Additional Information

Stats and sizes

  • 16yr old Female model
  • Stats(in/USA) 32C-24-34
  • USA dress size 2
  • 5'4" tall
  • 106lbs
  • USA shoe size 5
  • Brown eyes
  • Very long dark brown hair
  • White skin
  • White ethnicity

Shoots styles

Beauty, Commercial, Dance, Fashion, Fitness, Lifestyle and Portrait



Hi! I’m Elle. Welcome to my PP account. I am an enthusiastic model who loves to shoot fashion and dance.


I have dark features consisting of long dark brown hair which is my natural colour and hazelnut brown eyes.

Hair and makeup:

My hair is naturally straight but I am able to curl or crimp my hair. I am not a stylist but I am able to show my hair in a few different ways to a high standard. I prefer a more natural makeup look for most shoots but am capable of a more smokey, dark makeup look too if you would prefer me to wear more. I am very artistic so can my own face paint to a high standard. Feel free to ask if you have something specific in mind!


I have a large wardrobe with a range of different outfits for different occasions and will always bring multiple looks to a shoot. Let me know if you have something specific you want to see me in, I’m sure I have something that will work!


I am a highly skilled ballet, contemporary, jazz, modern and musical theatre dancer. I also have some experience in tap dance and street dance/ hip hop.

I love doing dance shoots and have many dance costumes which look great in front of the camera :)

Rates and levels:

I strictly only shoot fashion, beauty and dance due to my age, please message me regarding rates directly if you wish to work with me.

Also please consider covering travel fees if you would like to work with me but are not local :)

Feel free to drop me a message if you’re interested!

Instagram: @ellefarran


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