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Charmagne Haxby Photography

I worked with Eljin on a recent group shoot and I found him fantastic to work with. Quick to respond and build upon any direction given, he really does ensure you get the best shots. An absolute pleasure to capture and someone I'd be more than happy to work with again. Cannot recommend this guy enough!!

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MSP Studio

Eljin is a gentleman, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him. Easy going, stress-free and open to ideas and suggestions. He was very punctual and fully prepared. Turned up and was ready to go within a few minutes. I highly reccomend Eljin to any photographers that haven't yet worked with him. You'll be glad that you did.

Thanks Eljin, and I look forward working with you again in the near future.


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I worked with Eljin yesterday on an elegant fashion boy girl photoshoot and although he's new to this, you wouldn't be able to tell. It was like he had been shooting for years, he's very versatile posed endlessly with no direction really required. He arrived in perfect time and settled in very quickly.

Eljin make me feel very comfortable throughout the day and we connected very well as a pair.

His outfit were very well thought though and worked perfectly for the theme of the shoot.

I would highly recommend him no doubt he is awesome so yeah go book guys.

thanks so much Eljin

Tann x

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Anyone able to work with a relative newbie photographer with aplomb and who can turn concepts into a storyboard of poses has to be described as amazing.

That's what Eljin was able to deliver for me at Strelley Hall, and so he rightful deserves all the praise I can give him.

I strongly recommend.

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Met Eljin at a group shoot

This gent has got a huge future ahead. When he told me he has only been modelling a short while I didn’t believe him. He is very good and so eager to please. Takes direction really well and also poses without photographer input. He is a great guy too and a pleasure to work with. Thoroughly enjoyed meeting and working with him and I recommend you book him soon as I foresee a busy future

Thanks mate

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Worked with Eljin today at an event at Strelley Hall. He may be fresh to the game but has a clear understanding of style and how to pose, so we got some great work and had a blast.

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Had the pleasure of working with Eljin at a group shoot at strelley hall

He's a very personnal guy to work with and works very hard at giving you the look you are after.

Couldn't believe he's only just started modelling, he portrayed such emotion in the shots.

It was a real delight working with him. I wish him all the best in his future and hope we work together again

Would highly recommend

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