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Essex Portraits

I have had the pleasure of working with Ellie twice over 2 weeks. She is just amazing!

SO professional, and really fun with a great sense of humour. She had the patience of a saint on the tattoo/flower shoot with the prep and the shooting, all of which took a few hours.

Ellie is a delight to work with, and will be sure to be shooting again.

Thanks Ellie.

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Ellie is a pleasure to work with. Very professional and happy to help me create some ideas I had. She was happy to redo a set after we reviewed the shots and between us decided we could do better and the images show. Highly recommend

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This was my first shoot with Ellie, I booked Ellie for two hours and the time just flew past, before we knew it was time to pack up and go.

Ellie said she had not done any modeling for a while so may take a little bit of time to get back into it, well that only took about 5 mins.

She is a wonderful person to work with chatty, friendly , so easy to get on with and a great model.

I would recommend Ellie to anyone 100%. Hopefully we shall shoot again soon.

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Ellie was a complete superstar. As my first session with a paid model, I was somewhat nervous but she was so accommodating and sweet that I was able to relax and was delighted with the shots we got together. Ellie is clearly stunning to look at, but her personality and professionalism shone just as brightly and our time flew past.

She has my unequivocal recommendation and I definitely hope to work with her again in the future.

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Mark Coventry

I booked Ellie for a group night at my Clacton Studio and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a professional model with a great attitude, and who is a pleasure to work with.

Ellie arrived in plenty of time for us to discuss the looks we could do for the evening, and she worked well with all of the attending photographers.

I will hopefully be working with Ellie again soon on a one to one basis and I'm sure we will create some amazing images.

Thanks Ellie.

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My first shoot with Ellie and hopefully more to follow.

Lovely girl with a beautiful smile,elagant look,a joy to shoot,chatty,easy to get on with,I can see why she is so popular.

Highly recommended to all.

Thank you Ellie

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Mark 50

Ellie was the star of my first (non group) shoot. I am so grateful to Ellie for her patience and understanding while I also received tuition from Jon (EastCoastWest). She was punctual, polite, fun, friendly, down to earth and of course, beautiful. I only wish my 'newbie' images could do justice to her modelling skills.

I hope Ellie will do me the honour of working with me again.

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Kolokial Shots

I had my first shoot with Ellie last week and shes was nothing short of fabulous to work with. Besides being very punctual and arriving early she remained patient and enthusiastic throughout the shoot. Ellie works very well with very little directing required and was very much on board with all of the creative ideas being thrown around. I would highly recommend people to shoot with Ellie and cannot wait to shoot with her again.

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Tom Needham

I have worked with Ellie quite a few times and she is absolutely one of my favourite models. Yes she is beautiful but not only that she is a truly lovely person who is a joy to spend time with. Ellie always comes to a shoot with perfect make up and completely prepared for whatever we are going to capture. Of course I will continue to work with Ellie and, with great pleasure, I give her my highest recommendation.

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Ellie has a beautiful look and has an equally beautiful personality. Her calmness and willingness to work under direction make her a pleasure to work with and she remained positive at all times with a laugh and a smile throughout, even despite a couple of technical hitches. During the shoot Ellie offered helpful suggestions now and then, and her gorgeous eyes grab the lens making it difficult to take a bad shot.

Communications leading up to the shoot were first class and I found her to be 100% dependable.A real delight to work with and I look forward to working with her again.

Thank you so much !

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Ellie can to my local camera club to model tonight, it’s hard to get the shots you want in just 2 minutes shooting time but I still managed to dress Ellie in organza to get something a little different from others.

Ellie is wonderful, not only stunning but also so patient and easy to work with.

Can’t wait to shoot with Ellie again.

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Had a group shoot booked with Ellie and we organised to share travel as we live 10mins away from each other.

Having not met Ellie before I could talk to her straight away with ease she's very easy to talk to and get along with. She's absolutely gorgeous and has a very sophisticated look about her !

Was lovely meeting her and would love to work with again in the future.

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M.a.s.k Make Up And Styling

I worked with Ellie all day today and it was a pleasure.

Ellie arrived early and was positive and upbeat all day.

It was bitterly cold on location and Ellie was asked to wear wedding dresses, walk barefoot on a cold stone floor, etc. You could see your breath it was so cold! She did not complain, at all. She kept going and did her best to achieve all the looks and costume changes required.

Ellie helped with her hair and as a MUA I found it very easy to apply her makeup. She followed every direction and made my job easy. Did I mention that Ellie is very photogenic and has the perfect face for makeup!

I will definitely be working with Ellie again. I think Ellie has a really unique look and is a versatile model. I expect she will do really well and develop her portfolio with some high end images.

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Had a really good shoot with Ellie. she was very patient as I tried out several different light set ups. She was really relaxed and great to talk to whilst still working hard to deliver the images I was looking for.

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I had an amazing first shoot with the absolutely stunning Ellie at Aura Studios today. She was immaculately prepared abd throughout the shoot her presentation, experience, professionalism, and sheer creativity were nothing short of exemplary. She was very chatty and easy to get along with creating a great rapport.

Ellie worked really hard to help me achieve some great images quickly working through a variety of looks and flowing from pose to pose. She knows her angles / expressions and simply delivers. On this basis I have not hesitation in giving her my highest recommendation. To put it simply she combines a beautifully curvaceous look, with sheer beauty and consummate professionalism. Thanks again Ellie, your a star :-)

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Image Evolve

Ellie was fantastic to work with. Very elegant with a real classic and timeless look.

Her makeup was flawless and she poses so easily.

Lovely model and very highly recommend.

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Ellie was a delight to have at my Club night, she turned up shoot ready with plenty of time. She has a great look and lovely easy personality. All the photographers were very happy to shoot with her, and she has produced some excellent images, Id highly recommend her and will welcome her back to Aura whenever she wishes ;)

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The Dairy Barn Studio

Ellie was booked by another photographer for a shoot at the studio. She arrived on time and with the clothing items that he had requested. Ellie was charming and very easy to get on with. I helped the other photographer with lighting and after he left she allowed me some time to shoot with her before she went home. In those few shots it was quickly evident that Ellie is a great model with a great look. Hopefully she will return to the studio soon and maybe we can spend a bit more time getting more awesome images.

Highly recommended... :)

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Tom Needham

I have worked with Ellie a couple of times and she is an absolute gem. Easy to work with for sure and a really lovely person to spend time with. I feel so lucky to have shot with her and would recommend her without hesitation. I will, of course, be shooting with Ellie again.

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Shot Ellie yesterday at my home studio, after a full day at work Ellie got herself here ready to go with beautifully made up and ready to go.

Ellie was a pleasure to work with both patient and engaged; working really hard to get some great looking shots. Three hours flew by and we got some great shots, the expressions and poses were spot on time after time.

Look forward to shooting with Ellie again in the future and I would recommend her to other photographers without hesitation.

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