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Additional Information

Stats and sizes

  • 26yr old Male model
  • 35in waist
  • 28in chest
  • 5'11" tall
  • 150lbs
  • USA shoe size 11
  • Brown eyes
  • Medium light brown hair
  • White skin

Shoots styles

Body Paint, Life Drawing, Nude and Portrait



´╗┐Last Updated: October 3, 2021

Unfortunately, PP is now requiring payment for having a VIP portfolio on here, even to those most affected by the pandemic. I cannot afford the cost of a VIP subscription, so I will not be on here as much as I have been lately. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me and sent kind words my way! I've decided to continue my nude blog, which was the beginning of my very long journey. I appreciate everyone's kindness and encouragement! Feel free to contact me via my nude blog and instagram. :-)

WELCOME & THANK YOU for visiting my portfolio! I hope you'll enjoy reading a bit about me below, and feel free to look through my photos on here, if interested. Yes, they are all amateur images, not professional quality shots. I encourage you to look past the fact that they are amateur captures, and see the artistic nature, the creativity, the passion, the potential! I'm new to modelling, and I don't have the most expansive portfolio (please forgive the self captured shots), but hoping to add to it as I gain experience. I'm only a hobbyist model, so just doing this as a form of artistic expression, hope to build relationships, and gain experience. I'd love your assistance in building up my portfolio!

I really value collaborating with other models to share ideas for shoots and learn from the experiences of others. I'm currently working as a nursing assistant as my full time job, and nursing assistants and nurses must work hand in hand - working as a collaborative team to meet the needs of patients. Thus, I approach modelling in the same manner - trying to learn from those models who love what they do, share creative ideas, and learn from their mistakes so I hopefully won't repeat them myself.

If I follow you on here, it's because I saw something I admired or was inspired by within your portfolio and/or bio. Please take it as a compliment, and not be offended by such an action on my part. If I ever get the opportunity to travel the world, I hope to be able to have the opportunity to work with some of you, at least those who are open to the idea of collaborating and working together. Let's help raise one another up, rather than tearing one another down.


As a child, I was bullied because of my body. I was told I was ugly and I should end my life. I grew to appreciate my body as being artistic and beautiful! I try to help others who struggle with body acceptance, and hope to grow as a nude model - showing the world that naked bodies are beautiful and nothing to be ashamed about.

About a year or more ago, I began a blog where I aimed at helping others who struggle with body acceptance and body image issues. I had been the unfortunate victim of horrible bullying as a child, was told I should kill myself because I was so ugly, and I lost a dear friend to suicide because she succumbed to the intense bullying about her body. Those life experiences prompted me to have courage and start my blog, so that I could be a source of light and hope to others like me who are out there. I would pick a particular topic to write about, and I would close each of my posts by sharing a naked picture of myself - so that others could see that they have nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. The naked body is not sexual or ugly, it is natural, beautiful, and artistic!

As I continued with my blog, I would get positive comments and feedback from visitors who said I should become a nude art model. I had always dreamed of being a nude art model, but I lacked the confidence to put my own body out there, that is, until I started doing so to help others. Over time the confidence and courage built up until I decided to jump in and make my way into nude art modelling!


It is my sincere hope that my artistic expression will reach others who have been bullied, body shamed, or who struggle with body acceptance. That's the whole reason for me jumping in to this - I want to use my work to help others! It was my deep rooted passion for helping others, those like me who have been bullied and body shamed, that led me to start making my nude collages. Hopefully my nudes/nude collages will show others that they don't have to be ashamed, see themselves as ugly, or hate their body. Each body is beautiful and artistic!

LEVELS - Up to and including art nude, but nothing sexual or non-artistic. Nudity is NOT sexual, it's artistic. Anything remotely sexual is not ok with me, not comfortable.

RATE - Since I'm completely new to modelling, I'm open to TFP, but willing to be paid too. Open for discussion, definitely!


I encourage each visitor who views my profile and photos to please leave me feedback - leave comments on my pictures, love pictures, as each of you is appreciated and your feedback is valued! Thanks!

Please help me to improve upon my pictures, and become the best model that I can be! Any advice and feedback is appreciated - thank you!

New to being a model, so any help, advice, insight is appreciated!

Then again...does anyone even read this entire bio? If you've made it this far, thank you so much for reading through all my information. Please leave comments on my photos so that I can become the best model possible!

Just a quick note that I'm not comfortable with shooting erotic or adult pictures, only art nude, especially interested in any shots that would help others who struggle with body acceptance/body image issues. Thanks!



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