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Laura Loveless 🧡

This is probably my fortieth shoot with Dave, he's great to work with, is always on time and ready to go and trusts me enough to let me put together my own outfits and poses, doesn't need to give me much direction but will sometimes tell me to go back to a pose if it worked - he's always on point with getting photos sent to me quickly and is happy to show BOC shots. I know he'd delete anything I wasn't happy with. I completely trust Dave to do a great job and he's become a great friend of mine over the years we've been shooting together. I would always recommend him. Thank you!!

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Dave was a great Photogropher it was a pleasure working with him, I had a shoot with Dave today, for the first time meeting him, he was very professional I wanted sexy lingerie shots and that’s exactly what I received. He was great with suggesting ideas, made me feel very comfortable and relaxed, he took some great photos and showed me them all at the end which was nice! Thanks Dave look forward to working with you in the future

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Laura Loveless 🧡

Had another shoot with Dave today, had a great time - did a bit of making it up as we went along. I have known Dave for a long time and we work well together, he's always patient while I get ready and knows what he's doing in the studio, very professional throughout and gets images back quickly. I'll always recommend Dave to any models. Thanks again!

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Laura Loveless 🧡

Had a great shoot with Dave today, it was great to be back. He was there early and ready to shoot, is always open to suggestions for shooting and allows me the freedom to choose my own outfits, trusts me to do my own hair and make up before a shoot and often allows me to free pose for the whole shoot. He got images back to me in a timely manner and is always great fun to shoot with. As always, 100% recommended and am keen to shoot with him again! Thanks Dave!

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Poppyella Oakey

Had a lovely shoot with Dave in Bath! Funnily enough we met a few days prior at a studio open day, where I already felt welcomed by his warm and professional attitude. We had a great shoot, capturing a range of stunning images. Dave gave good directions and wonderful advice.

Would definitely recommend Dave, and look forward to working together again in the future. :)

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“L” - BlackMagic

Thank you Dave Brookes for building my confidence back up. You made me feel at ease during this shoot. You never once made me feel uncomfortable. You know what works in a photo and what don’t. Your a very talented photographer with great eye for detail. I am extremely happy with the images. I don’t smile very often and Dave reassured me I do have a nice smile.

Highly recommend D & K Boudoir. Don’t miss out!

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Laura Loveless 🧡

Had a great shoot with Dave on Thursday evening, after the original other model I was supposed to shoot with cancelled another. We managed to find another model to stand in so we didn't have to cancel the shoot. Dave was happy to accommodate and was happy to let both me and the other model lead the shoot in terms of outfits and posing. He was patient whilst we were changing sets / discussing ideas and was very respectful of covid guidelines during the shoot. Dave is a great person to work with and always a good laugh. I know there will be some fab images from this shoot, thank you again!

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Dave photographed me on my studio day and I couldn't recommend him more highly! He was very professional and so easy to work with! We also managed to get some great shots! Would love to work with him again!

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Holly M

It was my first shoot today with Dave we have a nice bit of toast each with hot drink it was lovely just to sit down and talk before the shoot. He is bundle of laughs he did laugh at me walking me heels but it funny if you see it😂 we did some fashion and underwear! He knew how to get the right picture with getting in different angles. He is a top photographer I would recommend him to Anyone,

Looking forward to more shoots with Dave

Thanks for a good day :) x

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Laura Loveless 🧡

Had another shoot with Dave recently - my first one since August. This was a port update for me and Dave kindly let me choose my own outfits, styling and poses throughout the shoot and was encouraging and supportive of the things which I chose. His pre-comms are always fab, he arrived on time and ready to shoot and is always a pleasure to work with. Thank you for another great one!

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Laura Loveless 🧡

Had a great shoot with Dave at Guys Cliffe - an organised event. The location is gorgeous and we managed to get some brilliant shots. Dave was kind enough to drive us down there and buy lunch. I had a great time, he was patient with me whilst I was changing sets and reapplying suncream and his pre-comms were perfect (as always), I look forward to our next shoot together and thank you for another fab one!

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Lauren Lee-Bowers

Had an amazing first shoot with Dave. I loved the way he worked and the ideas he had! Can’t wait for another shoot with him!!

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Magnificent Makeup

Worked with Dave twice now. He's fab to work with. He knows what he wants and lets me get on with it. He puts the model at ease and there is never any pressure, the shoot is very relaxed. Dave is down to earth and easy to get along with, he is also talented. I look forward to working with him again soon.

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Madame Tease

My first shoot with Dave, great pre shoot comms regarding my casting.

Very professional & friendly, felt totally at ease.

Got the style of images I wanted for my casting, then used the extra time to do some boudoir sets as well.

Really hope I get to shoot with Dave again & again soon, he is a lovely guy to work with.

Highly recommend to all :)

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Laura Loveless 🧡

Had a shoot with Dave & Kriss today at Far Forest Studio in Birmingham. Dave arrived on time to pick me up and knew where he was going, we arrived at the location on time & ready to shoot.

We shot in a range of areas throughout the day, and allowed a break to eat lunch / keep warm in-between. I really enjoyed going to a new location, not slipping and falling on the floor and having a good day shooting. I can't wait to see the photos from this shoot & would always recommend Dave to any models.

Thank you for another fab shoot!

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Scarlett Blaze

Dave is absolutely superb.

Easy to shoot with, friendly, chatty and approachable.

I am so thankful that he booked me on one of my evening group shoots at Chris Blanches studio and I hope it won't be the last time we shoot together either.

I love the images I have seen so far.

Highly recommend. :)

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Laura Loveless 🧡

Had another shoot with Dave today, this one was a Halloween / Alternative themed duo shoot with another model that Dave hadn't met or shot with before. His pre-comms are always great and he was on time to pick me and the other model up before going to the studio. He set up whilst we were getting ready and is always patient with extra make up or adjustments being done. He works quickly and professionally to get the best from a shoot and is always a joy to work with.

Dave makes every shoot a complete laugh and I'll always recommend him to models. I cannot wait to see the photos from this one!

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Tyra Storm

I shot with Dave recently at a bodyscapes workshop. Dave was friendly and polite and I felt very much at ease shooting with him up to art nude level. Dave is very creative and knows exactly what he wants out of a shot. He was happy for me to take creative control with my posing but also willingly directed poses when he had a particular shot in mind to capture. I recommend him to work with

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PoZer's had the pleasure of Dave's company at one of our recent Bodyscape workshops and as always, he was a wonderful, kind, caring and generous man and great photographer. Dave worked wonderfully with our art nude model, Tyra Storm and interacted with the entire group during the evening. Dave has created some stunning shots from the workshop, and his creative flare shone through with the edits he has produced. I would not hesitate recommending Dave to any studio, tutor, model or fellow photographer and would happily have Dave at PoZer's under any circumstances, whether its as a photographer or workshop attendee anytime and will look forward to seeing more of his beautiful edits. Thanks for joining us Dave, so nice to see you again. Alley

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Laura Loveless 🧡

Stood in for a cancellation for a shoot at Spitfire today, where we shot some lingerie & a new corset I'd recently bought. Dave & Kriss have become good friends of mine over the last three years and I always love shooting with them. They're professional, on time and very easy to work with, every shoot is a blast. I'd recommend them to any models. Thank you for another great shoot!


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