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Now this was a shoot as you would want them every day.

As you can already tell form her portfolio, Dragica is very pretty and knows how to pose. What you might not see, is that she is very professional, communicates very well and easily, knows her strengths (and probably weaknesses, though I haven't found one), has a good taste in music, and writes very nice reviews.

So no, this is not a proposal, but a sincere recommendation... ;-)

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Wen Versteeg Fotografie

Dragica is a very committed and professional model and easy to work with. Communication up front was very clear and she comes up with cool and creative ideas before and during the shoot. She has good posing experience and easely follows directions. Overall very nice to shoot with. I recommend her!

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Dragica Janeka came over for a shoot aiming at portraits and latex. She communicates well, is relaxed and takes posing seriously (as expected). I can recommend her to enyone looking for a stylish and kind model.

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I had the pleasure of working with Dragica Janeka a few times and I hope more shoots will follow.

She is wonderful to work with, knows how to pose and needs little to no directions. She is highly professional and does her own styling and makeup which I find very easy. All communication with her is very clear.

I definitely recommend working with her!

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I did 2 photoshoots with Dragica and did meet her at events.

Last was a shoot in studio style and we went into the city, as usual she had everything prepared, she did her own make-up and styling. She also has a lot of ideas for during the shoot, knows how to pose and is open for ideas.

She is very friendly, always on time and very professional, so I recommend Dragica if you need a model when you are in the Netherlands

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