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I did my first shoot with Ellis yesterday and what a wonderful shoot it was. I'm really pleased with the images we created, which captured a great sense of Ellis's theatrical personality and style. Ellis is a natural model who knows how to pose for the camera and he's a nice person to spend time chatting with on a shoot too. Would certainly recommend Ellis as a model for any shoot.

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Just done my 2nd and 3rd shoot with Ellis, he stayed with me for a couple of days so we got a couple of Fantastic shoots done, Ellis just gets better and better, spending time with Ellis you see what a really nice guy he is very hard working some one I nerver get tyed of photographing, I'm looking forward to doing a lot more shoots with him, So please give him ago.


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Amazing second shoot with Ellis - the guy is so talented! As a stage and film actor, he really requires barely any direction at all. He just walks into the frame and commands attention, aware of exactly where others are, creating and dissipating tension, and always changing the tone slightly, so no two frames are the same. Amazing. Highly recommended.

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Phillip Palmer

It was brilliant to be able to arrange a shoot while Ellis was visiting nearer to me.

He replies to any pre-shoot messages quickly and it's easy to be confident that a shoot with Ellis will be successful.

Ellis was friendly throughout and it's always great to work with him. I can thoroughly recommend him to other photographers.

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Phillip Palmer

It's an absolute pleasure being able to work with Ellis again.

For our second shoot I was able to meet him at a hotel he was staying at.

Pre-shoot communications were great, we had initial discussions to shoot again a couple of months ago - before we even knew where he would be staying or the exact dates. From the start I was confident things would go smoothly and we finalised our plans easily as time progressed.

Ellis is a great model, I mentioned in my last reference that his acting background brings an extra dimension to shots with him. This was particularly true with a couple of my 'photo art' effects that we were able to aim for. While perfectly happy and able to pose in the same way I'd done with previous models he then suggested and added his own twist/idea to the theme which made his version unique (well, at least until I use the idea again in the future!!)

I can recommend Ellis without hesitation. He has a great look and poses confidently with the skill to help create the images you're after.

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The Pale Hare

Had a great walk and shoot and then a quick indoor portrait session with Ellis, absolute pro, great to work with, I’m really happy with how the images turned out and will hopefully work with him again.

Tips for best results:

- slower pace and leaving some time to breathe means Ellis will often give you opportunities to capture very natural and strong imagery to compliment deliberate shots, so always have your camera ready

- he’s got a good eye for colours so using his input will help create a cohesive body of work throughout the shoot

100% highly recommended!

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Did my first photo shoot with Ellis yesterday and wow what a Fantastic shoot it was, Ellis is a very handsome guy, very fit and full of fun, and lots of ideas for the shoot, Ellis is very easy to work with he made my job very easy. I'm really looking forward to working with Ellis again on many more shoots I can highly recommend Ellis to any photographer that is looking for a really good model

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Did great shoot and I found Ellis engaging throughout. Takes direction but is clearly a natural in front of the camera. Good humour, manners and generally very charismatic. Highly recommend

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Ellis contacted me a couple of weeks ago to ask about doing a shoot whilst he was in the Norwich area rehearsing a new production. I had been meaning to do more shoots with male models and so I was delighted to say yes expecially after the long layoff due to Covid.

Ellis is a great guy, easy to get along with and the photoshoot flowed easily. As an experienced actor he is very accustomed to role-playing which for book cover style images is a definite advantage.

The images we were getting looked good an the back of the camera and that has been borne out by the ones I have initially edited.

Definitely recommended and will certainly shoot together again.

Thanks Ellis :)

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Bergman Greenstreet

It was a great pleasure to work with Ellis on a shoot in and around Elm Hill in Norwich. His pre-shoot communications were excellent. This was only my second model shoot and Ellis made it such a pleasant experience. He was full of invention and offered up so many brilliant poses, displaying a wide range of emotions. His professionalism coupled with his charm made for a memorable shoot.

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James Dobbin

Had a great shoot with Ellis. He fully engaged with, and contributed to, the shoot. He was open to my ideas and had some of his own. A fun shoot with good results. Happily shoot with him again.

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Phillip Palmer

As a photographer there are certain models you notice that you'd love to shoot with but because of your respective locations you don't think you'll be in a position to.

Fortunately for me Ellis reached out and we were able to arrange meeting at a location between us. From the pre-shoot communications I was confident from the start that we would have a great shoot.

With his experience in acting and stage work Ellis is able to bring a range of expressions to the table, which gave a great variety of looks from one image to the next.

I can easily recommend Ellis to any photographer and I wouldn't hesitate to shoot with him again should I get the opportunity.

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AweFull Photos

Another great shoot with Ellis! Having taken a few months off from photography during lock down, I was delighted that Ellis was available for my first shoot this year.

Ellis recommended a fantastic location and arrived with a well considered outfit (including props), resulting in a fantastic Western / Cowboy themed shoot. As an actor, Ellis is very emotive in his modelling, this results in some fantastic images. He's also a great guy and very easy to work with. Highly recommended, hope to work together again.

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I had a great shoot with Ellis who is a total professional. He is very comfortable in front of the camera and brings lots of ideas and creativity. Great communications, prompt and organised.

A genuinely nice guy too!

Highly recommended. Will definitely shoot again. Thank you Ellis.

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AweFull Photos

I had my first shoot with Ellis last week shooting in a local woods, a location recommended by him. Pre-shoot communication with Ellis was excellent, we both had a clear idea of what we wanted to get from the shoot. Ellis selected two outfits, plus accessories, that worked extremely well with surroundings and the theme of shoot.

As a professional actor, Ellis was able to strike poses that were natural looking yet full of emotion and drama. He was also a really nice guy so an all round pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.

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Oh Ellis. I've been in contact with Ellis for ages and now we finally had the opportunity to meet in London for a duo shooting.

Ellis is not a normal person. He is an apparition. Full of joie de vivre, cordiality and good mood. He warmly welcomed me at the hotel and showed me the area. I immediately felt at home and welcome and in good hands.

During the shooting we worked our way through various scenes and Ellis was always super professional. He often contributed perfect ideas to the situation and so the shooting was entertaining and full of fun. I hope you can see in the photos how much Ellis and I have harmonized!

I'm already looking forward to a second shooting with him and in the meantime I can only recommend everyone to work with Ellis!

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Antony Sendall

I did a duo shoot with Ellis and Steffen (TheArmedAngel) in a hotel in London. Ellis was a little less experienced than Steffen, but was full of ideas and being a professional actor, was well used to direction. The two of them sparked well off one another and we captured some pretty cool images. I would thoroughly recommend both of them.

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What can I say about Ellis, this man is a fantastic model to work with he has an incredible eye for style and creativity. He arrived on time and was happy to work with my ideas nothing was too much of an ask. An excellent natural talent in the modelling industry and I'm lucky to have worked with him and thourghly enjoy meeting and capture this true gentleman.

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Working with Ellis was an absolute joy from the beginning. We had excellent communication to help set things up, we met for a pre shoot meeting to firstly meet each other but also then talk more about the idea of the shoot that Ellis had.

The shoot went very well, Ellis was very patient while I setup cameras etc, and while we changed areas for new ideas.

I am extremely proud to have these photographs in my portfolio now.

Highly recommend Ellis to other photographers, especially with his acting background and skills he can bring so much to the images.

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Vincent Knaus

I had a great time working with Ellis yesterday! He is very easy to work with and takes direction well. Pre-shoot communications and the sharing of ideas made the shoot go smoothly. I highly recommend working with Ellis!

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