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DCS Photography

Had a wonderful first shoot with Elaryn at her lovely home in Manchester the other week. Her pre-shoot comms were excellent and very organised, and the shoot itself was absolutely brilliant and great fun. Elaryn is friendly and charming in person, and made me feel very welcome right from the start. She is a wonderful model with an intuitive understanding of what I wanted to achieve, and I hope to work with her again very soon. Thank You Elaryn! xx

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Had an incredible first shoot with Elaryn in London last week! :-) communications before the shoot were great and we knew exactly the style we were going to shoot :-) Elaryn arrived with some amazing outfits to shoot in and created fabulous hairstyles to go with each look - on top of her brilliant styling, Elaryn delivered some fantastic posing to bring each set to life! :-) Elaryn has a clear idea of what she is looking for from the shoot and lots of creative input into it, she also showed lots of patience as were were shooting as the middle shoot of 3 and there were other models coming and going from the studio - had an amazing time shooting with Elaryn and came away with awesome images! :-) would totally recommend Elaryn and can't wait to work with her again! :-)

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