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Fun shoot yesterday, great clothes designer with alot of products , friendly and chatty and easy to get on with him , would recommend him to any model

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Adam Omari

Emmanuel Was so good to work with!

Always full of ideas, he is very ambitious and knows exactly what he wants with his projects and I can honestly see him progressing to new heights like no other.

Everyone seriously needs to keep an eye out on this guy as he has incredible amounts of potential. And I really cannot wait to work with him again soon!

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Annie Edgar

KingE was great to work with. I loved how passionate he was and is about what he does. He’s very creative and energetic, great space and person to work with. Would totally recommend him and will hopefully work with him again some time in the future!

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Cassandra Helen Model

Skremz was a delight to work with, full of ideas and had a clear vision for what he wanted to create, which made for a wonderful shoot! Couldn’t recommend him highly enough, hope to work with him again in the future.

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Elsie Aimee

Skremz is just all-round talented! His personality and his mindset is incredible, his creativity is flawless and absolutely impeccable to keep in tune with, cannot wait to work with him in the future! Highest recommendation! X

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Carmen farr

Screamz was a great person to work for! He has so much passion and ambition it was a really good shoot! A lovely and creative person, would love to work with him again and would recommend if you want someone who can think outside the box :)

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I had the pleasure of working for Skremz for his Clothing line shoot :D

Skremz is great fun to be around. His Energy and Enthusiasm is Perfect.

The T-shirts are amazing, right up my street and he is such a Cool Character.

He made the shoot Productive and knew exactly what he was after for the shots for his website, giving great direction when required.

Skremz is highly recommended by me with 5 stars ***** and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Thanks Skremz, until next time :D

Renaissance xx

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Had a great shoot with him, we worked together for a sunglasses brand. Love his style, highly recommended.

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