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As soon as I saw Liz I knew I had to shoot with her and to my delight she agreed.

She showed up early with a perfect attitude which meant the shoot was a pleasure, Conversation was easy with plenty of laughs and we got some stunning images.

Liz was really easy to direct and eager to get the most out of every look we gave her.

Sadly we ran out of time to shoot everything we wanted but the silver lining is that I have an excuse to shoot her again!

Thanks Liz

Richard x

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Danny Baldr

Beautiful and interesting girl. We had only limited time for our shooting session, but all went well and I'm very pleased with the results of our work.

Definitely talented, confident, very tall:-)) and with fantastic eyes ;).

Pleasure to work with and I'm already planning theme for our next photo shoot.

Thank you Liz ;)

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Worked with Liz recently on a joint shoot with another photographer. For a new model she is fantastic.

Liz is stunning in every way, beautiful face, great figure and amazing legs. Her natural poses are great and she takes direction really well.

She is real giggler so be warned!

I am very impressed with Liz and I hope we can both work on another project in the very near future.

Highly recommended from me :)

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Monsieur E

Highly attractive, fun, nice attitude.

These are the three words That first come to mind when I think about my shoot with Liz. .

Attractive, we did a urban street fashion shoot around on location. Shes tall, attractive and lovely.

Fun, I had a great time with Liz. It was a cold and miserable day, but Liz was lovely and funny and it was a really nice experience despite the cold.

Legend, pretty much all round legend.

This was the first time Liz had shot with a male model, I was shocked. She was calm, confident, attractive and relaxed. So much laughter :).

Seriously, people need to work with models like Liz. This is the reason I model, to meet people like this who are amazing. I'm honoured her first couple shoot was with me.

I seriously hope we get to shoot again, thanks for a great eve.

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I had a fantastic shoot with Liz, There was really great communicating before the shoot. She's really good fun to work with and is very natural in front of the camera. What more can you ask for!

I highly recommend working with her ;-)

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Met and worked with Liz for the first time today.

A strikingly beautiful young woman with glare and enthusiasm.

A joy to work with. Look forward to more shoots in the near future.

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If you want unique you'll find it here. If you want a truly beautiful face you'll find it here. She has it all chaps, it's up to you to find out for yourselves. 100% recommend this lady.

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First photo shoot with Liz and first photo shoot for me with a model with tattoos and piercing!

Great persona and fun to be around!

First photo shoot and I am sure not last.

Thanks Liz for the fun and productive session

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Cyrus smith

Liz is a beautiful person and model. Easy to work with always comes with makeup done to a high standard. I've known Liz for some time now and it's always good when we shoot together. I would highly recommend Liz to any photographer

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