait, emotional, dance with en-pointe ballet shoes to art-nude at two different locations. She just did so very well in all styles and contributed with creativity in all situations. :-)

Elvira is an attractive model because she has beautiful eyes and long lovely hair for portraits, she can make graceful poses including dance movements with the added elegance of going en-pointe in her ballet shoes. In addition, she is also a talented art-nude model with beautiful, curvy body shapes ideal for playing with light and shadows. She does all styles in a natural way with great confidence! :-)

It is fun and easy to work with her, she has a very positive attitude and lots of friendly smiles, I will gladly work with her again!

Highly recommended! Thank you, Elvira!

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I've had a number of shoots with Ellie over a few years and she has always been dependable and awesome in front of the camera. I've tended to offer her unusual conceptual shoots that require acting and expression and she delivers with confidence. Beauty work and fashion along with editorial styles are easy for her.

On top of all that, shes chatty, super intelligent and looks fabulous. The highest of recommendations from me.

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