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Arrested Angels

Another great shoot with Sofia in her hotel can't wait to work again!

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Arrested Angels

I've shot with Sofia many times in the past and she is always a pleasure to work with. She arrived on time and as usual was well prepared, took direction very well and had plenty of outfits. Her makeup was also already done to perfection. Looking forward to working with her again soon!! **

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Fantastic first shoot with Sofia. She arrived on time and very well prepared. Took direction really well and was very easy to work with. Can't wait to work with her again!

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Femme Fatale Inc

Had an amazing shoot with Sofia. She turned up on time and was very well prepared with lots of outfits and makeup. Took directions well and overall a very easy person to work with. Can't wait to work with her again!! ***

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BrianJ said...

I'm no stranger when it comes to speaking my mind but leaving feedback for Sofiarae I could easily write a 10 thousand word thesis about her. So where do I start. Sofia is a totally beautiful woman in mind, body and soul. Her comms are 2nd to none pre shoot and on the shoot. She has outfits to die for and her modelling ability is very professional. I literally had to just turn up and set my camera up and shoot and chat, which i could easily have done all day long. She is very beautiful and demonstrates a huge amount of sex appeal. I can honestly say that out of the few hundred images we took everyone is worthy of using. I've already started comms with Sofia for a next shoot which will be promising of a day to look forward too. Anyway i think you get the picture of this stunning woman. Many many thanks Sofia and we'll spk again soon to finalise the next shoot. Best wishes and huge sloppy mwaaa's.

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Amazing model and great fun shoot would work with her any time xxx

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Shot Sofia last week.

She is fab! Gorgeous, sexy, looks younger than her age and is so professional.

Comms were great, poses brilliantly, takes direction.

Perfect! Milftastic!!


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What a great model Sofia is! Confident, chatty, welcoming and such a genuinely lovely person. Sofia brought her wealth of experience to the shoot, offering input and ideas to keep the shots fresh and exciting. With a beautiful shape, a wonderful sense of humour and a superb look, Sofia is definitely worth booking. Really looking forward to our next shoot. Highly recommended!!

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Cahit Ayden

Loved working with Sofia Rae. She's a great model to work with. Came on time and communicated well. Definitely recommend her and would love to work with her again.

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Chris Mansfield

First time shoot with Sofia. Sofia carried out pre shoot arrangements and communications in a very speedy and efficient manner, leaving no uncertainty whatsoever. On set, she was very welcoming and accommodating, making an easy environment to work in. Taking few comfort breaks, she worked tirelessly. I have no problems in recommending her and would certainly welcome opportunity to work with her again in the future. Many thanks Sofia

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Brilliant shoot with Sofia. Experienced, professional and a complete pleasure to work with. Totally recommend

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John at Tina Spice

Another shoot with Sofia last week for her web site. We shot at the fabulous farmhouse near Colchester. Great location, great model. I now shoot with Sofia regularly and each time she never fails to impress.

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Female Assassins

Had a wonderful shoot with Sofia today. She arrived on time and very well prepared with plenty of outfits. Took direction well and overall very easy to work with!

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John at Tina Spice

My second shoot with Sofia this time for her own web site. A delightful model, easy-going and chatty but also completely professional. Highly recommended.

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had the most Amazing shoot with Sofia back in 2012

After great communications prior to our shoot we arranged a glamour / retro/ vintage shoot

with a dash of erotic to add some spice ..

Sofia is a well established and published model and very professional in all aspects of her work ..

we had limited time but made some Unique and Fantastic images together ..

Sofia has a very Bubbly and fun persona always with a smile and a joy to shoot with

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SOFIA to all photographers that as yet still havent discovered her : )

Its a New year and i hope we can shoot again sometime soon

thanks again Sofia speak soon Dave Xx

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Sofia was an amazing model to work with. Great comms before and on the day. A smile never left her face, even when she was getting soaked for 3 hours and she worked so hard to give the perfect content. A stunning figure with amazing curves and natural beauty.

I'd highly recommend Sofia to anyone wishing to shoot with a professional model.

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Had a great shoot with Sofia. She has a figure that many 20 yr olds would die for, and a super personality. She came fully prepared and is totally professional. I'm really looking forward to our next shoot.

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Jabba Photo

I had a great shoot with Sofia He is very professional I highly recommend to all !

We had Amazing results .... Some of my best glam nude pics to date....!

look forward to working together very soon..



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Had a shoot with Sofia totally professional model took direction well and had her own good ideas ,at times thought she was reading my mind as just before I asked she dropped into the pose ,stunning model we will work again and she is a lovely personality

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I had a superb shoot with Sofia, I had some very specific ideas for the shoot, and she fitted the brief perfectly. She was immaculately prepared, and worked extremely hard to help me get the images I was after. Sofia was good fun to work with, looked great throughout, and had a very professional approach. I would definitely work with again, and I would recommend her 100%.

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